Coup plotters woo military officers


THE Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Sunday admitted that some officials in the previous administration were among those plotting to overthrow the government and have been courting military officers.
These personalities, according to Col. Restituto Padilla, AFP spokesman, are reportedly recruiting some officers to support the planned takeover of government.
“I am not in possession of the reports that deal on this. However, talk within military circles say that a number of them have served in previous administrations and have pushed various reform agendas previously as cover for their efforts,” Padilla said.
He however belittled the plot, citing the “high degree of dedication and professionalism” of the AFP.
“We firmly believe all these efforts will fail. First, because of the high degree of dedication and professionalism of our AFP today. Second is that majority of our citizens no longer buy these kind of efforts and easily see through it’s real intent which is that all these are political in nature with an end view for 2016, and third, the administration still enjoys a high degree of support,” the military official emphasized.
Padilla said any attempt to oust the president will not succeed without the support of the military. He added that the incident in Mamasapano, Maguindanao that left 44 members of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) dead could not be used as a basis for a destabilization plot.
“Yung ginawa ng presidente ay hindi ilegal, tandaan natin yun, hindi sya ilegal. Legal na operasyon yun. I’ts the manner by which it was carried out and the president does not go into details, if you are the commander in chief you don’t go into details,” he pointed out. Fernan Marasigan


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  1. President Benigno S. Aquino, has to resign as he is liable for the failed mission, as commander in chief, he has neglected the safety of his PNP-SAF men’ by not coordinating the support command. He is a failure president that even within his organization there’s competition and in a survival status that there’s no trust with each other. So the condition is very dangerous that correction is necessary and the re-organization of the government is very important for the welfare of the Pilipino people.

  2. Protacio J Corate on

    I have been a die hard follower of Aquino from his father whom I met in Boston many years ago till now. I now totally lost my confidence and trust on him. As C.I.CHIEF OF THE AFP he willfully violated the moral and integrity of the AFP. He deliberately, intentionally, willfully left the brave PNP SAF 44 “WITHOUT” help and support, the entire day, until they were dead, in complete silence out of ammunition. Worst, they were butchered point blank. I will answer “why”!,,, because he became so engrossly scared to lose his legacy about this rotten peace process scams of the muslims BBL. before he retire from politics. Very simple. I am not an intellectual person but I have brain, conscience, integrity and values. I dont want him to resign, as I am scared of “more anomalous” Binay to become the president. That`s all. SAF 44, Rest In Peace brave soldiers. Rest in peace.