Cornu Copiae



i have eaten so much poems
& for the poem of it i have eaten
green poems good poems bad poems
filthy poems flowery poems & poems
worth a penny & worth a praise

sweet poems sour poems bitter poems
whole poems half poems & poems
that looked like poem poems
noble poems nature poems street poems

unicorn poems dead poems comma poems
& poems penned like poems
earth poems wind poems fire poems
dove poems eagle poems lion poems

prose poems epic poems bonsaic poems
poems of life & poems of death
poems of love & poems of hate
poems with nothing but sounds

colours & shapes
i am a voracious poem-eater
& for the poem of it i spitted
& unpoemed them all

then came the Ur-nammu poems Laozi poems
Zarathustra poems Siddhartha poems
Confucius poems Bodhidharma poems
Jesus poems Muhammad poems enthroned
reigning allover poem-creation & the poems
of the world et cetera yada yada yada


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