• CPP and Balikatan


    The Communists are denouncing the Balikatan Exercises with the United States. They claim that the words “humanitarian mission” and “disaster response”—which are the main focus of the exercises, really true, correct and will be done in its true meaning and sense—are merely labels to hide the real Balikatan goal of boosting the b
    US military presence.

    The Communist Party of the Philippines claims Balikatan is only being used as a cover to the recent “enhanced military cooperation” and other such agreements which the Communists say are unlawful. There will be 2,500 troops from the United States which will join the 30th Balikatan exercises starting on May 5, 2014.  The places for Balikatan exercises are Pampanga, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Albay, Palawan, Leyte and some others.

    The CPP criticism is uncalled for.  The exercises have proven beneficial to Filipinos especially during the last supertyphoon “Yolanda” where the Americans and the trained Filipino soldiers who answered the call were better trained, equipped and prepared for effective disaster response.  It was made easier for rescue and relief operations by the government because the soldiers, volunteers and government agencies were quick to react and knew what to do and what priorities should be met.

    The CPP should stop maligning the US. It is no secret that even in their so-called NPA  controlled territories, even they themselves have benefited from the Balikatan through its medical, dental and veterinary activities initiated by US soldiers for the communities.  It is not right to stop the Balikatan and misinterpret its good intentions for our people.  If the CPP can’t say anything good, they should just keep quiet.

    Benny M. Toledo
    Tarlac City


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    1. Regardless of what CCP/NPA do, they still have the same right as everybody else, freedom of speech is enshrine in the Philippine constitution, AS A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY. However, I wish that they just give up their struggle, and come down from the mountain and join their brothers/sisters , run for office and contribute to improve the lives of our poor people. We need their advocacy to help the very poor among us. Will freedom of speech be preserved should CCP/NPA becomes the government in RP?

    2. Mang Karpio on

      CPP, NPA, MILF, etc…what have they done to their community or nation? what contributions for humanitarian other than killing innocent peopel with the due process of the law. I don’t like quoting a deceased US president but in simple terms that we can use is don’t ask what the Philippines can do for you but ask what you can for your country. You want our support then be supportive of our needs! Do some infrastructuring and education to rural areas. Watch and learn from the missionaries. They do it for nothing but what they believe in and yet you kidnap them hoping that you’ll get a high monetary exchange for each of them. Stupid as stupid as they come with no cure for retard.

    3. CPP does not denounced China’s illegal takeover of Spratley Islands. The group is obviously financed by Chinese. CPP are not true Filipinos.