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One of the many things I adore about the one of a kind generation I’m in is the fact that we seem to embrace diversity. Diversity was once a foreign concept during the Britney Spears era where everyone talked alike and dressed alike.

Today, with so much more information readily available, my generation seems to be more open about speaking about the things that they are passionate about. The rise of technology has created a bolder generation who are unafraid to pursue what they are passionate about. We live to fuel our passions and this is why I often feel fortunate to be right smack in the middle of a time such as this one.

What amazes me also is the fact that communities are built based on similar passions and one of the most thriving communities to rise in the country today belongs to the arts. In fact, communities today are able to fuse digital landscapes that were not possible before by looking at opportunities and fully maximizing them.

One of these communities is called Art Trade MNL, founded by my dear cousin IZ Lacson. Talented and creative from the moment we were kids, it’s not surprising to me to see IZ excel in a field he was obviously born for.

Art Trade MNL is the country’s premiere events company that pioneers art trading as an event where artists and art enthusiasts both young and old can inspire, create, share, and trade, and receive love in the form of wonderful works of art. What started as IZ’s desire to collect artworks from his friends has transformed into a community that fuels the art community through collaboration together with other visionaries AbbieDemavivas, Lemon Cruz, and Noah Ambrosio.

For IZ, the vision is simple, “The greatest goal is to break down barriers, especially elitism, especially for the arts in the country. We just wanted to create a community that supports, motivates, and inspires each and every artist and to create opportunities where even the least confident and most introverted people can build their own network that will propagate their craft.”

As an artist, IZ understands the challenges of being an artist in the country, “There are a lot of misconceptions about being an artists. Most people still view it as a “hobby” of some sort, but I believe that together, Art Trade MNL can overcome those misconceptions and help artists be profitable and have sustainability.”

IZ believes that a support system makes all the difference, especially since this is one he is blessed with, “Fortunately, I have the support of my loving family. My family has always been inclined towards the arts and I would like to extend that same support through ART Trade MNL.”

It is projects such as this one that makes me believe in the power of leaning in together, whatever gender or social class, the importance of collaboration makes all the difference in the world.

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