• Corteza finishes second in US Open 9-Ball tourney


    Filipino cue master Lee Van Corteza absorbed a 10-13 loss to Shane Van Boening in the finals to settle for second place in the US Open 9-Ball Championship held in Chesapeake in Virginia, USA.

    Nonetheless, Corteza secured a $15,000 consolation purse while Van Boening got s whopping $30,000 cash prize.

    In the early rounds, Corteza blasted Eddie Levitt of US (11-1), MarcVidal Claramunt of Spain (11-7) and Tom D’Alfonso of US (11-7). But the Filipino was relegated to the losers’ bracket after swallowing a 1-11 defeat to former world champion Johnny Archer of US.

    In the losers’ column, Corteza bounced back with victories over Hayato Hijikata of Japan (11-1), Imram Majid of Great Britain (11-10), Mike Dechaine of US (11-10), Jeremy Sossei of US (11-9) and Oscar Dominguez of US (11-6).

    He also beat Neils Fiejen of the Netherlands (12-10) and Jayson Shaw of Great Britain (12-10) to arrange a championship match with Van Boening.

    Warren Kiamco was not as lucky as he wound up 33rd overall and received $700.

    Kiamco survived Mika Immonen of Finland (11-10) and Frank Scharbach of US (11-10) but fell short against Hundal See of the Netherlands (8-11) and Ralf Souquet of Germany (7-11).

    The tournament employed a double-elimination format.


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