Create a natural refuge for biodiversity


How does one transform your own garden, the garden at your children’s school or on your company’s premises—into a natural refuge for biodiversity?

Refuse to use chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Help spontaneous vegetation grow in a corner of the garden and practice late mowing which makes it possible for plant species to reproduce and diversify and creates a shelter for many animals.

Set up a pond or preserve a dead tree (its cavities can host a variety of animals), leave a log pile or a pile of stones for small mammals, amphibians and various invertebrates.

Diversify a hedge with indigenous species. Plant bee-foraging plants, which attract large numbers of insects as well as bees.

SOURCE: 52 Actions for Biodiversity. The original version of this document was published in 2009 under the title “366 gestes pour la biodiversite” and “366 tips voor de biodiversiteit”. Copyright 2009 Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.


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