Couple adopts native seedlings as a pledge to rainforest

Newly-married couple Ricky and Rachel Umali adopted seedlings from Buhay Punlaan to celebrate their wedding

Newly-married couple Ricky and Rachel Umali adopted seedlings from Buhay Punlaan to celebrate their wedding

SOMETIME in 2006, Ricky and Rachel Umali met in a student boarding school in Singapore. They started to date a year after. Eventually they discovered that they share the same values. Both enjoy quiet walks in the gardens while exploring the different types of plants and flowers in Singapore Botanic Gardens and Hortpark. Both also are active recycling advocates and lead in their company’s green activities.

After eight years of being a couple, they finally decided to tie the knot at Madre de Dios Chapel, Tagaytay Highlands. The wedding theme was “spring” because for them, this signified their love that blossomed over the years and a celebration of their new life together.

Rachel shares, “From the very start of our wedding planning, my husband and I wanted to make our wedding as meaningful as possible and give a gift that would last a lifetime. We both realized that our environment needs help. We wanted to help reduce the negative effect of climate change, especially for our future children. By adopting seedlings, we hope to help reduce carbon footprint. Adopting seedlings was also in line with our nature-themed wedding.”

Indeed the couple adopted 12 native seedlings from Haribon Foundation in its Road to 2020 campaign, an environmental conservation movement to restore one million hectares of Philippine forests using native tree species by year 2020.

It aims to implement the rainforestation technology or the planting of indigenous tree species in order to recover and conserve biodiversity, optimize our supply of forest benefits and ecosystem services, reduce the risk of natural hazards, and enhance options for sustainable livelihood. For each adopted seedling, the sponsor can get an Animalaya card, an art and illustrations card depicting biodiversity.

The 12 adopted seedlings represented the 12 wedding guest tables so each had their own Haribon’s Animalaya card. Rachel adds, “With the cards placed on each guest table, we could raise awareness and encourage our guests to do the same.”

“We hoped that our wedding left a lasting impression on every guest and that future brides and grooms would also use their wedding to make a difference in our world, be it to the environment or any charitable cause,” Rachel ends.

Act. Make an Impact. Support Haribon. To join Haribon’s Adopt-A-Seedling, Nurture-A-Seedling programs, and Tree Planting Activities, call 421-1209 or e-mail to make a donation today.


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