Cops overpowered by drug pusher



A supposed simple and routine police anti-drug operation turned deadly when a lone drug peddler overpowered three Quezon City cops killing one of them with the police officer’s own firearm.

According to reports, PO1 Renato Tabago, assigned at the Batasan Hills Police Station, was stabbed several times as he was about to arrest an unidentified drug pusher who also shot him with his own pistol. The suspect fled the crime scene.

Tabago’s colleagues, PO3 Heide Santelices and PO2 Allan Segua, were unaware that their companion was killed since the two police officers were several meters away from the operation area.

However, one wonders if the policemen followed the standard operating procedure since they outnumbered the suspect yet they suffered a casualty?

A retired police officer doubts these policemen followed the usual arrest procedure.

“It looks like their operation was illegal. Why did his partners allow him to arrest the suspect by himself? What happened to the buddy system principle in making an arrest?” asked my retired policeman friend.

The QCPD leadership should seriously investigate this matter since it is very clear that there was something fishy in the police operation.

Surprisingly, all of those involved in the operation are members of the dreaded Station Anti-illegal Drugs or SAID.

No wonder.

* * *

MPD’s (un)finest?
No wonder some cops from the Manila Police District (MPD) are always late in responding to emergency calls. They are busy making money for themselves from illegal gambling.

My source said that SPO3 Gener Fresnedi and SPO2 Edgardo Paterno, assigned at the MPD Headquarters along U.N. Avenue in Manila, run several illegal horse racing betting stations, better known as “bookies” in the city.

These two alleged gambling lords seldom report for work. And if they do, they only show up to collect their paychecks every 15th and 30th of the month.

Fresnedi and Paterno should be relieved from their posts. Better yet, fire them from the service since they prefer to be businessmen than law enforcers.

I am sure Sr. Supt. Robert Po, the officer-in-charge of MPD, does not know the illegal activities of these two cops.

I know Col. Po to be a straight- forward officer who does not condone illegal gambling.

* * *

Is the gov’t ready?
Now that the rainy season is here, expect the onslaught of typhoons, floodings, and landslides.

A lot of people are wondering if the government is ready for the calamities that will surely hit the country.

Agencies such as the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Philippine Coast Guard, Metro Manila Development Authority, Department of Public Works and Highways, the Armed Forces and the police are expected to be prepared to conduct search and rescue operations as well as evacuation and relief distribution.

The MMDA has started declogging the waterways to ensure that rivers and the drainage systems are free of debris when the heavy rain comes, according to Chairman Francis Tolentino.

Ironically, the DPWH has yet to finish several of its road repair projects which congest traffic and definitely will create traffic nightmares during a heavy downpour.

While over at the DSWD, Secretary Dinky Soliman reported that her agency is all set for any calamity or disaster as funds have been allocated and relief goods have been readied.

But the big question now is whether the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) is ready.

So far, its head, Director Eudardo Del Rosario, is nowhere to be found and remains silent regarding the preparedness of the government this typhoon season.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the government is prepared for any major disaster or calamity that may hit the country soon.


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  1. I wish all the Tulfo brothers the best ever. I think with their media exposure in fighting injustice and crime the country is a little better off.
    My desire now is to ask for Mon Tulfo’s email address. I live and work in California and I have lost touch with this fine person whom I used to talk to back when I was still in Manila. Cheers!