Corruption due to poor education – Fapsa


SOME lawmakers are corrupt because their schools failed to teach them good values, an association of private schools said on Saturday.

“The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak may be the excuse for corruption but if the school has trained its graduates well, the school vision lives on,” Eleazardo Kasilag, president of the Federation of Associations of Private Schools and Administrators (Fapsa) said.

He said that the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or “pork barrel” tests the limit of lawmakers and the “weaklings”, or those who are tempted to pocket public funds, are a disgrace to their alma mater.

“It is timely to know what the administrators where these senators studied have to say about their graduates. After bragging that this senator or this Senate speaker is one of the graduates, now the school may disown them,” Kasilag added.

The Fapsa head said corruption has become a way of life as it mirrors the tragedy of education in the country where values are skin-deep.

“Political leaders consider it SOP [standard operating procedures]; probably, they can put the blame on education? It is more of the raw vision of school. Can this malady be resolved by K-to-12 program of the government?” Kasilag asked. “I doubt it because what the country needs is a rebirth.”

School administrators, he said, should advise graduates that an ordinary person who returns a lost wallet containing P1,000 or a sincere president of a homeowner’s association willing to help others are better than a high government official who is corrupt.

“This corruption issue has to be resolved in the most severe manner,” Kasilag said.
He said the perfect school curriculum is where the lesson is transferred to life-long learning.

“We study for life not for school and this is the best curriculum,” Kasilag added.


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  1. Walang takot na mapuntang Impyerno at kulang sa moralidad Ang bandang Kung ituring Ay Ang tanging Bansa na Kristiano sa ASIA. Kailangan Ang Value Education. Saka Spiritual enlightenment to know more The Lord. Philippines a country without discipline. Look at our neighbor how they instill discipline go to Singapore, Japan, Korea and even Thailand or Vietnam. Non Christian countries but with good and sound discipline.

  2. There is no other solution to stop corruption in the Phil, except Divine Intervention. Hard to accept but it’s the truth because we Filipinos love our families, but not our country. Corruption in our country is a way of life in the govt and lately even among the religions.

  3. It is not the education that is the problem… is the backward culture of Filipinos that is the culprit.