Coops to participate in infra delivery


Small farmer cooperatives will soon be included in the implementation of infrastructure projects and delivery of basic services in their respective regions, according to the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

The agency will soon forge stronger partnerships with farmers cooperatives that will also be included in the department’s new program dubbed as LGU P4 or Public-Private Partnership for the People Initiative for Local Governments.

“As a former local chief executive, cooperative for farmers is one of my expertise so we will soon include them in the LGU P4,” DILG Secretary Ismael “Mike” Sueno said.

Launched in September last year, LGU P4 serves as a vehicle for private sector participation in the provision of infrastructure and social services that will be carried out by the local sector.

Sueno explained that the strengthening of cooperatives will be patterned after the successful experiences in Taiwan, Israel and South Korea.

“While these countries are constantly under threat from their neighboring countries, their farmer cooperatives are still very strong and successful,” he said.

“In Taiwan for instance, their farmers are 62 years old on average, so instead of personally tilling the land, they just hire farm service to do the manual work for them,” he added.

Sueno added that by tapping farmer’s cooperatives in the LGU P4 program, the coop can assist LGUs in different ways like sharing of expertise, and providing trainings, machinery and other resources to small farmers.

He also cited than in Piddig, Ilocos Norte, the LGU entered into a joint venture with the farmers cooperative. Such practice can be replicated in other LGUs across the country through the LGU P4 program.


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