• Corruption in the DND and AFP


    THE corrupt purchase of defective helicopters that was our P1 headline yesterday, and is followed up with more details in today’s P1 banner, is just another proof of the corruption and hypocrisy of the BS Aquino administration.

    One of the lies of de facto president BS Aquino and his collaborators in corruption and hypocrisy is his brazen claim that since he took office he has effectively and resolutely combatted graft and corruption. The conscript media have been silent about the many cases of corruption exposed by whistleblowers and we in The Times have published stories about. Worse, by echoing BS Aquino’s claim of probity and determination to fight corruption, the conscript media have abetted and encouraged corruption.

    Their praise of the Aquino regime as a great and effective anti-corruption machine, despite the contrary evidence, has wrongly and wrongfully exalted the misplaced reverence for Aquino of millions of unthinking, unobservant and fanatical followers.

    The conscript media’s praise also makes foreign media, ambassadors and foreign government leaders repeat the lie that BS Aquino’s regime is treading the “Matuwid na Daan” [the straight and righteous path].

    But they cannot be markedly untruthful all the time. So, some of the conscript media have of late been publishing occasional criticisms of the Aquino Administration, especially in relation to the Mamasapano Massacre.

    But they have not yet decided to tell the truth about graft cases in the Aquino regime, the truth that BS Aquino has abetted his allies and friends’ corrupt activities, and the truth that corruption remains rampant after years of his so-called Tuwid na Daan (straight righteous path) which in fact is horribly baluktot [crooked.].

    This is why the public has now largely forgotten these scandals:

    • More than 2,000 containers lost from Customs as if by magic in 2011. Smuggling in the four years so far of the Aquino administration has increased three- fold from the average smuggling of the previous Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo administrations.

    • Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz’s jueteng bribery charge against Aquino shooting buddy and then-Interior Undersecretary Rico Puno and then-National Police Chief Jesus Versoza. Jueteng today has proliferated to more than double what it was under Ramos, Erap and Arroyo. Some jueteng operators claim that pay-offs go as high as the Palace by the Pasig.

    • BS Aquino buddy Rico Puno’s sudden resignation from DILG after the exposure of the overpriced billion-peso PNP rifle bidding he supervised.

    • Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa’s rumored P40-million White Plains mansion

    • Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima’s reported failure to file income tax returns

    • Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala’s alleged pork barrel anomalies

    • Political Adviser Ronald Llamas’s firearms and pirated DVDs

    • Rice smuggling under Aquino’s food czars Lito Banayo and Orlan Calayag

    • Corporate meddling and gambling by Land Transportation head Virginia Torres

    • Repeated Bilibid scandals, starting with Aquino’s first prisons head Ernesto Diokno. The authorities’ indulgent attitude toward wealthy convicts who have lived in princely luxury in the national penitentiary where they continue to run their illegal businesses outside and in the Bilibid.

    • P400 million lost by state casinos to illicit foreign gamblers allowed to flee abroad

    • Israel and Macau junkets by Puno and casino czar Cristino Naguiat Jr.

    • $30 million demanded from Czech company Inekon for it to get Metro Rail Transit deal

    • DOTC bosses’ okay of MRT maintenance contract for a firm linked to top MRT and transportation officials

    • Resigned PNP Chief Alan Purisima’s anomalous “White House” residence, P2.5-million car discount, and sprawling Nueva Ecija mansion.

    • The failure to quickly provide aid and proper shelter to Haiyan/Yolanda victims, despite billions being allocated for this task, is not only a case of incompetence and neglectfulness. There must be some corruption in this too.

    The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines has noted Aquino’s “selective prosecution” of the pork barrel scam and his use of corruption charges to remove from office and put in prison political opponents while he has refrained from going after the grafters among his KKK– Kaklase, Kakampi and Kabarilan (classmates, allies, and shooting buddies).

    Involved in the corrupt defective helicopter deal are his beloved top men of the Department of National Defense and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

    Sadly, we predict that BS Aquino will tell prosecutors who want to do what is right and go after the guilty parties to stand down.


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    1. The Philippines is the country of so many corrupt people that even the low level employees are practicing corruption in the guise of quick service but telling the people they have very low salary that they need to work hard to cope up with high prices. The alipores,supporters and administrations workers are now in double time to make more money as their positions are co-terminus with the ending administration. More corruptions to come and expected as 2016 election is getting nearer. More complaint and worst scenario to come. Caution, crime prevention is recommended. Keep watch.

    2. Vicente Penetrante on

      Sadly, the prayers of the bishops are unanswered. Maybe it is because they are playing PNoy’s blame game and not really praying.
      Should history repeat itself, Pnoy can also ask the beautiful Atty. Clooney to represent him.

    3. Puro lang kayo puna ng puna sa presidente. Bakit kaya ba lahat ng presidente yan? sa kadami daming problema ng pilipinas… Tignan nyu sarili nyu bago kayo magjudge ng ibang tao. bakit naging “LEADER” na din ba kayo? og puro puna ng lang ang alam nyu? eh baka iboto lng kayo PTCA president eh aayaw ayaw kayo.

      • e para ka namang tanga kung di mo pupunahin yung mali di ba? sarado ba isip mo tulad ng mga supporter nya? at bakit hindi kakayanin ng presidente ang magtanggal ng masasamang tao sa mga departamento? anung mahirap dun? ikaw at ang mga katulad mo ang tumingin sa sarili nyo dahil kayo ay meron din mga mata at utak pero nakalagay lang sa ulo nyo…haha!!!

      • E bat sya tumakbong presidente kung ayaw nyang mapuna. Nung panahon ni GMA kung humatol sya guilty agad, pero sa kasamahan nya depensa sya ng depensa…

    4. Quote”These are general accusations about anomalous practice at DND. We will appreciate if you can substantiate your accusation with tangible evidences and present your case to the Ombudsman for proper action. This time PNoy has e given given his tacit approval to Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales to go after corrupt govt. officials specially the vaunted PNoy’s KKK whom PNoy cannot openly condemn as dregs out of loyalty as bosom friends, hence, he instructed OMbudsman to do what is must without his friends expressed knowledge!!”Unquote.

    5. P, Akialamiro on

      The media play a very important role in dissemination of truth. Until and unless, we have scrupulous media, the Filipino people will always be victims of “unscrupulous” politicians. I hope corruption has not penetrated mass media. If so, may God bless the Philippines.

      • Larry Ebersole on

        you must be living in the past and do not know that media (newspaper;radio and tv) are the first conquest of politicians and manipulators for without this, they cannot propagate their lies to fool the people. have you not heard the killing of media people or foreclosure of media companies that crosses the lines of the moneyed and powerful…….everyone has his own self serving interest, including the media.

    6. Corruption has not gone away under Aquino. Aquino made the corruption more straightforward by tripling the pork and then creating the DAP. Aquino took care of the congress. The rest of the corrupted ones are still doing their own stealing. Corruption has spread under Aquino.

    7. I will not be surprised if BS Aquino will be put in jail after his term. Also, I will be not be surprised if the incumbent administration is not as effective of what the people thinks. You cannot have a good administration with a limited knowledge. As the saying goes “LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS DANGEROUS”. We are in a dangerous situation.

    8. With regards to yolanda, you failed to mention that MREs were reportedly being sold in groceries in manila; imported canned goods saw a sudden drop in prices, spam, from 115 to 63 each. Taking in the fact that yolanda survivors only got local sardines, rotten rice and freeze dried noodles, coupled with reports of DSWD impounding private donations, not allowing people and organizations to directly help in the relief efforts and thes subsequently hoarding relief good.

      This government is beyond corrupt. These people are truly evil.

    9. E. G. Festin on

      Gazmin at DND and Catapang at AFP will DEDMA this issue, as they did for eight or more hours the slaughter by MILF/BIFF forces of our PNP-SAF commandos in Mamasapano. Thisd was when they were with BSAquino in Zamboanga from the time they flew from Manila to Zamboanga. They and Mar Roxas knew Napenas had been crying for reinforcement for his men–but they did not discuss the massacred that was going on with Abnoy until early evening!!!
      If they couldn’ bother with saving the lives of the PNP-SAF commandos, why should they bother about a “little” corruption in DND and AFP?


    11. They are clever people who go into philippine politics, but they go into it with bad intentions. They dont go into politics to look out for the nation but to look out for themselves. They have grown up knowing getting into politics is a way of amassing riches far beyond what they can get working. This needs to change. More need to get caught & i say a good place to start is getting rid of the bank secrecy law. Estrada is or was trying to use that to stop the amlc showing his dollar bank account (s) as he says the bank secrecy law protects him. But they can use powers to check into these bank accounts but they are so difficult to get permission from the courts. There should be no bank secrecy law. Make it difficult to hide ill gotten monies & its then easier to catch the corrupt.
      So you have to ask yourself why did the senators just vote to keep it, i say its self interest. If the bank secrecy is so important why dont we all get it with our peso accounts, why is it only a dollar account is so important to get it.