CPP ceasefire declared too late – Dureza


The National Democratic Front-Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (NDF-CPP-NPA) declared its own ceasefire but several hours after President Rodrigo Duterte had revoked the government’s unilateral truce.

Nevertheless, Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza welcomed the move of the communist group.

“After President Duterte ordered last night the lifting of the government’s unilateral ceasefire, the leadership of the CPP/NPA/NDF announced through the media its belated but still strategic and awaited decision to also declare its own unilateral ceasefire,” Dureza said Sunday. “Indeed, this is a welcome development. It affirms the value of the President’s firm actions for peace. This is what we have been waiting for.”

Duterte warned he would lift the ceasefire if the CPP and NPA did not reciprocate the move by 5 p.m. on Saturday. The ultimatum was issued after communist rebels attacked the government militias on Wednesday in Davao del Norte, killing one of them and injuring others.

Duterte lifted the ceasefire at 5 p.m. on Saturday. The CPP announced its own ceasefire at 8 p.m.

Dureza said the President’s declaration of a ceasefire is proof that he is willing to “walk the extra mile for peace.”

“And no doubt, he will still continue to do so at any given opportunity,” he stressed.

The Cabinet will continue discuss the ceasefire in a meeting Monday.

“I will make my corresponding recommendations to the President and the whole cabinet tomorrow during the scheduled cabinet meeting in the afternoon,” the peace adviser said in a statement Sunday. He said the Cabinet “will deliberate on their next steps” today.

Dureza earlier said the lifting of the ceasefire will not affect the peace negotiations between the government and the NDF which is set to start on August 20 in Norway.

“We have to stay the course, however bumpy and difficult the road may be,” he said.

However, the lifting of the ceasefire did not sit well with Jose Maria Sison, founder of the CPP, who accused Duterte of being a “bully.”

Sison said Duterte’s order revoking the ceasefire came before rebels could declare their own truce to reciprocate the government’s ceasefire.

Sison, in exile in The Netherlands, said Duterte has no power over the CPP or NPA.

“Well, he gave a warning, and he did it (lift the ceasefire). But he should not think that he can just order the Communist Party of the Philippines, New People’s Army and National Democratic Front of the Philippines around,” Sison said.

“The President is too volatile. He has just been elected and now he is seemingly kicking his own negotiators, now he is acting like the direct negotiator. I can’t do anything is he withdraws and the revolutionary leaders in the Philippines will decide not to carry out the ceasefire. Duterte showed that he wants war if his wish is not granted, he thinks he has servants that he can order around,” Sison said in a television interview.



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  1. Dapat Na formalize Na muna yung mechanism Sa Peace Talk Sa CPP-NPA bago nag declare ng unilateral ceasefire para wala ng enkwentro mangyari Sa AFP at NPA. Kaso nauna yung bunganga kaysa yung papel Kaya ganyan nagyari. Kung baga walang basis at Sa bunganga lamang lumabas. Sa akin palagay ko babawiin ni President Duterte yung sinabi Nya Na wala ng Unilateral Ceaefire Sa CPP-NPA. Pero diko gusto yung pambabastos ni Joma Sison Sa atin pangulo Sa TV Patrol News.

  2. President Duterte walk extra for peace when ordered the unilateral ceasefire but the NDF/CPP/NPA didn’t reciprocate with theirs so the ceasefire was lifted. Jose Maria Sison comments is irrelevant. He founded an renegade organization and expect the to be treated like a gentleman when in fact his men just ambushed and killed one of the CAFGU and wounded others after President Duterte delared unilateral ceasefire. There has been an existing war already in placed but just temporarilly suspended for the sake of peace thats not being a bully or too volatile thats being presidentials. That was a showcased on the part of President Duterte and yours was not a showcase but poor judgement.

  3. Duterte is a fool to deal with Ma. Sison on a peace talk. His arrogance is appaling to say the least. He is a convicted murderer and a leader of a terrorist group yet he talks like he’s got the upper hand on this planned negotiation. It’ll be a total failure of the Duterte administration to extend an olive branch to a known traitor like Sison. Shaking hands with this guy is like shaking hands with Communist China.

  4. Stop Mr. Sison. What is wrong of reciprocating it as within the hours he prescribed and or immediately when he said and announced it–why wait for couple of minutes–you will declare it anyway. What’s holding back–if both parties already on talking terms. Is that phone calls and sending emissaries earlier not “clear enough” of the man’s intentions. And now you are press relating, he is a bully. Wow!!