• Counterfeit LED lights discovered


    The Ecowaste Coalition, an ecology conservation group, on Saturday urged the government to strengthen the regulation on the selling of light-emitting diode (LED) lights. The warning was issued after counterfeit brands were discovered in Manila stores. The group purchased 20 brands of LED sets that did not contain the name of the manufacturer or distributor. The counterfeit brands were Admin, Bayanko, CATA, GaoGa, Hetachi, Hua, Mei, HXS, Kevico, LED Bulb Lamp, LED High Power Lamp, LHT, Ocho, Okes, Onestar, OTO, Rohstar, Star, Sunrise, XQG, and Xinmey LED products. The Ecowaste Coalition’s Project Protect Thony Dizon said the government should create a checklist to guide consumers in identifying counterfeits, and ensure the health and environmental safety of the LED lights being sold in stores.


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    1. I’m confused by this article. You mention the brands that were counterfeited, yet you say “sets that did not contain the name of the manufacturer or distributor.” If the product did not carry the manufacturer name (brand name) then it’s not really counterfeit. And regarding the name of the distributor, most products never have distributor names included on the package.