Court freezes Napoles assets


The government is working on the forfeiture of the assets of the key respondents in the pork barrel scam that include Janet Lim-Napoles, Benhur Luy, Ruby Tuason, and Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Chairwoman Zenaida Ducut.

The Manila Regional Trial Court (RTC) issued a Provisional Asset Preservation Order (PAPO) covering the bank accounts and properties of the personalities implicated in the scheme, acting on a petition filed by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC).

The Manila Times obtained a copy of the 20-page order signed by Executive Judge Marino dela Cruz of the Manila RTC Branch 22, who said there is probable cause that the assets of those implicated were illegally acquired.

The PAPO forbids “any transaction, transfer, removal, conversion, concealment or other disposition of the subject bank accounts, monetary instruments, motor vehicles and real properties, effective for a period of 20 days from the respective dates of service to the respondents or any person acting in their behalf and upon each covered bank accounts or monetary instruments in the banks or financial institutions.”

Dela Cruz said there is probable cause “that the subject bank accounts, monetary instruments, motor vehicles and real properties are related to unlawful activities that may constitute plunder, bribery, which are unlawful activities or predicate crimes under Sec. 3 of RA 9160, which warrants the issuance of a Provisional Asset Preservation Order [PAPO].”

The court ordered the AMLC to assist in implementing the said order.
It set the hearing on the asset preservation on March 7.

In its petition, AMLC included other members of Napoles family: Jo Christine, Jaime Garcia, James Christopher, Jeane Catherine, Catherine Lim, John Christian Lim.
The council will examine the bank accounts of Abundant Harvest For People’s Foundation Inc, Agricultura Para sa Magbubukid Foundation, Bukirin Tanglaw Foundation, Countrywide Agricultural and Rural Economic Development Foundation, A Smile Foundation, JCLN Global Properties Devt. Corp., JCLN Real Estate Consortium Inc., JLN Construction and Devt. Corp., JLN Corp. Jo-Christine Trading and ZNAC Rubber Estate Corp. and several other organizations linked to Napoles.

The council said Napoles maintained accounts in Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Citibank, Bank of Philippine Islands, Land Bank of the Philippines, Banco De Oro, Insular Bank, Metrobank, United Coconut Planters Bank and Air Materiel Wing Inc.


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  1. Claro Apolinar on

    Can’t the Judiciary also go after Sec. Abad and his key mn and women in Malacanang’s Department of Budget and Management?

  2. But don’t forget the congressmen and senators who got kickbacks from money relased to fake NGOs by Sec. Abad and his DBM assistants.

  3. Why is our government alway so slow & so late in taking action? Most money may have already gone! And by the way, how about the assets of those crooks in the Senate & Congress? Are they too “big” to handle? In North Korea recently, even the uncle of Kim, a very high gov’t official, was dragged out in a national meeting for alleged corruption & treason. Can you imagine if this can happen in our country? In your dream or wildest imagination!

  4. This should have been done before. Now have the Heritage niches check because cold cash have been stored there in bags for the husband to use and move around and spend to live while Janet is languishing in jail (not coming out at all).

  5. Her assets could have already been realigned. Why is her husband and even brother not arrested yet?