• ‘Corrupt’ justices identified


    SEN. Antonio Trillanes 4th on Monday accused Court of Appeals Associate Justices Jose Reyes Jr. and Francisco Acosta of receiving P25 million each in exchange for the issuance of a temporary restraining order (TRO) and a writ of preliminary injunction that stopped the Office of the Ombudsman and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) from implementing the preventive suspension order against Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Jun Jun” Binay.

    The CA was quick to deny the senator’s claim.

    Trillanes asked the Senate committee on justice and human rights to investigate, in aid of legislation, the alleged system of “justice for sale” in the judiciary, particularly at the CA.

    In his resolution, the senator cited the issuance of the TRO and a writ of preliminary injunction issued by the CA’s Sixth Division in favor of Binay. The division is headed by Reyes with Acosta and Justice Eduardo Peralta Jr. as members.

    “Serious allegations have recently surfaced that the Binay camp paid off certain CA justices to rule in their favor. According to reliable sources privy to the matter, a lawyer by the name of Pancho Villaraza facilitated the transaction and talked to Associate Justices Reyes and Acosta, and each of them allegedly received P20 million for the TRO they issued,” Trillanes said in his resolution.

    He alleged that the two justices received P20 million each for the TRO issued on March 16, 2015. But because the Ombudsman and the DILG refused to recognize the TRO, another transaction was made and the two justices each received an additional P5 million upon the issuance of the preliminary injunction.

    The senator noted that Villaraza is a known political operator with deep links to politicians and members of the judiciary and the prosecution service and is currently supporting the presidential campaign of Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    Reyes, chairman of the CA’s Sixth Division, said Trillanes’ allegations are unfounded. He gave assurances that the case will be decided “on the basis of law and evidence.”

    In a statement, Reyes denied that he “received money, favor or promise in exchange for the Division’s issuances.”

    Acosta also said there is no “iota of truth” in the bribery allegations hurled against him.

    “The temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction were issued by the Sixth Division of the Court of Appeals, acting as a collegiate body, after observing a meticulous, impartial and judicious evaluation of prevailing laws, jurisprudence and evidence presented by the parties,” Reyes said.

    “Baseless accusations constitute harassment that seek to threaten magistrates in our bounden duty to discharge justice based on fairness, impartiality and the rule of law, and undermines the integrity of the judiciary as an institution and weakens the people’s faith in our legal processes,” he added, noting that the judiciary should not be involved in partisan politics.


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    1. Jaime A. Elumba on

      Even Trillanes himself accepted bribe from the President during SC CJ Corona’s impeachment thru DAP may be he thought that if person with the same predicament as he was can also be easily corrupted.

    2. What’s happening in the philippines also happen in other countries where gov’t. officials like the country leadership is not doing the job properly for the benefit of the countrymen instead do some revenge desguise as tuwid na daan. The present condition of the country is really from bad to worst which affects greatly the middle class down to the poorest poor that’s the reason honesty is no longer a virtue. With difficulties in life in the Philippines, majority of the people the working class including personnels of the gov’t. are grumbling, all prices are very high disproportionate to the peoples wages. Majority of workers has loans charged to their income but with carry-on balances payable later.So extra incomes are from bribes, extortions and any other artificial fees in order to survive. Seldom to find people contented. Public servants, are in moneymaking too though not all but many asking for commissions, overpricing in procurements & etc. Politics becomes a business hearing from a politician saying that no need for the position if PDAF, DAP,, abolished. All gov’t. workers should be a leader by example for honesty & good deeds but at present could not be expected due to the very sick philippine economy. Everything now is business AS USUAL. Criminality becomes rampant. As a living christian we will just keep hoping while we breath. Good Luck to all.

    3. I hope the senate does investigate this as if its true someone has said something then we must assume they know something. If they know of this money they may know where it came from & if so there will be a trail. Follow that trail & see where it leads. I want all these people if corrupt to be caught & thrown in jail with the other scum thats in there. Let them rot in hell for the innocent people they have stitched up over the years & all for their 8 pieces of silver

    4. I dont know how corrupt these people are but ive had first hand dealings with a fiscal & i had strong words with her. She sid to me i assume you have properties. Now how can any person of law assume. Surely they have to look at evidence & i know i upset her with what i said. I told her straight this is a court of law you cant assume you need evidence. If they use assumption then its down to me to prove i dont have properties, how do i prove i dont have something, you can only prove you have something.
      But are these people corrupt, i have zero evidence but i would stake my life most of them are corrupt, as thats how its always been in the philippines.
      Plus this fiscal said something which my lawyer said just the opposite, & which one is right i have no idea.

    5. Lets face it ,we live in a very corrupt goverment. We don’t know who to trust anymore.
      from the Supreme Court justice ( Corona) , Senators and Tongresman and President ( Gloria Macapagal & Joseph Estrada) Our Country is Doom to Fail. I agree lalo na ng si Aquino ang naging presidente naging talamak ang nakawan may basbas ni Noynoy at puro kaalyado nya, krimen lalong tumaas nawala ang takot sa batas dahil na rin mismo si Aquino ang number 1 law breaker. Dapat ng mawala ang mga magnanakaw ng kaban ng bayan patalsikin na si Aquino sampu ng mga galamay nya!

    6. Let them have lie detector test just to test who is truthful. If the Supreme Court will not act on this allegation people will just talk that they are the same scumbags in our society. The last bastion of Philippine society is under siege which needs radical action. Let them also take psychological examination before they will be appointed in CAs just like the members of the Supreme Court or maybe all judges before their appointment. At least the psycho exam be an input in the decision making of the appointing authority.

    7. apolonio reyes on

      I am not a Trillala fan and did not vote for him or any of the military involved in all mutinies against Cory and GMA. However, I believe that Trillala’s “JFS” is true and actually happening in many courts in our country. This was exposed by Ex-Convict Erap’s HOODLOOMS IN ROBES” but he also did not present any proof as justices are not ordinary lawyer and they know how to hide their loots. However almost all of court employees of these justices knows that their “BOSSES” are selling TRO except the justices themselves.
      One Chinese wrote in his facebook that his godfather, an old ex-senator, do the same ” shakes the Chinese Business Community” whenever he need money and the same with justices motto ” IF YOU NEED P25M, ISANG INTSIK LANG ANG IYAN “. IF WE HAVE JUSTICES IN ROBES, WE HAVE MORE SCALAWAGS IN THE EXECUTHIEVES (CABINETS) AND LEGISLATHIEVES ( SENATONGS AND TONGRESSMEN ) DRESSED LIKE WOLVES BUT WE HAVE MORE HOLDUPPER-VOTERS WHO VOTE FOR MONEY.

    8. Mas maniniwala pa ako sa magtataho sa amin, but not from this arrogant, gossip mongering thug playing senator. His allegations without substantial proof is tantamount to character assassination.

    9. if we are going to take trillanes line of thinking, we might as well say that morales was paid by roxas to suspend makti mayor binay…

      this is a clear proof that statesmanship no longer exist in Philippine congress. Congress has become the house of thugs and of the glorified thieves..

      May God Bless Juan de la Cruz….

    10. This is a product of a person with loud mouth. Why hide under the cloak of the Senate? Go ahead, if you are a real crusader for the good of the country. File cases against erring people. Do not hide under the “immunity” syndrome as most leaders did for exposure and grandstanding.

      • Read in the newspapers just a few days ago, there are two organizations which are supporting the allegation of the Senator Trillanes. Sabi nung isa matagal na ito, at yung isa, kulang pa ito. They said that in the open.

    11. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      And when did these judges make a decision based on true justice? How much money did these judges accumulate by taking bribes. It is already a known fact that judges and fiscals in the Philipines are paid to render favorable decisions to the moneyed people. Alam na ng mga tao na ang mga huwes ay nababayaran, kaya Reyes at Acosta huwag na kayong mag-mamalinis dahil bistado na kayo.

    12. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      The decisions made by the judges favorable to the Binays is not surprising. The judges were given P20M each and additional amount of money just to give a TRO and injunction favorable to Gunggung Binay. When the old Binay (whle mayor of Mkatai) was accused of ghost payrolls/employees, Binay ran to the courts with dilatory legal tactics and money to pay te judges in his favor. The judges and some IBP member are all under the payroll of the Binays.The Buncayo brigade should start annihilating these lawyers and judgescluding the Binays if they are really true patriotic Filipinos.

    13. If Trillanes has the goods against Binay why not go to the Supreme Court. I suspect he has nothing in terms of hard evidence but just want to destroy the reputation of Binay under the privilege of parliamentary immunity. He is consumed by his blind political ambitions and has no regards for the rights of others. He is nothing more than a ruthless bully and a fake crusader ( a crook one at that).

    14. Ronaldo Valdes on

      Lets face it ,we live in a very corrupt goverment. We don’t know who to trust anymore.
      from the Supreme Court justice ( Corona) , Senators and Tongresman and President ( Gloria Macapagal & Joseph Estrada) Our Country is Doom to Fail.