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    Travelling today is very much part of the Filipino lifestyle, what with millennials firing up the so-called experiential age.

    Moreover, they have redefined the concept of travel, to go beyond a typical vacation (i.e. sightseeing and relaxation) to an out and out adventure.

    These in mind, a 100-percent Filipino company designed and released a mobile application where users can plan and purchase “how to get there” and “where to stay,” but also connect them with suppliers of unique activities to make the most of their trip.

    Called Bliimo, the app’s foremost goal is to allow travelers to personalize their itineraries from start to finish by selecting from a pool of unique experiences via hassle-free booking and real-time transaction updates.

    Social media influencers Dani Barretto and Issa Pressman try out the unique activities of Subic’s Inflatable Island at the Bliimo app launch

    Moreover, additional features are sure to appeal to millennials including a tab that allows users to create their very own bucket list; a “game-ified” design that encourages adventure-seekers to plot their goals and turn them to accomplishments; and finally, a component where users can simply tag their friends to view their plans and hopefully entice them to come along.

    “For us, traveling is not a commercial thing—it’s very personal. What we have in mind is empowering the user to make their own choices—decide where they want to go, what they want to do, and what they want to happen, within a schedule they built themselves,” Ronn Mitchell Esguerra, founder and CEO of Bliimo said to The Manila Times during the app’s launch at Inflatable Island, Subic, Zambales.

    Developed over a year to ensure the app satisfies both user and partner experiences, Bliimo forged ties with diverse merchants across the country to satisfy the most adventurous of travelers.

    From left) Bliimo co-founders James Leonard Cruz, Ronn Mitchell Esguerra and Jesus Paolo Montero

    “We give users the whole spectrum—if they want to from a backpacker-type experience and rough it out, or book a five-star experience complete with a helicopter ride,” James Leonard Cruz, co-founder and chief revenue officer elaborated.

    “We’ve been going around the country, literally visiting far flung provinces to discover new places and merchants that can provide unique experiences. To date, we already have close to 400 activities ready for booking as of this interview,” he added.

    The app also has an online marketplace that levels the e-commerce playing field to allow smaller players such as the everyday mamangka to offer their island-hopping experience. Users are guaranteed they will get the real deal even within this feature because only merchants with government permits are accepted on the app. In other words, Bliimo is protected from scammers.

    The mobile app allows travelers to personalize their itineraries from a pool of unique experiences

    “What we want to give our users is a seamless experience both in using the app and more importantly their actual getaway, while at the same time providing the merchants not just business, but free analytics too. Because through Bliimo they will know how many people bucket-listed them and booked them, receive analysis on why people picked them, as well as show them the revenue they make on a daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly, basis,” Esguerra furthered.

    “In doing so we will be able to help them improve their businesses, boost the Philippine tourism industry and ultimately contribute to a healthy economy, all while keeping travelers happy.”

    Finally, co-founder and chief technology officer Jesus Paolo Montero, summed up their product by saying, “The app was built in order for Filipinos to truly enjoy traveling around the country, aware that we still have a long way to go in improving our travel and tourism industry. Hopefully this will be a first step in traveling now without the usual hassles we encounter, all based on the travelers personal choices.”


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