Cowards, self-seeking men surrounded Aquino on Jan 25


THE public has learned that the de facto president of our country, BS Aquino, knew about the situation of our PNP-SAF commandos in Mamasapano from very early in the morning of Jan 25. We have also learned that the behavior he exhibited during those hours are symptoms of a severe psychological and psychiatric ailment.

Many have now come to realize that this mental, psychological and psychiatric disorder of BS Aquino seized him, too, when he faced other crises. The first of these was the horrible death of Chinese-Hong Kong citizens who had come as tourists in August 2010 when a crazed dismissed ex-policeman took over their tourist bus.

Now we should also realize that the high officials and military men who were with him all day on that tragic Jan 25 Sunday were cowards and self-seeking persons. They were people who did not deserve to be in the high offices they occupied.

Self-seeking men are those who are always concerned only about getting what they want or need. They don’t give a damn about what happens to others–people, families, society, institutions, our nation, our Republic.

The men who were with BS Aquino that day were cowards. They were afraid to discuss the bitter fate of our PNP-SAF companies with him. They could not raise the boldness to speak up to BS Aquino and urge him to act like a decisive commander-in-chief. They did not have the kindness in their heart to say something to the Boss that might have saved our Fallen 44 SAF commandos.

And they were also self-seeking men. They chose to avoid being shouted at by Aquino. They were protecting themselves from being in Aquino’s bad books and suffer personal consequences as a result. They cared more to keep Aquino calm and comfortable in his apparently insane state of denial than to do something for the sake of the PNP-SAF commandos. They chose not to risk looking bad in the eyes of BS Aquino (“baka mapasama pa sila”) by suggesting to the commander-in-chief something that could have helped save the lives of our 44 Fallen SAF Heroes.

Covering up for Aquino and themselves
Now. these cowards and self-seeking men, in their testimonies at the Senate and House hearings, have continued to collaborate with BS Aquino in covering up his and their own crime of not doing anything that might have changed the fate of the Fallen 44.

The latest strategy in the campaign to absolve BS Aquino of being responsible for the death of the 44 SAF Heroes is to portray suspended and resigned Chief of PNP Alan Purisima as the real top commander of Operation Exodus who lied to Aquino about the true situation in Mamasapano.

This new narrative tells the tale that Purisima’s lie made de facto President Aquino believe reinforcements were actually aiding the doomed PNP-SAF company. Therefore, Aquino did not have to do anything about the matter. Therefore, he should not be berated and made to account for not taking a single step to save the lives of our Fallen 44 Heroes.

Also, therefore, the cowards and self-seeking men who were with him all day that tragic Sunday should not be criticized for not making the smallest sound about that horrible tragedy up to very late in the day.

That is sheer BULL!

By 1:00 p.m. our Fallen 44 Heroes were all dead.

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas, AFP Chief of Staff Gregorio Catapang—BS Aquino’s highest security officials—were with him from 9 a.m.

Roxas (according to his testimony in the Senate) at 8:30 a.m. sent Aquino a message about the problem the SAF commandos were facing. But after that Roxas did not talk with Aquino about this very serious matter until that evening.

Gazmin, Roxas and Catapang all said Aquino never asked them for advise on how to rescue the pinned-down PNP-SAF commandos.

And they did not offer any, cowards and self-seeking men as they are.


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  1. Honorable yellow senators and congressman cannot withdraw support from Aquino due to the fact that they can dectate terms with him at will until election time.

  2. Yes, indeed Roxas, Gazmin, Catapang, were first rate cowards and much more very insensitive for not asserting themselves over Aquino in order to save the lives of the beleaguered SAF commandos. By acting like Aquino, it’s really unfortunate for this country to be governed by idiots. What is very sad is these congressmen, inspite of their constitutional duty to impeach this grossly incompetent, liar and author of several impeachable offenses president, unabashedly stick like leeches to Aquino. In the eyes of other countries, an idiot unfortunately rules over 100 million dumb Filipinos. What made this seeming paradox? The answer: the ruling elite and oligarchs doesn’t mind if their puppet is mad and an incompetent president as long as their business and economic interests are being preserved and protected.

  3. Vicente Penetrante on

    “Birds of the same feather flock together.” All self-seekers! Frozen when action is needed.

  4. Because we have all of the top brass together while the operations went from bad, to worse, to disaster, we can see they are not fit to be in their positions. They are certainly not leaders and not commanders. We have a bunch of political men in charge of our security.

  5. Perhaps the people will elect a man that can make tough decisions in the next election. There is such a man on Mindanao. He may be a bit rough around the edges but he is honest and has a big heart for the Philippine people. A strong leader might just be what the country needs.

  6. Of course all these self-seeking men knows that Aquino does not want to hurt or engage in a war with the MILF or else his dream legacy will be for naught. Hence, rescue was never called, kaya sila Gen Catapang, Gen Guerrero at Gen Pangilinan nanigas na lang sa ka-hihintay ng order for rescue. Kawawa naman itong mga generals hindi nagampanan ang kanilang mga tungkulin dahil lang sa ambisyon ng isang presidente. Kawawa din ang mga namatay na SAF 44, 18 na mga armed groups at dalawang sibilyan.

    • hindi ako sangayon sa iyo na kawawa ang mga heneral at si boy pickup dahil sa kahihintay nila ng utos ni boy sisi. sila dapat ang nagbukas ng usapan dahil buhay ng maraming pulis ang nakataya at hindi dapat sila nagpaligoy-ligoy. ang masama nilang ginawa, sa tingin ko, ay magsinungaling under oath sa imbestigasyon ng senado. sa timeline na ibinigay nila ay kontra sa mga sinabi ni boy sisi. halatang nagsisinungaling sila para pagtakpan si boy sisi. it looks like that the generals’ and boy pickup’s loyalty is to boy sisi and not the country

  7. Ruben V. Calip on

    Aquno should step down and with him these cowards and self-seeking men in the cabinet–and the other corrupt and dishonest and liars who are Aquino’s closest aides.

  8. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Not only are they cowards but incompetent as well and that includes the person they surround. They are there to take advantage of an inexperience and TWA boss. God bless the Philippines.

  9. Ito, ito, at ito ba ang mga tao na inilatag ninyo as your national Leaders??????
    What a sorry ass third world political and super economic country a Philippines we have???? No fucking wonder we remain as backward and the sick man of Asia…..

  10. Funny one is named Catapang. Di naman pala matapang…he he. Palit na lang sya ng name. Pede Catacot

  11. Sa kaso ni Pnoy di na kailangan ang people power o coup d’etat.It maybe absurd to say pero by now kilala nang mga senador at congressmen at iba pang high ranking officials ang pagkatao at kakayanan ng pangulo. All they need to do is Balimbing Power…meaning withraw their support for the beloved but beleagured President Aquino. I think they owe it to the people to do this…..Mr. Aquino has to be relieved of his duties…pls..pls..pls…

    • Kung gusto mo siya bumitiw sa pagiging Presidente sa iyo lang yon at wag mo ako isali kasi sa akin gusto ko pa siya makatapos ng termino nya para maayos na mailipat sa naboto bago presidente ang kapayarihan ng office of the President. Part din ako ng tao bayan pero di tayo magkatulad ng iniisip.

  12. Yes those with PNoy on that fatal day were all collaborators with the purpose of absolving their boss from guilt in the massacre. Well, collaborators are very familiar to the Aquino’s, in fact. Let us remember that his grandfather, Ninoy’s father was a Japanses collaborator during the 2nd World War.

  13. The mis-steps, blunders and pronouncements, during and after disasters and calamities, of this siting president showed psychological problem and mental abnormality, Particularly, his insensitivity to distressful situations, especially those affecting the poorest of the poor, has evinced a lot about him. He is. by no means, sincere and mature enough to lead and govern. The results of his governance after 4 years, are the “proofs of the pudding” and not what his yellow staffers claim. Mistakes unchecked will always have adverse repercussions.

    I really wonder how a non-performing legislator (congressman or senator) can be the highest official of the land. But then, again, they say, “onli n da Pilipins”. Sad, sad!.

  14. sonny dela cruz on

    I am saddened to know that the filipino people doesn’t care much of what’s happening in their government. Maybe they don’t even care if the Philippines will be break-up into pieces, because I am sure the BBL will be approve by the congress as directed by President Aquino. It’s too bad, they lost their patriotism.