‘Cops used dead bodies as shield’

GRIM END  A picture included in the Moro Islamic Liberation Front investigation report shows two men dragging the dead body of a Special Action Force trooper a day after the January 25 Mamasapano incident. The MILF report said some of the personal belongings of the SAF may have been taken by other armed groups and civilians who entered the encounter site.

A picture included in the Moro Islamic Liberation Front investigation report shows two men dragging the dead body of a Special Action Force trooper a day after the January 25 Mamasapano incident. The MILF report said some of the personal belongings of the SAF may have been taken by other armed groups and civilians who entered the encounter site.

MILF submits Mamasapano report to peace monitors
The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has released results of its own investigation of the January 25 Mamasapano incident, which they now officially insist was a violation of a ceasefire agreement that they had signed with the Philippine government.

“This report was submitted to the Head of Mission of the International Monitoring Team (IMT),” said MILF Vice Chairman and chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal. “It’s a comprehensive report.”

The 38-page report was endorsed to Maj. Gen. Dato Sheikh Mokshin Bin Sheik Hassan, the Malaysian military officer who heads the ITM based in Cotabato City, by Muhammad Ameen, secretary of the MILF Central Committee.

The report, a copy of which was obtained by The Manila Times, was dated March 22. A handwritten acknowledgement on the cover letter indicated that it was also received on the same day.

The IMT, which was created to oversee implementation of the ceasefire agreement, is composed of representatives of Japan, Indonesia and BruneiDarussalam, and is supported by the United States and the European Union.

“What happened in Mama-sapano on that fateful January 25 was a violation of the ceasefire agreement by the Philippine government because there was no prior coordination with the MILF as far as the SAF [Special Action Force] operation was concerned,”

The MILF launched its own inquiry into the January 25 incident after lawmakers accused the separatist group of breaking the truce that it had signed with the government.

Iqbbal said the IMT will send a copy of the report to Kuala Lumpur, facilitator of peace talks between the MILF and the Philippines.

A copy will also be sent to the Philippine government through Manila’s chief negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer.

The MILF report blamed the Philippine National Police for the incident, saying the commando operation was not coordinated with the MILF despite an agreement and, hence, violated the truce.

The report denied that MILF members mutilated or beheaded the police commandos and said some members of the Special Action Force used the bodies of their slain colleagues as shield during a gunbattle.

“The MILF men saw that some of the 55 SAC [members of the 55th Special Action Company]men’s bodies were found underneath one another as if purposely piled. They noticed that the dead bodies sustained multiple gunshot wounds. They realized later from the position of the dead bodies and the number of wounds of some of the 55 SAC [men]that some of them had used the bodies of their dead comrades as shield during the intense fighting,” a part of the report said.

The SAF police commandos were pinned down in a cornfield in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, at the height of implementation of Oplan Exodus, which targeted international terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and Abdul Basit Usman, a Filipino bomb-maker.

Marwan was killed in the mission but Usman managed to slip out.

The fighting killed 44 members of the Special Action Force as well as 17 MILF fighters, including three civilians and several members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).

While MILF report blamed the police for the fighting, the separatist group also acknowledged that its commanders from the 105th and 118th Base Commands failed to detect the presence of Marwan and Usman who hid in a house in Pembalkan village.

The house was previously owned by an MILF member—Ustadz Baguindali—who died in 2008.

The two base commands also failed to detect the entry of the police commandos in the area.

“The MILF and civilian residents in Mamasapano did not know that Basit Usman and Marwan were in their community. The house in which Marwan was found and killed belonged to Ustadz Baguindali, who had died in 2008. The MILF did not know that Marwan and Usman had moved into Barangay Pembalkan. When Marwan was killed, he was with the group of Basit Usman, in the vicinity where the BIFF and the break-away group [Justice for Islamic Movement] of Mohammad Ali Tambako [who was captured recently in General Santos City]are based,” the report said.

It added that the area is 3 kilometers away from the MILF combatants in Tukanalipao village in Mamasapano.

The report said the MILF, in 2005, ordered both Zulkifli and Usman to leave MILF camps and communities after both men were tagged as “terrorists.”

The MILF denied it coddled Zulkifli or protected Usman.

“This policy of cleaning its ranks of terrorists has not changed and is the very reason why the [Philippine] government has continued negotiating peace with the MILF,” it said.

According to the group, it will not surrender those involved in the fighting with the police commandos because it has the sole authority to impose sanctions on its members.

The report recommended to the MILF to file a protest with the Aquino administration and for the government to further investigate Police Officer 2 Christopher Lalan, of the Special Action Force, for killing four MILF members, who were shot dead inside a mosque in Tukanalipao, and a civilian, Mohammad Ambilang.

It said new security mechanisms must be immediately put in place by both the government and MILF peace panels to prevent future clashes between government and rebel forces.

The report was prepared by the MILF Commission headed by Ustadz Said Abdusalam whose members included Hussein Muñoz, Toks Ebrahim, Von al-Haq and Ustadz Abu Ubaidah Agkong.


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  1. the MILF REPORT IS SELF SERVING,WHY they have their own laws in disciplining their members, who violates the LAWS OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES. DOES THIS MEANS THAT THEY BELONG TO a different country ? and not within the PHILIPPINES?

  2. the MILF REPORT IS SELF SERVING,WHY the have their own laws in disciplining their member who violates the LAWS OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES. DOES THIS MEANS THAT THEY BELONG TO a different country ? and not within the PHILIPPINES?


    QUESTION: Sir John, you said the SAF44 were massacred and summarily executed, prove it.

    ANSWER: The proof are the bandages and the location of the bodies in the open area. The video footages of the fallen SAF shows they don’t have lower garments anymore yet the first-aid bandages are still on. If they died with their clothes and bandages on, and subsequently unclothed, the bandages should have automatically fallen off also. But in this case at hand, the only correct sequence of event that happened was firstly they were subdued (outnumbered and forced to surrender under the banner of peace process), then secondly they were disarmed and asked to remove their nice garments, then thirdly as as captives they were forced to move to an open area on the ploy that they will be evacuated by government helicopter, fourthly given the chance of a first-aid while waiting for disposition orders from the MILF higher-ups, and then lastly they were massacred and summarily executed as captives.

    Some people say it was not a massacre because there was a gunfight — my response is YES, but that gunfight was before the SAF were subdued.

    The video is clear that the bodies are in the open area, meaning they were subdued and brought to the open area. If they were killed while fighting, their body should have been sprawling behind a tree, natural trench, rock because the natural instinct of a gun fighter in real situation is to find and position behind natural cover. In this case the bodies are in the open area, which only means they were subdued from behind the natural cover, disarmed, stripped of clothes, given first-aid, brought to the open area, and then massacred as wounded captives. (John R. Petalcorin, MNLF Director for Communications, 23 March 2015)

  4. Alam nila na nandun sina Marwan sa lugar nila at pinaalis nga daw nila. Di ba ang dapat, hinuli nila at isinuko sa mga otoridad ng Pilipinas ang mga teroristang ito dahil me peace talks na nangyayari? Siguro alam din nila Deles at Ferrer ito, KUNG HINDI SILA PINAGSINUNGALINGAN NILA IQBAL AT MURAD. Kaya lang komo pabor sila sa MILF kaya hindi nila pinansin. Ganun lang ba kasimple na palisin mo ang wanted sa lugar mo? Di ba automatic na gagawa o iisip ka ng paraan kung pano malinis ang lugar nyo ng mga halang ang kaluluwa na bombers? Well, dapat hindi na magsorry si Boy Collapse sa Mamasapano. Dapat ikuwento o aminin nya na natiis nya na hindi pasaklolohan ung mga SAF na inuupakan ng mga Moro. Na ung STAND DOWN Order eh galing sa kanya causing the murder of the 44 Fallen SAF. Si Caduwag este Catapang pala, matibay din ang sikmura na hinayaang imasaker ng mga moro ung mga pulis natin. Pati na si Maj.Gen. Pangilinan. NAKAKATULOG BA KAYO NG MAHIMBING SA GABI???

  5. A portion of MILF report that needs closer study and understanding to show that with BBL in effect, the more they will not adhere to the government’s policies, meaning they have their own laws, own authorities “According to the group, it will not surrender those involved in the fighting with the police commandos because it has the sole authority to impose sanctions on its members.” Sana, klaro ang deklarasyon nila na hindi sila paaunder sa Government Authorities ng Pilipinas and its laws. Got mo CHR Com. Etta(e) Rosales. Deles, Coronel-Ferrer, Leonen, at iba pang atat na atat sa BBL??? Lalo ka na Boy Collapse. HINDI PA APPROVE ANG BBL HA. PANO NA KUNG OK NA???

  6. Why should there be a negotiation between Filipinos and Filipinos? The Moro’s are Filipino’s just like every citizen of the Philippines and they should be treated the same. If the Moro’s don’t want to obey the rules of the land, then they better go to another country where they could do what they want to do. If not, then send the whole Armed Forces of the Philippines and eliminate all those who won’t abide with the law of the land.

    • You are lagging behind kuya/ate. It’s Moros and Filipinos by the way.
      Ang mga Moro na yan ay terorista mula pa noong panahon ni marcos. Ang MILF ay yung matitigas na ayaw sumunod sa agreement noon. MNLF sila dati kaso yung MNLF sumusunod. Hindi sila aalis dito kasi gusto nga nilang kunin ang lupain natin.

  7. MIlf investigation and report is a farce, which is to serve their interest and cover their devious assault on the SAF troopers, who were there to serve an warrant and arrest a known foreign and local terrorist, being given safe haven by MILF inside their territory or area of responsibility.

    The primary reason of ‘no prior coordination’, to assault the SAF troopers and their eventual massacre by both rogue MILF and BIFF rebels, does not hold water, because the fire fight took until late into the afternoon, all those hours there must be an open communication between the Philippine government peace panel and MILF, and it must have been discussed that the government troops on the ground were in fact SAF troopers or as per De Lima’s words a civilian law enforcement agency and not the military. This would have served notice for the MILF leadership to call for a stand down on the rouge MILF and BIFF, from attacking a civilian defence force.

    For MILF to insist that it was a violation of the cease fire agreement, then MILF is the one in violation of the cease fire, because the purpose of the SAF troopers to get into MILF territory is not to assault nor to do battle with MILF forces, but to arrest Marwan and Usman, for the government to violate the cease fire, it would require a contingent of military troops to invade the territory – to reiterate the point, the act of the SAF troopers to come into Mamasapano, was not an invasion, it was in fact to arrest known criminals and a fugitives of the law.

    Deles, Ferrer and Rosales should be arrested and put in prison for aiding and abetting these criminals.

  8. Sinungaling ang MILF massacre ang nangyari panoorin ang video na gusting itago ni DeLima

  9. Sa tingin ko ay hindi ata nila binabasa ang mga nilagdaan nilang dokumento. imposibleng hindi nila ito alam dahil nasa lugar nila ito at ilang ulit na itong labas pasok sa area nila. Bakit itong mga kolokoy na ityo ay kailangan pang may ibang bansa na 3rd party sa peace negotiation nila at ng gobyerno. Don’t trust them anymore. MNLF, MILF, BIFF, JI, ASG at PRIVATE ARMIES at ano pa kaya ang susunod na susulpot sa kanila………Ito ngang mga muslim sa Taguig ay against din sa BBL, kapwa muslim na nila yun ay ayaw din. Pwede bang tanggalin na yang dalawang gov’t peace panel na yan na hindi ang gov’t pinoprotektahan kundi yung nasa kabila lang.

  10. The government should do now is to ask the MILF to surrender or face an all out war. this people are not revolutionaries, they are outlaws and the Philippine government should dismantle them at all cost. This MILF report is purely lies and Malaysia should stay out of the Philippines. Tama nga, don’t trust this MILF.

  11. Norodin Lucman on

    The SAF Commandos were outmaneuvered, outsmarted and slaughtered because of poor military planning.

  12. apply din nito ang ”tagiyya” sa investigation na ito…i don’t believe these f—–g terrorists, what we want for this group is to just leave philippines….

  13. The MILF report clearly shows that it has no regard for the authority of the GPH. This is the peace partner chosen by Aquino?

  14. This Mamasapano incident is a clear case that we are living already beside a separate country where our government through our best soldiers need a VISA to enter otherwise there what happens. The report or reports are only destructive and diversionary of what we should do next for the future of our country. The civilians that are most affected in our military pursuits are the very relatives and people of our targets. These civilians should lead the way to tell their kins to surrender their arms and live in peace, and assimilate themselves into a true filipino nation.

  15. Grabeng Kasinungalinan Ito! Kaya yan maraming tama ng Bala dahil “PINTAKASI” ang nangyari. Mas madami ang kalaban kaysa sa SAF44 at yung mga Sugatan ay nilapitan at binaril para ma Finish ng todo. Base sa PNP autopsy 20 ang malapitan binaril. Patay na yung mga SAF 44 Binabaril nyo pa. Hindi Gawain yan ng SAF at Dumaan sa matinding training ang mga yan. Ang tindi ng gumawa ng report na Ito at “UTAK CRIMINAL”!

  16. sonny dela cruz on

    Why is it the MILF is so important for the Philippine government to vow their heads to this terrorist. As I was reading this, I cannot stomach what the MILF report is saying that there was no coordination and the PNP violated their cease fire agreement. Are they so important group that the Republic of the Philippines will be a hostage and blackmail it for the sake of peace as their propaganda or slogan? Why there is a Malaysian officer name Major Gen. Dato Sheikh Mokshin Bin Sheik Hassan in the Philippine soil, our sovereign country. I think the Philippine government is making a big mistake by making a pact with this terrorist group. It will not be beneficial to the Republic and to the Filipino people. The Philippine government should wipe-out this group for a lasting peace in Mindanao and provide assistance for economic, education and health care for the peace loving Muslims but not to this terrorist group or other groups that do not respect the laws of the Philippine republic.

    • Amen, if no one has learned anything from the United States debacle in Afghanistan and the Middle East. You do not negotiate with terrorist period. The only way to make them understand is to wipe them out then occupy the territory long enough to change the culture.

  17. Benny Canlas on

    Ayan pala, sabi sa kanilang report, kaya sila gustong-gusto ni Deles at Ferrer ay pinapa-alis nila lahat ng terorista sa kanilang teritoryo. Tapos-kuwento. Wala daw terorista sa kanilang kampo. Matagal na raw iyong kanilang “…. policy of cleaning its ranks of terrorists has not changed and is the very reason why the [Philippine] government has continued negotiating peace with the MILF,” sabi nina Iqbal at ng MILF.