• Coseteng reproaches NU coach for bullying



    Former Senator Nikki Coseteng is calling the attention of National University (NU) coach Lambert Guiriba, warning him to stop bullying Philippine Swimming League (PSL) swimmers.

    “If he has a problem with Philippine Swimming League swimmers that NU coach must confront me and not bully my swimmers. I am willing to sit down with the NU owners and its sports directors face to face that this is against the constitutional rights of swimmers and must be put into top”, the former Senator and Chairman of PSL said.

    Coseteng made the statement after receiving the following letter of complaint from the father of PSL swimmer Martin Jacob Pupos:

    Nikki Coseteng
    Philippine Swimming League
    Quezon City

    Dear Ms. Coseteng,
    I am writing you in behalf of my son, Martin Jacob S. Pupos, former N.U. swim team captain. His three-year stay in the National University Swimming Team has been a great experience for him. It has taught him a lot of lessons and gave him opportunities that will surely help him persevere in his career.

    Unfortunately, he has been experiencing rough road circumstances along the way brought by the team’s management and the coach that affected his focus and motivation in pursuing his goal. For too long now, there have been numerous complaints and serious concerns about the coaching style of coach Lambert Guiriba.

    While I was writing this letter I asked my son to relay to me what happened with them last May 8 of this year and He said, “Before we started our training, our coach called for a short meeting. He told us, in a very suspicious tone, that swimmers who have other commitments aside from UAAP are not fit for the team’s program and it is not the right place for them.” He also told us that swimmer who competes internationally and says that he’s representing the country is not true because you were still paying fees, he was describing me.

    The N.U. team is undergoing training camp in Baguio City right now, some of Martin’s friends were texting him about the continuing back stabbing of the said coach. Every now and then he is destroying my son’s credibility. He even told his swimmers not to join the Universiade and stop joining local PSL competitions and he being a member of PSI.

    To save my son’s dignity and pride, it is for this circumstance that I would like to ask for your assistance to help stop this bullying that destroys people. Mr. Guiriba should be reminded of the law against bullying. Can you just imagine how pitiful are my son’s former teammates who cannot speak out because they are afraid of the consequences of being fired out of the team? This kind of coach is not helping our swimmer’s dream but rather destroying their future and the future of the national team to some extent. This is an act of an immature coach who probably does not have a formal training as a coach. Also, He is destroying the reputation of the University. In its strongest manner, I ask you to help stop this bullying and destroying ones future and before he can victimize another swimmer because this is no longer acceptable and tolerable.

    I hope this letter of mine merits your kind attention.

    Thank you very much.

    Sincerely yours,
    Pacifico T. Pupos, Jr.
    cc: Dante Jimenez- Chairman-VACC”

    The life of an athlete is very short and when they are bullied, their dreams are shattered.

    “It is inhuman, unconstitutional. These are shameless acts of coaches who should not have a place in university institutions.”

    “If they have issues against me or the PSL, they must come to me face to face”, Coseteng added.

    This is where the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) must exercise its functions and powers.

    The PSC must regulate and impose sanction upon any national sports association, institution, association, body, entity, team, athlete and sports official for violation of its policies, rules and regulations.

    This is a clear violation of the law that the PSC must look into.

    (to be continued)


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