Counting the costs from ‘Yolanda’


Serious preparations for catastrophes include multi-purpose evacuation centres in high risk regions.

Multi-purpose evacuation centres must be autonomous, with their own power generating capability (renewable, storable, solar, wind, hydro, or geothermal energy—excess energy can be sold to the grid) communications (public address, as well as long distance), helicopter/supply plane landing space, permanent relief storage facilities, mass catering equipment, and sanitation.

Multi-purpose evacuation centres must be positioned to be earthquake, landslide, and inundation-proof. Examples could be: sports stadia and race tracks, portions of major roads, schools, airports, military camps, festival grounds, open-air market places (many of which should have most of the attributes of evacuation centers anyway)

Evacuation centres should be scaled from small barangay to large conurbation.

Developing and maintaining multi purpose evacuation centers provides immediate and long term employment possibilities, as well as improving local infrastructure for everyday use.

Matthew Sleigh,


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