‘Continue supporting reforms; chose right leaders’


President Benigno Aquino 3rd, in his message for the New Year, has expressed the deep pride he feels about recent feats that the country has achieved, and advised Filipinos to choose the right leaders in next year’s elections to sustain those gains.

“I join all Filipinos as we bid farewell to a historic 2015 and expectantly look forward to a peaceful, prosperous 2016,” President Aquino said in his message released on Tuesday.

“As I reflect on the developments of our country this past year and those that came before it, I am filled with pride by how far we have come since we began our journey in 2010,” he added.

The country now has a soaring economy, robust democracy and magnified presence on the global stage, which not only promises a great start to the coming year but also highlights the Philippines’ “ongoing narrative of resurgence under the daang matuwid [straight path],” the President said.

He recalled that more than five years ago, the country faced a “future full of despair and uncertainty” amid reports of plunder, mismanagement and corruption in the government.

“Today, progress, opportunity and growth fill news about the Philippines, both here and abroad,” Aquino said.

He attributed these achievements to the country’s collective resolve to follow the straight and righteous path, “a path that transformed damaged public agencies into stronger, more transparent and responsive institutions, turned a demoralized government workforce into dedicated civil servants and galvanized an apathetic populace into active, empowered nation-builders”.

The President noted that the government reform agenda reinvigorated a sluggish business sector, turning it into a major driver of economic growth.

“Indeed, the daang matuwid is a roadmap that will catapult us into First World Status and make us a $1-trillion economy by the year 2030,” the President said.

He added that this possibility encourages him and the rest of those in the government to faithfully pursue their tasks in the last six months of his administration.

The same motivation should also guide the country as it chooses a new set of leaders next year to maintain the Philippines’ upward growth trajectory and keep the nation on the daang matuwid, Aquino said.

“As long as we bear in our hearts and minds the welfare of our people, we will realize our inherent greatness and usher in a Philippines that we can proudly bequeath to the coming generations,” he added, wishing the country a happy and eventful new year.



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  1. There is a famous quote that comes to mind –“We don’t get the leaders we want ;We get the ones we deserve….”

    In Australia a country which i lived in for many years..We see this played out –Politicians, Turn on their leaders and “oust them over night …The ones elected. democratically, are “knifed in the back” by there own side ..

    Shades of Yes Minister..No one gives you an answer that is not jargon …The Prime minister cant say he/she will do anything any more –Because overnight they may be no longer in office..

    David M Meyer (PhD}

  2. Used to be with your Dad when he run for the senate and as a student I have great hopes to him, but sad to note you are no way close to him. Most of all your daan matuwid is just a myth.

  3. BSAquino was the wrong Leader to begin with. Filipinos must learn from the most horrid president ever stepped foot inside Malacanang . Never again to any LP party of his endorsement. Stop fabricating your achievements BSAquino. The Filipino people have been too kind and patient. You must answer now for all the abuses you created.

  4. art divinagracia on

    Chose Right Leaders, discontinued the fake tuwad na daan, it’s time to replace this fake administration and the entire corrupt cabinet secretaries, i’ts time to replace this type of government to a federal system a parliamentary government, no more congressmans, reimposed death penalty for rapists/riding in tandem hired killers/druglords/terrosrists,corrupt government officials. In order to find a solution with these problems we need a strong leader maybe we should vote Rody Duterte or any other presidential candidates of your choice but not ROXAS otherwise we will suffer again for the next six years if we let this tuwad na daan to continue!!!Vote new faces for senators/congressmans and as much as possible zero votes to all liberals candidates!!!