Countering a rear choke attempt with a double leg scoop


In the right time and place, any self-defense technique is good including throwing. This combat skill calls for destroying the opponent’s balance, lifting him up in the air and slamming him to the ground. Besides understanding leverage, one must also develop kinesthetic sensitivity or the ability to read the opponent’s intention through body-feel to be able to effectively execute throws. The former is useful in destroying the opponent’s balance while you will rely on the latter to detect if your foe is setting you up for a throw. In a real fight where there is no safety mat, throwing can inflict serious or lethal injury.
Photo 1 shows the assailant standing at a short distance behind the defender. Photo 2 shows the assailant attempting a choke. The defender reacts quickly with a counter-hold.
Photo 3 shows the defender lowering his body and striking the assailant’s groin. Photo 4 shows the defender doing an under hook around the thigh area of the assailant’s legs. Photo 5 shows the defender lifting the assailant off the ground. Photo 6 shows the assailant being slammed hard to the ground. The defender has an option to deliver a follow-up. A violent throw like this can shock the whole body and cause severe injury especially if the head lands first.

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