Coseteng Championships names 45 MOS


Forty-five newcomers have been named Most Outstanding Swimmers (MOS) in their respective age groups in the recently-concluded 70th Philippine Swimming League (PSL) Leg Series dubbed as the 2014 Sen. Nikki Coseteng National Swimming Championships held at the Diliman Preparatory School in Quezon City.

Winning the MOS trophies in the motivational category were Qaantreulle Wangkay and Rafael Lentejas (6 years), Samantha Inkee and Joshua Camacho (7), Angela Torrico and Ethan Gabriel (8), Joana Cervas and Jose Maria Tayag (9), Peach Paraiso and Stephen Guzman (10), Sofia Estrada and Turdy Pineda (11), Erin Ramos and Jette Orinoco (12), Shella Ocampo and Aeron Sayno (13), Ilyssa Mariella Legaspi and Carl Condalor (14), Imari Takahashi and David Dela Yola (15), Yasmine De Jesus and Miguel Cancio (16), and Rhoda Darnayla and Christian Lozano (17-over).

“We will continue guiding these kids. We want to develop them to be more competitive for our future international competitions. We have a busy schedule next year both in international and local,” stressed PSL President Susan Papa.

The MOS awardees in the Class C event were Janine Consul (6), Mikyla Guzman and Joey Del Rosario (7), Maxine Dalmacio and Lee Grant Cabral (8), Emilya Torres and Karl Pastoril (9), Aya Pugay and Jed Pilar (10), Angela Arenas and Andree Ocampo (11), Bernardine Ubina and Nigel Anthony Romey (12), Patricia Aguilar and Kennard Bondal (13), Jasmine Esguerra and John Angelo Vargas (14), Mary Christine Llorente and Sean Louie Ocampo (15), Alfred Conda (16), and Jyrens Juane (17-over).

“I pity the kids who are prohibited to join us by their coaches and schools. This is outright bullying and violation of their human rights in the pursuit of their sport, their dreams and their happiness,” said former Sen. Nikki Coseteng.

“Those should be punished for depriving our youth of their right to compete as athletes representing our country at no cost to our government. They are being deprived because of the ego-trip of officials at the expense of the fulfillment of their dreams/and the development, motivation of the youth of our country,” she added.

The PSL is the national sports association for swimming of the Federation of School Sports Associations of the Philippines. It has the longest running swimming grassroots development program in the country. The PSL is also an affiliate to Federation International Sports University.


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