• Coseteng reproaches NU coach for bullying



    As mentioned in my last article, the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) must impose sanctions on any National Sports Associations (NSA), institution, association, body, entity, team, athlete and sports official found guilty of violating its policies, rules and regulations.

    For this reason, together with Senator Nikki Coseteng, we visited PSC Chairman William “Butch” Ramirez, to inform him of the bullying experienced by Philippine Swimming League (PSL) swimmer Martin Jacob Pupos under National University (NU) coach Lambert Guiriba.

    Pupos was traumatized and the PSL will be seeking expert help to help him cope with it.

    Pupos’ ordeal isn’t new.

    Philippine Swimming Inc. (PSi) President, Mark Joseph was charged for violating the Republic Act 7160, known as the Anti-Child Abuse Act after PSL swimmer, Paul Jerome Carpio and other young swimmers suffered humiliation when Joseph told the organizers of the 43rd Sabah Age Group Swimming Championships in Sabah, Malaysia in 2010 that they were not the official representative of the Philippines in the meet.

    Guiriba is under the umbrella of the PSi.

    It is sad when you see a coach who is supposed to be an educator used his position to intimidate, coerce and dominate athletes.

    The Constitution of the Philippines, Bill of Rights Article III Section I, states, “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the law.”

    Article 14, Section 19 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution says, “The State shall promote physical education and encourage sports programs, league competitions and amateur sports, including training for international competitions, to foster self-discipline, teamwork and excellence for the development of a healthy and alert citizenry.”

    Guiriba is denying the accusations. However, a text message of a parent that refused to be identified affirmed that there is indeed a bullying incident and that Guiriba barred some swimmers from joining the Universiade.

    Former Senator Nikki Coseteng has a lot of questions regarding Guiriba:

    “Does a former swimmer like the NU coach automatically deserve to be a college/university coach if he is devoid of all other skills and psychological and emotional stability required of a coach?

    That bullying of the NU coach does not want to face us to publicly apologize and admit he is a bully! Then he will have two crimes, telling lies and bullying! Are these two ideal traits of a college coach?

    Who is the one running NU Sports Program? Does he know all this had been going on? For how long? Did he just turn a deaf ear on the sufferings of NU swimmers? Are other coaches doing same thing?

    Are students and parents just keeping quiet because they don’t want to be thrown out and lose free college education privilege so they swallow hook line and sinker the humiliation suffered?”

    If the swimmers support their coach that will make a liar of Mr. Pupos and his son! What side will the manager take? The side of his bullying and liar coach?

    That smacks of Mark Joseph’s strategy and tactics to break the spirit of PSL swimmers who excel and are given privileges because of their own skills and performances.

    Bullying NU coach says he refuses to face PSL after what he is being accused of he is, of the opinion it is an internal matter!

    If a husband beats up his wife or father beats up son or daughter in their own bedroom, is that an internal matter!

    A coach is a person of authority! The scholarship of the swimmers are dependent on his recommendation so the swimmers are under his supervision, that makes his crime worse and graver and sentence much higher than if two classmates are bullying each other.

    I also run a school. I must serve the students (swimmers) and the teachers, its primary constituents.

    The school administrator, principal and teachers-in-charge or school heads must exercise instructional leadership and sound administrative management of the school.”


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