Contemporary visual artists, Hennessy collaborate for avant garde art exhibit


Nineteen cotemporary visual artists have come together to create the “RGB Live Colors Exhibit” at the Ronac Art Center in Magallanes.

Egg Fiasco, Olga Azacon, BigBoy Cheng and Michelle Cu-Unjieng

A tribute to the RGB (red, green and blue) concept created by the Milan-based duo of Carnovsky for Hennessy VSOP Privilege and Moet Hennessy Philippines, this rare amalgamation of local talent was in partnership with artist Egg Fiasco culminating on May 5. The exhibit drew together a collection of individuals from the art and lifestyle circuit.

“The design for this Hennessy VSOP Privilege Limited Edition with Carnovsky extrapolated Hennessy’s story into layers, expertly blending RGB – red, green and blue overlays – to illustrate its origin. Although they coexist harmoniously to the naked eye, these three narrative layers take on an unexpected depth and reveal the invisible stories beneath when viewed through a colored filter,” said Hennessy VSOP Privilege brand manager Michelle Cu Unjieng.

Hennessy VSOP Privilège Limited Edition Celebrates the Arts with Layered Harmonies by Carnovsky

Maverick personality Bea Benedicto hosted the inauguration, which gave toast to the vibrant visual fest presented by Fiasco together with stalwart artists, namely, Epjay Pacheco, Bjorn Calleja, Froilan Calayag, JJ Zamoranos, Yeo Kaa, Lynyrd Paras, Ronson Culibrina, Keb Cerda, Johanna Helmuth, Jan Errol Orbida, Dennis Bato, John Marin, Dale Erispe, Max Balatbat, Luis Lorenzana, Nemo Aguila, Christian Tamondong and Yani Unsana.

Together, these young masters of modern art created a rich collection of works inspired by street culture, urban imagery – and of course, reds, greens and blues – using special lenses, enhancing the visual experience beautifully.

“Red symbolizes the energies and the forces involved in creating VSOP Privilege, the red filter highlights the sun and the moon, evoking the time required to mature eaux-de-vie. Green, on the other hand, is the nature and its fruits. In this layer, the lushness of nature comes through in vine shoots, the leaves from antique VSOP labels, the grape and the mighty oak used to make barrels. Blue is the dreamscape of a sensorial journey and the experience of tasting are symbolized by a sailing vessel,” Unjieng explained.


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