• Court gags Philippines, Pacquiao in tax war


    (By Agence France-Presse, Breaking News, December 5, 2013)

    It’s unfair for the BIR being ordered gag. It’s more fair to let the gag order be thrown to Paquioa because this brain damage politician doesn’t understand the Phil Taxation Law and he uses the Media to gather sympathy and the victims of Yolanda for his personal interest. I’m just wondering why did he talk in the media that the BIR has no basis in his 2.2 Billion Tax Liabilities.

    OMG! This only shows what kind of a Tongressman and a Lawmaker he is. Lets see if you can win this battle of the mind base on our Law. Shame on you Pacman you don’t understand what you are saying. Better stay in congress 5 days a week to learn how to draft a bill and don’t depend on your battalion staffs to think for you because you are elected and what happened to your pork barrel?

    Noel Garcia, noelgarcia@yahoo.com


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