‘Convene NSC now’

    WORST NIGHTMARE Gen. Gregorio Catapang shows  photos taken on December 13, 2014 and on April 2, 2015 of  what is claimed to be an under-construction airstrip at the top end of Fiery Cross Reef. AFP PHOTO / CSIS Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative / DigitalGlobe

    Gen. Gregorio Catapang shows photos taken on December 13, 2014 and on April 2, 2015 of what is claimed to be an under-construction airstrip at the top end of Fiery Cross Reef.
    AFP PHOTO / CSIS Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative / DigitalGlobe

    SEN. Francis Escudero on Monday called on President Benigno Aquino 3rd to immediately convene the National Security Council (NSC) to once and for all chart a course of action on how to address China’s aggressive acts in the south Chian Sea (West Philippine Sea).

    Escudero’s call came as the Armed Forces chief of staff, Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr. released what he said were recent satellite pictures of intense Chinese construction over seven reefs and shoals that are dangerously close to the Philippine mainland.

    “It might indeed be best to convene the NSC in order to bring everybody in the loop given that this is an issue facing our country and people regardless of political affiliation,” the senator said in a statement. “We are well within our rights and claims. We should not give up our rights and, in fact, we should assert our sovereignty. This is why convening the NSC is fundamental to address this issue.

    “All branches of the government must work together in unison. We bring the best minds, the soundest judgment and the best intentions for the country to stand at [their]best on an issue that is every Filipino’s claim,” he explained.

    China claims sovereignty over most of the resource-rich and strategically important sea, including areas close to other Southeast Asian nations, using vague demarcation lines that first appeared on Chinese maps in the 1940s.

    The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Taiwan have overlapping claims.

    china-sea-fiery-cross-22050421China expanded its presence in disputed parts of the sea in recent years by embarking on giant reclamation works on reefs and islets, turning some into islands capable of hosting military aircraft landing strips.

    “We are really amazed [at]the phase that China is reclaiming the area. I hope it’s not fast but I hope it’s not furious. We are really in a very difficult situation because now they are reclaiming the Mischief Reef. So if they reclaim the Mischief Reef, we will be cut off,” Escudero said.

    In a separate news briefing also n Monday, Catapang said, “We have compelling reasons to raise our voice to tell the whole world the adverse effects of China’s aggressiveness.”

    He added that show of force was causing concern “not only because it would deter freedom of navigation, but also due to its possibility of military purposes.”

    In an interview with Agence France-Presse last week, President Aquino said the world should fear China’s actions in the disputed sea, warning they could lead to military conflict.

    Catapang said he is hoping that there will be no miscalculation or aggressiveness that will happen between Chinese and Filipino soldiers stationed in the area.

    “There are soldiers there and this, if this happens they are very near each other so I hope there will be no miscalculation or aggressiveness on both sides so hopefully we will solve this,” he noted.

    When asked what the military can do about this, Catapang said, “I think we just have to show the flag, we’ll have to do what we have to do.”

    The massive reclamation activities, according to the AFP chief, are causing irreversible and widespread damage to the biodiversity and ecological balance in the West Philippine Sea.

    He cited as an example the destruction of 300 acres of coral reef systems resulting from the reclamations and which is seen to lead to economic losses to coastal states valued at $100 million annually.

    “We are saddened hearing the reports that China has driven away Filipino fishermen near these reclamation sites and also in Bajo de Masinloc [Scarborough Shoal] which denies our people of their own fishing areas, these are their sources of livelihood,” Catapang said.

    If all the reclamation works, particularly of Mischief Reef are finished, he added, the Chinese may deploy ships in the area.

    If this happened, Catapang said, the area would be “militarized” and would create further tensions.

    “Our greatest problem now is the Mischief Reef because it is in line of our defense. You see here we have an arc of defense and if the Mischief Reef is reclaimed we will have a problem. If they reclaim it, they will threaten all our islands, including the Ayungin Shoal, so what we want now is to address this reclamation inside the EEZ (exclusive economic zone) which include Chigua Reef, also Johnson Reef and of course the Mischief Reef, so these are the three areas that are really… giving us much concern,” the military chief also noted.

    The affected fishermen, Catapang said, may be escorted by the Philippine Coast Guard and the Department of Agriculture but not by the Philippine Navy because if the Chinese sees a gray ship, it might create a tension.

    “We don’t want to unnecessarily provoke and send a battleship or a Navy ship to the area,” he added.

    Subhed: Global concern
    CHINA’S unrelenting reclamation activities are a global concern as Beijing’s prepositioning may imperil navigational safety along international trade routes, according to Foreign Affairs (DFA) Assistant Secretary Luis Cruz.

    In a news briefing in Malacanang, Cruz, who leads preparations for President Aquino’s attendance in the 26th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit in Malaysia, said China’s activities already went past regional concern, especially among Asean countries, since the tension brought about by its “bullying” over the territory may affect 40 percent of global trade.

    “This issue of reclamation should not only be the concern of Asean but the rest of the world because of the issue of safe passage. The President has already said that at least 40 percent of global trade pass through these waters, and if you look at the specific countries in the region, the percentage should even be higher, higher than 40 percent, especially countries in Northeast Asia. Aside from the Pacific, the only passage to the Middle East, to Europe, to Africa, to parts of Asia would be through the South China Sea,” the DFA official explained.

    Cruz said the President will discuss the matter with his Asean counterparts more boldly during the retreat portion of the summit where the leaders are given an opportunity to express their views on regional security issues including the South China Sea. He said the discussions will not be a negotiation conference.

    “So we will leave it to the chairman to say at the end of the summit on what transpired during the two-day meeting, especially what the leaders would have said in as far as the issue of the South China Sea is concerned… The President has already said this is not a bilateral issue, this is not a regional issue, but the world should really be concerned [about]this issue because of several things, not only the freedom or the safety of navigation, but also the damage that is being done to the marine environment in the area,” he added.

    Cruz said the Philippine government is “pursuing this track of making people from other parts of the world aware of the seriousness of what is happening on the ground and on the seas because this will considerably alter the way of doing business globally.”

    At the same time, the DFA official pointed out that the Declaration of Conduct that will pave the way for the formulation of a Code of Conduct to ease tensions is “not legally binding.”

    “Let me say that the origin of the Code of the Conduct is what we have signed in 2002, which is the Declaration of Parties on the Code of Conduct. We all know that this legal instrument, by its very nature, which is a declaration, is not legally binding,” Cruz said.

    The meetings that Asean are currently having with China, he added, are aimed at coming up with a “successor legal instrument that will be more binding.”

    Cruz said they already had three meetings through the joint working group that will determine contents of the Code of Conduct.

    The level of discussion of that joint working group, according to him, is to identify the elements that can easily be achieved or agreed upon, or what they call the “low-hanging fruits.” An example would be the opening of a hotline and conduct of activities on search and rescue operations.

    Cruz disclosed that besides the filing of a “memorial” contesting China’s 9-dash line policy before the International Tribunal on the Laws of the Sea, they continue to explore other means to ease tensions.

    “These sessions are not open to the media. But there are various ways of doing this, which I am not at liberty to discuss at this point in time. But let me say that we are pursuing other tracks with China. Of course, what is official is that we have submitted this issue before the international tribunal because we wanted a decision on our entitlements in the regime of waters under Unclos (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea),” he said.



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    1. Kasalanan ng magnificent 12 yan e kung pinayagan nila ang mai-renew ang lease ng Kano sa Subic Naval base hindi makakadikit ang intsik sa Spratlys at panatag shoal ! Hindi pa huli ipadala ang magnificent 12 sa Spratlys!

    2. What’s NSC stands for… mga Nasilaw
      Mam Henares… paki LIFESTYLE check niyo mga magagaling na “traydor” na ito sa bayan, please!

    3. I suggest we send Gazmin, Velez, Manalo and that “Jo Magcale” to this area to tell the Chinese that they are in danger from the DND’s Modernization Plan: modern fastfood restaurant, modern Ducati, modern cars, houses, girls etc.
      That should scare them!

    4. Pete Gabriel on

      All you haters do not make any sense, it does not matter if we are united to what, fight China with our current resources, that is stupid and irresponsible. China has step up the game and they are not backing down. You kick the US military presence out of the Island so now we are paying the price. Now all everybody is doing is taking pot shots at what little our leaders can do. There is one solution and this is just to save what little we got left. Have the Senate, Congress, and the Justice department ratify EDCA now, before it is too late!

    5. Waste of time, effort, and resources. What will convening the National Security Council do? Might as well relinquish those islands and the EEZ to China. You can’t own what you can’t defend. We will learn our lesson as a country the hard way.

    6. When will our Military leaders show some balls? Catapang at least must speak of defending the country at any cost. Hindi yung pacute at pabakla bakla. Man up Sir! Gayahin mo si Gen. Biazon, matapang!

    7. Dapat ibigay na yong dalawang hamilton class sa coast guard,dahil bilang warship ng navy mga walang kuwente yan dahil hindi sila missile capable kanyon lang mayroon sila.Kaya kayong mga magigisda lumusob kayo at kung pwede isama niyo mga media para mibalita nila ang kahayupan ng mga walanghiyang instik na yan hindi lang sa ating bansa kundi sa buong mundo.Hindi natin maasahan ang ating duwag na Presidente diyan kaya dapat patalsikin na ng ating military and duwag na ito.Ang importante sa kanya ay yong terroristang MILF at ang kanilang BBL.

    8. How come, despite our government’s frantic warnings that the Chinese reclamation and other activities in the south China sea are threats to international navigation and trade, nobody seems to express any concern anywhere. Could it be that no one believes that there are such threats or worse they will just let us confront the issue by our lonesome in the hope that after we are pulverized by a Chinese invasion China will be so guilt stricken and in remorse just back off. Catapang’s dire threat that our soldiers will raise our flag and do what they have to do if Chinese soldiers come closer is another testimony to his dumb and dumber (he earned this when garin and him went to Caballo island without protective clothing) stance. Our fishermen will be escorted by the coastguard but not the navy because the Chinese might be startled seeing a “grey” ship and start firing its cannons he says. What a whimp! We don’t have chance to begin with on a naval war with China (they are now building their 2nd aircraft carrier while our military waits for further hand me down warships) what more with a chief of staff like Catapang at the helm his best use is to offer his shoulder for pnoy to cry on as they, with del rosario, realize the folly of their stance. God have mercy on our hapless country indeed.

      • no one in the Pnoy administration cares what happens to Phil. territories, they’re even willing to freely give it to the MILF, China, Malaysia. This all happened under Pnoy’s watch. Bad president imo.

    9. Maybe Aquino has already put the wheels in motion to have Deles and Ferrer make an agreement with China. I am sure Luzon will not be given away.

    10. after you convene the NSC, then what? we’ll just pick our noses and watch the chinese do whatever they wanted to do. after all, do we really have the might to stop them? or do we turn to uncle sam for help? pnoy’s balls are not big enough to deal with the chinese. and that’s a fact.

      • attack with our navy comprised of two 1945 ships, w/ one under repair. then Pnoy gives orders to the 9 stranded soldiers aboard the rusty, grounded junk ship to assault w/ can openers.

    11. “All branches of the government must work together in unison. We bring the best minds, the soundest judgment and the best intentions for the country to stand at [their] best on an issue that is every Filipino’s claim,” ……..LOL….since when or when will this ever happen???…all they do is corrupt the system.

    12. sana noon pa kayo gumawa ng action ang ating gobyerno. pinabayaan niyong lumaki ng lumaki ang kanilang sinasakop. doon sana ipinakita ni noynoy ang galing niya. ang tapang niyang magsalita ng mabigat sa ibang bagay pero sa mabibigat na problema ng ating bansa tameme siya.

      • eh inept kasi yung lider ng pinas. sasabihin lang naman ng tsina na, uunahan lang namin yung malaysia. ibibigay nyo naman yung pinas sa malaysia so kami muna mauna.

    13. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      Yes you are right Escudero to convene the NSC. But, please exclude VP Binay because Binay is the spy of the Chinese government. China is monitoring the surveys for the future president of the Philippines and China is backing/financing up Binay for China knows that if Binay becomes president, Binay will sell the islands for a 30% commission. Remember what Sen. Santiago said, “The Chinese invented corruption”. Ang sobrang kaitiman ng mga Binays are kasing itim din ng kanilang kaluluwa.