Coseteng orders early recruitment for 2019 Universiade



The Philippine Swimming League (PSL) received a stern order from its Chairman Anna Dominique “Nikki” Coseteng to recruit and train swimmers from the PSL for the forthcoming 2019 World Summer University Games to be held in Napoli, Italy. The enlistment is open to every Filipino citizen who is a student-athlete in the college level.

I was in Singapore for the Asean Midget Swimming Meet when I received the following message from Senator Nikki Coseteng:

“I want the PSL to concentrate on recruiting every student-athlete and train them in preparation for the 2019 World Universiade to be held in Italy.

If I have to build another pool to be able to achieve that, I will do so.

Coach Susan, the last time you knew who messed up with the selection process in swimming, an absentee official from Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines (FESSAP), I will deal with him this time.

I respect David Ong, FESSAP President but I think there’s the matter of him all these and David allowing it? Or DAVID NOT KNOWING? Or is he in it?”

Coach Susan, I met FESSAP officials September 9.

I asked David Ong what is going on with FESSAP regarding swimming.

Whether he is aware of what is happening presently and he said “NO”!

I asked Col. Querubin, he said “NO”!

Then I asked Alvin and he also said “NO”!

And also asked Danny Manlili, the sponsor from Mega World why there is discrimination on our PSL swimmers, if he is aware of that and he also said “NO”!

Danny, told me that Mega World gave FESSAP 2million pesos and I told him PSL did not received any cent.”

I replied to Senator Nikki a BIG YES!

Former Senator Anna Dominique “Nikki” Coseteng CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

In the meantime, let me share Annyka Dela Cruz’ experience during the 2017 Taipei Taiwan World Universiade Games in her own words:

“I thought that participating in the Summer Universiade was a once in a lifetime experience but through God’s grace and the efforts of both the PSL and my family, it has become a twice in a lifetime experience.”

For You, For Youth, this was the theme in this year’s World University Games in Taipei, Taiwan.

Seeing student athletes thrive for their own personal betterment makes me realize that there is indeed a chance for the youth to make this world a better place.

Not all may have been the best, but none of us came back home losers.

We were there representing our countries with the same burning passion and the love for the game.

We have made so much memories and friends that we have garnered more than we could have ever asked for.

To everyone, defeat is never a reason to give up but rather it is a reason to do better and that you have more chance for improvement.

Let this Summer Universiade be the reason for all student athletes to thrive and never settle with what they were given.

Always thankful for the Philippine Swimming League family especially to Sen. Coseteng and Coach Susan Papa for being selfless with the opportunities that they give to the student athletes not just in the Philippines but also anywhere in the world.

To God be the Glory!”

Finally, I am proud to say that the PSL delegation to the Asean Midget Meet surpassed the four medals it won in the meet last year.

PSL swimmers garnered five gold, four silver and three bronze medals. Richelle Anne Raine Callera also broke two meet records. Richelle Anne Raine Callera and Aishel Cid Evangelista, both seven years old, emerged as Most Outstanding Swimmers.


We are proud of you!!


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