• CPP backs Pyongyang’s nuke program


    The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) on Thursday backed North Korea’s nuclear program and called President Rodrigo Duterte “a tool for US foreign aggression” after he called North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un a fool for conducting missile tests.

    In a statement, the CPP said Duterte was a “buffoon” like US President Donald Trump and had no right to call Kim a maniac, pointing to the Philippine leader’s bloody war on drugs that it said had killed thousands of Filipinos.

    “The Party fully supports the right of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to develop its weapons system, including nuclear weapons, ICBMs and anti-drone technology, as a deterrent against US military aggression,” the CPP said.

    “The DPRK’s nuclear weapons and capability at striking back is its only assurance against suffering the same fate as Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and other countries which became victims of US aggression and transformed into US colonial wastelands.”

    “The Party joins the North Korean people in condemning US threats of invasion against their country,” it added.

    Duterte called the North Korean leader a “maniac” who was “playing with dangerous toys” on Wednesday in a televised speech, ahead of a regional meeting to be attended by North Korea’s foreign minister.

    Ramon Carbonell Jr.


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