‘Coup plot for real’

FROM HEROES TO LEGENDS  Students of Commonwealth High School in Quezon City on Friday light 44 candles in honor of the 44 police commandos from the Special Action Force who were killed by Muslim separatist rebels on January 25 in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. The tribute was held under the theme “Heroes Today… Legends Tomorrow.” PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

Students of Commonwealth High School in Quezon City on Friday light 44 candles in honor of the 44 police commandos from the Special Action Force who were killed by Muslim separatist rebels on January 25 in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. The tribute was held under the theme “Heroes Today… Legends Tomorrow.” PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

Senior official says ‘old names and faces’ involved
A senior Cabinet member has confirmed the Palace is aware of a coup plot against President Benigno Aquino 3rd and is taking serious measures to thwart it.

Quick to react against the threat, the official on Friday said Malacañang has begun monitoring movements of certain groups and personalities who are allegedly behind the move to oust the President through a power grab.

The official, a member of Aquino’s official family who spoke on condition of anonymity, told The Manila Times that teams have been sent out to check on activities of the alleged coup plotters, pointing out that Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago revealing a brewing government takeover during a recent hearing on the Mamasapano massacre, indeed, has bearing.

“We have the reports [on the coup plot]and we are now monitoring them [‘plotters’]. Everything is undergoing verification,” said the source.

Pressed to give a clue on who the alleged plotters are, the official, who holds a key position in the Aquino administration, refused, explaining that it may jeopardize their ongoing probe.

“What I can tell you is that it is composed of the same names and faces,” the senior Cabinet member said.

In Malacañang, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said there is still no serious risk facing the Aquino government, adding that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) remain loyal to their sworn duty.

“Our security situation is in order. [The AFP and PNP] have both expressed that they continue to focus on the overall security situation,” Coloma told a news briefing.

“The determination of the [AFP and PNP] to do their duties under the Constitution remains intact. The PNP has declared, ‘We are a professional organization and we are loyal to the flag and the Republic.’ That’s why we are not anxious about it,” the Palace official said.

The Times source, meanwhile, said like in the past, such extra-constitutional means to grab power cannot succeed without the support of the Armed Forces.

“I doubt if they can muster enough support,” the official added.

In a separate interview, PNP spokesman and Chief Supt. Generoso Cerbo Jr., said they are yet to receive any report or information about a coup that was previously bared by Santiago, who claimed that a “moneyed” individual whose name had been involved in such “cottage industry” is bankrolling the move to depose Aquino.

Santiago made the disclosure during a Senate hearing this week on the Mamasapano encounter in Maguindanao that resulted in the brutal killing of 44 members of the PNP Special Action Force (SAF).

But Cerbo, contrary to claims made by The Manila Times source, said they have not monitored any untoward movement by the “usual suspects.”

“There’s none . . . we have not received any report or information about a coup plot,” he added.

But Cerbo, in an earlier interview, said PNP intelligence units are continuously checking reports of the alleged coup plot against the President as a result of the “fallout” from the Mamasapano carnage.

“The investigation being conducted is very wide… and if there is [a coup plot], we will see and feel it immediately… and the PNP will always be ready against it,” he also told reporters.

Another source from the police intelligence community also claimed that no such plot exists.

The officer described it as “loose talk.”

“Wala naman kaming namo-monitor . . . baka loose talk lang yan. If there is [a coup plot]I will quickly inform you about it,” he told The Times.

Cerbo said the coup “rumors” began swirling after the January 25 Maguindanao clash.

“These [coup talks]are merely rumors… but I had to admit [that]the PNP is hurting over the Mamasapano incident,” the PNP spokesman added.

At least 44 members of the SAF were brutally killed by Muslim separatist rebels in the clash.

The police commandos were part of a covert operation to get Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan, who died in the firefight.

“As what OIC [Officer-in-Charge] Gen. Leonardo Espina of the PNP] and (Department of the Interior and Local Government) Secretary (Manuel Roxas 2nd) said, the PNP will always remain loyal,” Cerbo said.


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    Miriam Santiagos revelation of a brewing coup plot is for real! Our source did an intensive and extensive research and have confirmed to validated the real existence of a coup plot against Pnoy! It was revealed that forces supporting the plot have already been deployed in strategic places in and around Malacanan waiting for a launch go signal from the commander of the forces. It was validated that a rich civilian together with two top police and military generals will form a JUNTA headed by the civilian who was a former official at the Defense Dept. Police and military forces in Metro Manila have been alerted and will block any reinforcements from the provinces. military and police forces in MINDANAO will launch their diversionary attacking against the MILF to prevent them from staging their own chaos. The ploters are in place just waiting for Pnoy to get out of Malacanan. The artillery and tank units had been neutralize that they just be standing by for support of the plotters.
    It is prudent for the civilian population to stay home in case the first shot is fired!

  2. My undisclosed resources have confirmed that a group fro the military and police have put a plan for a successful “coup data”, which will be a triumvirate form of government whose head will be a known civilian and two military-police generals. The source confirm that a big group of police officers and the some military commanders who are against Pnoy, Gazmin and Catapang are already agreed to stage and launch the coup plot anytime Pnoy is out of Malacanan. The tank unit and artillery command of military have been neutralized and agreed to support the coup plotters. Two former presidents and a Defense minister had endorsed the plot and a former senator rebel too. The former President is more concerned of the MILF growing menace to the country that he wants them eradicated. Same time he will bolt his son from jail. While the former President on jail now will also be bolted out of jail and Put Aquino (Pnoy) in her place or if he resist the coup Pnoy will be a goner, to join his parents!

  3. Really? Or is this another imagination being played by those who like to create panic and confusion in the country? If there is, why not disclose the names of those involve and prosecute them? After all, Sen Santiago said that even those who plan and take active role on the mere planning of “coup” could already be charged before the court for “attempted coup”…

  4. Same old story Binay and his parties are dismantling the country to oust President Aquino and the government who are trying to change the Philippines to a better place but they want to continue POLITICAL DYNASTY, Filipinos do not let them succeed. They are doing so the attention of the people will go after this due to coming election because they want to be in power.

  5. A coup plot now a days will just remain as intention or a dream. The motive behind this is the so called Fallen 44. It will not able to enflame to a kindling temperature the angst of the Filipino people for just one reason, especially, for the various armed components of the country. The proponents of this activity must be able to harness the cooperation of the public as an alternative ruling party against the administration. The stake is the present economic progress of the country.

  6. Let’s get back why these things are happening. Haven’t all Filipinos realized that these are all by-products of either electoral scam made by candidates. I can’t blame our poor people to put themselves into that scam because of poverty. For them, what is important is their present no thoughts if future, and this is where our candidates dig into. I challenged all Filipinos to campaign for “truth in advertising” of educating our electorate. The media has a vital role for this campaign.

  7. Squid tactics of PNOY and i feel sorry for Juan dela Cruz kasi si Binay naman ang uupo and this time it’s not billion pesos budget, trillion na.


      THE ONLY PEOPLE TO BLAME IN THE MAMASAPANO ARE THE MILF & BIFF. They are still under the Philippine Law. These SAF went to catch the terrorists. MILF & BIFF are protecting terrorists how come Marwan and Usman are there. They should have surrendered them. Instead MILF & BIFF massacred the SAF. The SAF are doing there job. YOU KNOW THAT IF YOU JOIN THE MILITARY or POLICE you can be killed in a mission even you are on the streets. THE PNP officers have good intentions to arrest the terrorists but as THEY ARE ONLY HUMANS there are some mistakes. EVEN THE US HAVE A LOT OF MISTAKES IN IRAQ WAR but they do not hold the officials responsible. IN FALLEN 44 it is all the FAULT OF MILF so SCRAP as we said SCRAP THE BBL and bomb the whole Maguidanao to get rid of all those cockroaches.

  8. it has been predicted years ago that BS Aquino will declare martial law just to retain in control and in power (for LP and FreeMason).

  9. GooD. If this president can still sleep comfortably at night despite the nagging cries and screams of the victims’ relatives for justice to the fallen 44, I hope this threat will keep him awake 24/7 inside his rathole.

  10. Catalino Garcia on

    The Palace is not worried about this coup because they are busy preparing lies about the recent massacre by the MILF.

  11. Coup? another tactic of Pnoy and his bunch of TUTA to divert public attention and to get people’s sympathy. Pnoy is now in a deep shit and his bunch of SIPSIP must device a plan to get him out. This coup rumor is there own doing for Pnoy to declare national emergency. These TUTAs and SIPSIPs knows that when Pnoy is no longer in power, they will all go to jail together with their among tunay.

  12. I remember there was also a rumor about martial law and Ninoy Aquino like Miriam had information about it. But everybody said it was only a humor. Then martial law was suddenly declared by Pres. Marcos. Now which shall you belive the rumor that it is a rumor or what the senator Miriam said. Malalaman lang natin ang tutuo kong nangyari na.

  13. Reynaldo Bautista on

    This rumor of coup is a start of New Order… If I’m not mistaken a plan for Marshal Law to be propose by military personnel to implement before Pnoy to ousted. Think harder for all Pilipino.. Always on the alert mode…

  14. Haaaayyyy Nakuuuuu! on

    Hallucination, gimmick, suspicious, guilty, takot sa ginawang multo, praning na paranoid pa, at kung ano ano pa! Yan ang mga ugali ng mga yan…walang tulak kabigin: walang magawa sa puwesto kundi magpayaman. Magtaas ng taxes, magtaas ng pasahe, magtaas ng bilihin, magtaas ng tubig, magtaas ng kuryente, magpababa ng moral ng mga militar, magpababa ng suweldo sa mga mahihirap (kakampi ang mga mayayaman!)

  15. jose b. taganahan on

    I agree that there is a real coup plot and the coup plotters could be any or all of the following who will benefit the most if this incompetent President is forcefully removed from office:
    1: The perceived corrupt and power hungry VP Binay; who will succeed Pnoy in case the coup will be successful.
    2. Sen. Enrile; who will certainly be released from prison as soon as Pnoy is removed from power.
    3. GMA ; who will certainly be released from prison as soon as Pnoy is removed from power.

  16. chthonic monster on

    if/when the present govt. is deemed weak or in chaos rumours like this coup always comes up!

  17. Si Maam MIriam natural may nasagap na tsismis, PNoy henchmen naman were quick to pick it up.

    They see a very good diversionary topic! LOL. Kakagat kaya ang mga news media?

  18. In my humble knowledge of filipino history, we are categorized as “Tatlong T”, Either Tacut, Tanga, or Tuta, These categories has been proven in those peoples’ power we are so proud about, but the truth of the matter is, if there was no invisible foreign power behind,…Marcos, his dynasty would still be around. In the same token if those Drone we saw discovered in papers found in Samar and elsewhere were there to guide Marwan, would still be lecturing in Maguindanao together with Usman how to make bombs to realize the ISMM (Islamic State of Muslim MIndanao)

  19. Kalokohan, another palace ploy to gain sympathy at a time when public outrage is peaking. Maawa daw tayo mga netizens at kumampi sa kanila. Ano sila, sineswerte?

  20. Need a transition government with civilian/military to run the country,Abolish autonomous regions,try plunder and major drug cases in a military court,allout war against rebels,terrorist and lawless element is they dont surrender then election after.P-NOY government is now irrelevant for abandoning his men the SAF Police when they needed help after a successful operation in killing the #1 terrorist in SEA Malaysian Marwan in favor of MILF who massacred and mutilated his men.Treason being the MILF is still the enemy of the state even with the ceasefire.

  21. Roldan Guerrero on

    COUP is not necessary. Aquino himself should understand himself how incompetent and USELESS he is. He should voluntarily resign to avoid more tragedies the Filipinos will suffer as a result of his inability to discharge his functions properly.He has been sitting pretty for 5 years now, making wrong decissions on crucial undertakings last of which , his mishandling of the Mamasapano carnage. He made the Filipinos into substandard class within the international community. AQUINO IS A DISGRACE FOR THE FILIPINO PEOPLE AND MOST OF ALL TO OUR BELOVED COUNTRY, THE PHILIPPINES!

  22. Why not say who these so-called usual suspects are and also say that they have not been seen, as Cerbo says in this report, to be plotting anything and that Sen. Miriam Santiago has been misinformed by her sources?
    Maawa naman kayo sa taumbayan. Help us analyze where our country stands more honestly and more clearly–by being truthful and honest. That is your sworn duty to God and to the people.

    • Palutang Lang yan Ng mga takot at sipsip ke panot na ayaw mawala Sa pesto..a.slam nila Ng galit Na galit Na ang taumbayan Sa kanila…..the coup will just happen..like a thief in the night…..kahit anong bantay pa ang gawin nila ….ganyan Lang Nyman yang mega opportunistang mega yan page alam Na nilang pabor Na Sa isang partido eh a..paring mga hunyangong magsisipaglipatan Ng bakod…..

  23. The death of 44 SAF members is used as reason for coup. It is a good smoke screen to cover the real motives of the plotters. This is not of course to say that the death of the 44 SAF members is not a legitimate issue. They are. But coup?

  24. armando flores on

    This coup talks is purely propaganda designed to deflect the burning issue related to the massacre of the 44 SAF. Aquino and his yellows are adept in manufacturing events and lies to cover-up their misdeeds. If aquino desires to stop and put an end to that tragedy being attributed to him as commander in-chief and actual planner of that SAF operation, he should copy Angelo Reyes.

  25. vagoneto rieles on

    The President certainly was not counting on blowing away reports on the PDAF and the Makati-Over-pricing scams from the newspapers; but this is exactly what happened when he himself became the news. Thanks to the Mamasapano fiasco. Over the past four weeks now, President Aquino and his PNP Chief General Purisima have become ‘Exibits A’ in all news releases, so much so that all other newsworthy topics hardly get any space in the ‘papers’ or air time on TV. Now, with little to no-reportage about Napoles, Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla, Juan Ponce Enrile..and Jejomar & Junjun Binay, some unseemly alliances could be hatched, to strengthen their defenses, and defeat what was a very strong case against them. These cases are now, possible ‘collateral damage’, thanks to the Mamasapano fiasco. Are they?

    • You hit the nail right on its head. Aquino has been stirring the hornet’s nest of corruption. These wealthy, powerful, and well-connected corrupt politicians and personalities are in jeopardy of loosing their stream on ill-gotten wealth and threatened with jail time. He has very little room for error or incompetence as these scroundels will try to exploited every possible weakness of the administration to maintain the status quo.