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    True to its mission of uplifting the Philippine swimming community, former senator and Philippine Swimming League (PSL) chairman Nikki Coseteng met with National University (NU) president, Teddy Ocampo concerning allegations that NU coach Lambert Guiriba bullied PSL swimmers.

    Ocampo assured Coseteng that the school would conduct a thorough investigation concerning the allegation.

    Coseteng also reported to Ocampo that PSL swimmers were barred from participating in the Summer World Universiade 2017, to be held in Taipei, Taiwan. The event is known as the second most prestigious and longest competition in the world after the Olympics.

    Coseteng said that the PSL has already purchased the plane tickets for the six NU swimmers and their parents have already paid their entry fees in the competition, hence the importance of her meeting with Ocampo.

    “I know that NU will not tolerate such bullying of swimmers; in fact it is supposed to be the pride of the school to have its athletes compete in the Summer World Universiade this August 2017,” stressed Coseteng.

    It was determined during the meeting that one parent has indeed contacted the PSL to tell that his son and several swimmers have backed out of the Univesiade because of the bullying incident.

    Thereafter, Coseteng told the PSL president to communicate with NU Athletic Director, Mark Rey Galido regarding the case. The PSL has received the following email from the NU:

    “To whom it may concern,

    Greetings of Peace!

    This letter signifies that the National University allows the following student-athletes under the swimming program to participate in the upcoming 2017 Summer Universiade to be held in Taipei, Taiwan slated on August 19-30, 2017.

    The names of the National University students that are qualified to participate are the following:

    1. Juan Carlos Abad
    2. Nicholas Suryc Alcantara
    3. Justin Albert Belarmino
    4. Renz Guiller Gawidan
    5. Jason Adrian Mirabueno
    6. Martin Jacob Pupos – outgoing

    The student-athletes named above will be assured that their participation in the said event will not affect their status in the varsity swimming team.

    Thank you very much.

    Mark Rey D. Galido
    Asst. Athletic Director

    “We will continue to protect our swimmers and uphold the constitution,” ended Coseteng.

    Pupos prepares for Universiade
    After going through much trouble caused by the bullying incident, PSL swimmer Martin Jacob Pupos, will be departing today for Perth, Australia to prepare for his campaign in the 29th Summer World Universiade Games.

    Some 110,800 student-athletes from 84 countries, embracing the FISU’s motto of “Excellence in mind and body” will join the Universiade. The event offers cultural and educational features during the 12 days of competition in the host city of Taipei.

    In a genuine spirit of friendship and sportsmanship, this will be a great experience for PSL swimmers and non-PSL swimmers alike.


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