Cotabato City eyes solar, wind-powered streetlights


SHARIFF AGUAK, Maguindanao: The Cotabato City government is considering buying Chinese-made solar and wind-powered streetlights, officials said on Wednesday after a demonstration of the technologies.

Inventors and engineers from different companies in China demonstrated and tested their technology by installing example solar- and wind turbine-powered lamps, hoping to convince the Cotabato City government to agree to purchase the 4,000 street lamps the city needs.

“Our advantage is aside from solar energy, we can generate also energy at night using our wind turbine to the energized batteries,” said Wang Hao Yue of You Sheng Company.

City Mayor Cynthia Frances Guiani-Sayadi said one of the Chinese company’s products is made up of a 5-meter pole with LED lights, wind turbine and two solar panels, which can also energize a CCTV camera connection.

Chinese engineers installed one of the lighting units Tuesday morning in front of city hall.

Two other companies also erected samples of their technology in another location in the city.

“These solar and wind powered lamps have different specifications that the city government will be choosing from, depending on the needs of the city once the deal will be made,” Sayadi said.

The city mayor said the transaction is made possible through the strengthened relationship between the city government and People’s Republic of China.

“This is a product of established good relations with China that we were able to entice investors to come to Cotabato City,” the city mayor said.

Sayadi added that the Chinese investors are also interested in establishing an airport and economic zone in the city.

The lighting project aims to help the city meet its goal of becoming an eco-friendly city.

City officials have not yet disclosed the amount to be spent for the solar-powered street lights.


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