• Crazy about pizzas


    orosaWhen you have kids who live for pizza dinners, you learn to be more adventurous about the places you take them too. Fortunately, apart from the usual pizza places we’ve been to, there have been some surprising new places to enjoy this classic Italian staple.

    The most recent addition to Manila’s dining choices is Project Pie.

    Project Pie has built its very first franchise in Asia and purports to offer a different pizza experience to its customers. With individual serving sizes of pizza, you can put in as many toppings as you want.

    Pizzas can be a choice of either “Order by the Number” (which involves choosing recommended combinations) or the “Create-your-own” version. Each option costs below P300 per pizza. Thus, every pizza is uniquely individual for each customer.

    The good part is the pizza crust which turns out crisp and burnt-around-the-edges, since it is baked in a hot, brick oven. For starters, you might want to put a base of gorgonzola, feta and other cheese toppings to add a twist to your own pizza creations. Pizzas in Project Pie are best eaten fresh from the oven though.

    The other charming pizzeria is C’s in Angeles Pampanga with its famous rolled pizzas called panizzas. After C’s panizzas got so popular other pizza chains followed suit. So, how does one eat a panizza? Quite simply by rolling thin slices of panizza with arugula leaves and alfalfa sprouts and sprinkling chili oil to put a little kick into every bite.

    The novelty of driving to Clark just for C’s made dining at C’s even more exciting as one would dine within its dimly-lit alcoves. Besides the panizzas though, their menu has a wide array of main courses to choose from.

    Nowadays, you need not drive as far as Pampanga for C’s as it recently opened its outlet in Pasig. But if you’re craving for panizza, Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla version is quite delightful as well.

    Another more upscale option for pizzas that may be on the pricey end is Café Carusso on Reposo St. in Makati. With its brick oven pizzas, Café Carusso creates pizzas as close to the recipes of pizzerias in the streets of Italy.

    You might also drop by Puccini’s at the Fort if you’d like to have a taste of a similar classic Italian version. With cheese oozing out, almost sliding off the crust and fresh tomatoes, the pizzas at Café Carusso and Puccini are perfect for those evening dates over a bottle of wine.

    Besides these two restaurants, however, is one we’ve trusted for the longest time—Trattoria Gourmet in Shangrila Mall which offers delectable pizza selections as well.

    Recently though, we’ve been surprised by a local pizzeria called Handuraw in Merville. Handuraw has thin-crust pizzas that are worth trying. Their most popular classic selections—Margherita and Garlic Cheese flavors can even be combined into one pizza. Imagine getting the best of both worlds in one pan.

    Then of course, there’s also the reliable trusted favorite DiMarks Pizza for a taste of the crispy, thicker crust kind. Local and original, DiMarks has been around for decades and you might want to try our favorites—the Sardine pizza and the Don Arturo Pizza—both more subtle in flavor.

    DiMarks pizza is a throwback to pizzas in the late 70s long before Greenwich was a franchise and when Magoos’ square pizzas were in fashion. Besides, DiMarks is till the only place where till now, you’ll still find Mad 22 (with 22 ingredients) and Taco Pizza still on the menu.

    And so, if you’re craving for a bite into a fantastic crisp crust anytime soon, try out any of these places for your pizza fix.


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