• ‘Corona template’ used against my dad – Nancy


    Ongoing efforts to harass Vice President Jejomar Binay are reminiscent of the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona where government institutions like the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) were used to ensure his conviction, Sen. Nancy Binay said on Wednesday.

    According to Sen. Binay, eldest child of the Vice President, although they are already expecting further harassment, she finds the latest efforts very surprising because of their resemblance to the way Corona was eased out.

    “If you look at how they are doing things, it is similar to the script they used in the impeachment of Chief Justice Corona, the involvement of the AMLC and the BIR. They are using the same template,” she said.

    The senator added that she would not be surprised if it turned out later that government funding, similar to the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), would be used to harass the Binay family.

    She was referring to the additional allocation given to the 21 senators who voted to impeach Corona that later turned out to be part of the DAP, which was later declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

    Binay also sees the hand of President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s Liberal Party (LP) behind the demolition job against the Vice President in an effort to help increase the chances of the party’s candidate in 2016.

    “The mere fact that the President has to look for an alternative candidate, it means that they are having a difficult time looking for a candidate to face the Vice President,” she said.

    Par for the course
    Senate President Franklin Drilon denied allegations that the freeze order is part of the game plan of the LP to malign the Vice President and his family.

    “We have nothing to do with that. Of course, we expect this because this is par for the course,” Drilon said.

    The Senate President also maintained that the AMLC is composed of individuals who are professionals and are not partisan.

    Meanwhile, Senator Francis Escudero in a separate interview said the freeze order issued by the Court of Appeals indicates that there is illegal activity in the use of monetary instrument on the part of owner of the accounts.

    “This is no longer a mere allegation being hurled at him [Binay] by a political opponent but, rather, a serious accusation that he should answer and address squarely,” Escudero added.

    He said the Vice President should not sweep under rug the allegations or hide behind confidentiality rules on bank deposits.

    Senator Aquilino Pimentel 3rd said actions of the AMLC that were backed by the appellate court are a vindication of the correctness and relevance of the blue ribbon sub-committee hearings on the allegedly corrupt activities of the Vice President.

    Pimentel pointed out that because of the sub-committee hearings, other government agencies also acted like the Bureau of Internal (BIR), which has sued businessman Antonio Tiu for tax evasion; the Department of Agrarian reform (DAR), which is reviewing the transactions involving the property in Batangas allegedly owned by the Vice President and the Office of the Ombudsman, which proceeded with plunder and graft complaints filed against Binay, his son Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. and other individuals.

    “All these show that the sub-committee hearings are bearing fruit in the sense that other people, the regulators, are now acting. This is a vindication of the propriety of the sub-committee hearings,” Pimentel added.-

    Mercado’s hand
    The camp of Vice President Binay alleged that it was former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado who leaked the purported Court of Appeals (CA) freeze order on the Binay family’s bank accounts and insurance policies.

    In a statement, the Vice President’s spokesman for political affairs, Rico Quicho, said the leak to the media of the CA order was just another “blatant attempt” to engage Binay in trial by publicity “and deprive him of the right to due process.”

    “It is also an indirect way to pressure and preempt the independence of the courts, which would eventually decide on the controversy,” Quicho added.

    “Moreover, this is again geared to condition the minds of the people by maligning the reputation of the Vice President because his detractors have again failed to produce proof to back up their charges in the Senate and before the Ombudsman,” he said.

    On Tuesday, a source of The Manila Times in the judiciary confirmed that the CA has ordered a freeze on 242 bank accounts and insurance policies of the Vice President and his family.

    The order, which will last for six months, will allow the AMLC to scrutinize the Binays’ bank accounts, as well as corporations linked to the family.

    Quicho said the freeze order, as well as its leak to the media, “is plain and simple character assassination by means of peddling lies through media releases that come from polluted sources.”

    Binay, he added, will address and refute these “baseless accusations.”

    Quicho also hopes the Vice President will triumph in a “fair, independent and impartial trial on the merits of a competent tribunal.”

    Claro Certeza, spokesman for the Binay family, said confidentiality of the proceedings involving a freeze order has been violated.

    He adde that the Binay family is yet to respond to the order, and has not been given the opportunity to air its side.

    Don’t look at us
    Congressmen affiliated with the administration-backed Liberal Party said the Vice President should look at himself instead of pinning the blame on the ruling party for his troubles.

    LP Vice Chairman and Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. of Quezon City, LP Secretary General Mel Senen Sarmiento of Western Samar, House Deputy Majority Leader Bolet Banal of Quezon City and Edgar Erice of Caloocan City made the comment in light of statements made by the Binay camp claiming that LP members already have a copy of the AMLC report on the bank account of the Binays.

    “I don’t have a copy [of that report]. And I don’t really care to have a copy [of that]. It is only the Court of Appeals who can authorize anybody to open the bank accounts of a public official or even a private citizen. To insinuate it [opening of bank accounts]can be done without the CA approval is not only to demean the CA but our legal system as a whole,” Belmonte, a lawyer, told reporters.


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    1. I work in the Middle East and somewhat have learned something from the Arabic belief. Those who died with fortunes of wealth shall find hardtime explaining to the Almighty how they amashed thier fortune and shall find more hardships in reasoning why their wealth was not shared with the poor. Amen…Binay your turn..ehh tinda po kami ng cakes, malakas po at ganda kita. Accepted and you bake cakes down there as heaven has no use for fire.

    2. Pedro Magbitibiti on

      Suffer the Filipinos!

      The Senate, Congress, and Government Agencies/Institutions/Instrumentalities are all engaging and relying on GOSSIPS in order to destroy the character, integrity, and honour of the Vice-President of the Republic of the Philippines.

      Other ASEAN-Member Nations as well as other countries are laughing at the these above-mentioned scenarios making the Philippines the laughing-stock of the world.

      Filipinos are suffering from poverty, diseases, misfortunes, loss of lives fires due to incompetent and corrupt building inspectors, separated from love ones due to working overseas, toll roads, high costs of living, brown-outs, free-roaming criminals, homicides, overcrowding of classrooms, natural disasters, abject conditions of public transport, floods, droughts, lack of wealth, homelessness, hunger, non-mobility,
      known for having the world’s ugliest international airport, lack of decent jobs, hopelessness for a better Philippines, mass killings, high costs of education, high costs
      of health services, daily traffics – moving car-parks, terrorism, so much etc.

      And, Senate, Congress, and Government Agencies/Institutions/Instrumentalities are not doing their respective jobs.

      Think of this. How many years have pass since the start of the Cory Aquino presidency?

      29 years. After 29 years – the Filipinos are still poor!

      Suffer the Philippines

      • You are right majority of Filipinos are still poor because of corruption. Now that the government had initiated a drive against corruption, instead of supporting it you have the gall of calling our government the laughing stock in Asia. What you really want is status quo in corruption. No wonder we are stack in the quagmire of poverty.

        REPLY: You ARE WRONG to join the BSAQUINO rah-rah Yellow Army in insisting that this president has initiated a sincere drive against corruption and that his administration is clean. Smuggling has increased 10 times. Corruption in key government departments has increased some by 9 times under BS AQUINO.

    3. Tigas kasi ng ulo mo. Ayaw mo pa kasi kumalas sa Aquino family. Puro Hudas mga yan!

    4. Nonsense, explain your side of the coin in court. Shut up if you cannot explain how your family got the ill-gotten wealth.

    5. No sympathy should be shown or given to political figures who had gone from zero to hero. And, must face what ordinary Filipino citizens go through in the declaration of assets or taxes. Because, they like us are all citizens of the republic, they are not above the rest of us, and must be held accountable to every single cent that they acquire.

      Likewise, looking beyond all these media hogging political figures or individuals, Filipinos must now act to search for a truly independent candidate or candidates, which of whom will represent the national interest and welfare of every Filipino. It is not enough to crow over so much on a particular individual or their dynasty, Filipinos must see the whole forest and not just a single tree, to be able to improve our lot and move forward in the coming years.

    6. I hope our country will continue the prosperity now that our government is running after those corrupt officials. How many more Binays’ we have in our country that amazed millionths of pesos in their hands? And these monies supposed to be used in the development of our country. Now that 2016 election is on the shore, I hope our people should learned how to vote. We should not be cowed by few pesos seduce to us by our politician. I asked our people to change their attitude to vote according to their conscience and not by the amount of money given by the politician.

    7. Nancy as usual is hallucinating and living in fantasy! I wonder how productive she is at the Senate! She gets highly paid by taxpayers money just to show her face at the press everyday, say something to cover up Binay’s empire. Is she a lawmaker or a spin doctor?

    8. Nancy slow down girl. Didnt corona have unaccounted for wealth in his bank accounts. His explanation, ive saved hard all my life, we have spent very little & i invested in the dollar. Thhose were basically his words, but nancy not a single shread of evidence was shown just a 2 hour speech from him telling us how hoest he is. We dont want speeches, if your money is legal there will be a very simple trail where it came from & how you got it. So please nancy keep your smoke & mirrors & just produce evidence to show your monies in your family has all been legally earned, & all the proper taxes paid on it & all of it declared in your tax returns & your salns. If you can do that then you have nothing to worry about. If you cant, then start worrying you’re in deep trouble. You dad had a chance to speak in those hearings against him, he could have shown lots of evidence there showing his innocence. But he chose not to, his choice. Soon he will have no choice as the evidence will be produced for a court to look at & all the smoke & mirrors wont matter one iota. So shut up & put up.

      • Who would ever believe all the lies against VP Binay. The people have had enough of these Aquino-Roxas-Trillanes-Pimentel and LP of their political persecutions of the popularity of VP Binay and his UNA party. Binay will surely win by a landslide margin.

    9. So when will Bise Binay quit his cabinet position? Hanggang ngayon pa ba eh tuloy pa iyong kunong pagsasabi na loyal siyang team-player ng Daang Matuwid ni President Noynoy?

    10. Julien Boisfeuras on

      If the UNA party wants to survive the 2016 elections with at least 1 garnered position, it may be time to rethink if Binay is worth all the headache. Binay and his endorsement will now be the “Kiss of Death” ….. much like Aquino’s will be the “Kiss of the Incompetent/PDAF/DAP/SAF44/BBL/Corrupt”. I would be amazed if this administration has not jailed Binay, his son, and his cohorts by January 2016. As for Nancy “expensive cake” Binay, let’s just say that if the father and brother are in jail, the Nation might be saved from the grief of having to hear her thoughts. As for the present administration and its cohorts, the Nation should also be wary of what they say, because they now want to save their own necks and are laying the basis for their supposed “innocence” when the next administration takes over. They might even join the Binays at Crame or Bicutan by next year.

      • The people are now more politically matured than ever. They knew what kind of dirty politics Ninoy and Cory and their allied trapos introduced since Cory illegally ousted a legally elected Pres. Marcos. How Cory and son Noynoy and their allied conspired in ousting a legally elected Pres. Erap. They also knew how Noynoy and his LP cohorts bribed the Smartmatic executives in manipulating the result of the 2010 presidential election.

    11. when drillon said.that the AMLC employees are individuals who are professionals and are not partisans .parang sinabi niya hindi kagaya ng mga nasa senado at congress mga mukhang kuarta .

    12. rene catalasan on

      Corona’s ‘template’ being used against VP Binay says Nancy, the latter’s eldest daughter is 110% correct. Yes,110% correct because both are corrupt and had disrespected their own offices.
      You can’t blamed those who are against graft and corruption to put Binay down!
      Mabuhay si Trillanes, Cayetano and Ombusdman Morales for their guts and principles.

    13. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      Nancy Binay, why don’t you and your family explain the P11Billion pesos deposits that your family and dummies made during the senate inquiry. This is no longer political harassment. The Filipino people has the right to know where in the world did you get billions of pesos in your bank accounts. Why do you keep on saying the alibi of political harassment. Why don’t you just disprove your accusers by answering them in court. And be honest otherwise you and your family will rot and burn in hell. You stole too much money from the government. Your father Binay is worst than Marcos.

    14. Sori na Lang kayo mga Binay danasin nyo ang naranasan ni CJ Corona ! Noon kasi ayaw nyo mag salita !

    15. Johnny Ramos on

      The freeze order is handiwork of Pnoy and Conchita Morales. These are desperation move to propel the survey ratings of Mar and if does not after one month they will move to impeach Binay. If they do latter if could accelerate Pnoy stepping down in the Palace before the end of the year. May hangganan ang maling pag gamit ng kampangyarihan para Lang I panalo si Mar.

      • If your favorite VP had answered all allegation at the start your nightmares could have ended long time ago. Now there’s a money trail that can be traced, if you can spin this off good luck to you!

    16. Jeruel Canales on

      And why should you compare your father to an impeached hoodlum in robe? Is that the new low now?

    17. Ronaldo Valdes on

      If Binay has nothing to hide , There’s nothing to be afraid off.. Corona was guilty of un-explained wealth that is why, he was axe as a supreme Court Justice..and if the Binays are guilty they should be punish and if He’s not He will be the next president of the Philippines .. Just like that…..

    18. I Remember... on

      If Binay becomes President, all LP b.s. guys will go to jail… payback.
      So maybe Philippines should vote for Binay… all Yellows to jail, starting with GMA and BS Cojuangco Aquino

      • VP Binay and his entire family may consider what the late Angelo Reyes did when confronted with a similar anomaly. What a pathetic ending to the former Human Rights advocate who became a Billionaire overnight.

      • Aquino, Roxas and their cohorts may as well consider an Angie Reyes act of “hara kiri” to at least save their dirty faces immediately after their unceremonious departure from Malacañan Palace by 2016.