Cotabato mayor says car bomb perpetrators identified


MAYOR Japal Guiani Jr. is currently safeguarding the original security camera footage of Monday’s bombing in the city and vowed to unmask the identities of those behind the incident should they not yield to authorities soon.

More so, the local chief said to have in his possession documents pointing to exchange of calls and text messages from parties involved in the plan and execution of the bomb attack that has so far claimed the lives of eight victims and wounding of 30 others.

“As early as this time, I urge both masterminds and perpetrators to come out or else I would offer a bounty on your heads,” Guiani told newsmen in a hastily called press conference on Tuesday.

Without elaboration, Guiani said the masterminds are “big people,” who have been long involved in the “illegal drug trade” in the Cotabato area.

“The police also have artist’s sketches of the culprits who carried out the attack so we have a positive identification of them according to witnesses,” he added.

On Monday, a car bomb exploded around 4:30 p.m. along Sinsuat Avenue here instantaneously killing five people.The explosion came from a parked multi-cab vehicle rigged with explosives in front of the Villa Funeral Parlor along the highway.

The car bomb went off as the Chevrolet vehicle of City Administrator Cynthia Guiani-Sayadi, the mayor’s sister, was passing the area.

“The bomb was intended to kill me or my sister because we have advocated to rid of the drug menace in the city,” the mayor said.

Since his first term as mayor in 2010, Guiani has coordinated closely with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) after learning that the city was being used as a major transshipment point of illegal drugs in Mindanao. PNA



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