• Costly construction of love nest said to cause Charice-Alyssa breakup



    PLUS: Guess who? Two actors in undeniable bromance
    SPECULATIONS continue to run wild as to the cause of the much-vaunted break up between singer Charice Pempengco and girlfriend Alyssa Quijano, who has been her live-in partner of four years.

    According to Vignettes’ source, a “major, major” (to borrow from Venus Raj’s classic phrase) trigger was the escalating cost on the construction of their love nest, which reflected many unexplained expenses.

    Spills our source, “They’re having their house built, and it’s Alyssa whom Charice has appointed to oversee every phase of the construction. Hindi ‘yun ipinagkatiwala ni Charice sa family niya until one day, tinatanong na niya si Alyssa kung bakit sobrang lumalaki ang gastos sa pagpapagawa nila ng bahay.”

    What actually miffed Alyssa was Charice’s insinuation that the former was cheating on her. ‘Para kasing ang dating nun kay Alyssa, niloloko niya si Charice sa pera, but of course, it wasn’t the case’.”

    Probing this time into the consequence of the break-up, Vignettes asked the same source if she sees the possibility of Charice going home to her Mommy Raquel and Lola Tessie any time soon.


    “It’s a far-fetched idea. Hindi porke’t naghiwalay na sila ni Alyssa, eh, gugustuhin niyang bumalik sa family niya. Charice still begrudges her mom.”

    This same source told Vignettes that Mommy Raquel shouldn’t at all be surprised if Charice behaves that way toward her.

    “I bore witness to how disrespectful Mommy Raquel was to her own mother (Tessie) countless times. Kung sagut-sagutin niya ‘yung mismong nanay niya, ganu’n-ganu’n na lang, so do you expect Charice to act as the good daughter she’s supposed to be?”

    After all, isn’t what you sow what you reap?

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? Is it true that two male showbiz figures with the same initial in their first names are deep into a bromance? Our source insists they positively are. In fact, they flew together to two neighboring countries for summer getaways.

    “But much as they wanted to keep their affair hush-hush, it is they who exposed themselves. While they had solo photos taken for their social media accounts, the same background gave them away. Why didn’t any one of them choose a different scenic backdrop at the very least? Itinatago pa ba nila ang relasyon nila, or are they about to admit it in public once they’re back home?” our source pointed out.

    Clue: One of them is an active actor who runs a food business, while the other, a product of a TV reality show, has been linked many times over with suspected gay actors.

    * * *

    Here’s another one! A currently controversial celebrity (CCC) once had a male singer (MS) as guest in her TV show. Aware of the CCC’s “brand-conscious image,” MS showed up at his scheduled guesting not only on time and prepared for the sit-down interview, but also dressed in signature getup from head to toe.

    Off-air, CCC casually asked: “Is what you’re wearing all original?” MS, who had already anticipated that moment to happen, shyly nodded.

    Half-convinced, CCC approached MS and began checking the labels of the latter’s shirt down to his shoes. In a huff, CCC exclaimed: “Original nga … I love you na!”


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