• Creative ways to celebrate V-Day


    VALENTINE’S DAY offers exciting ways to express emotions for the loved ones. Maybe one of these tips will inspire those who are not yet ready how to make their love day special.

    Be at your best clothes
    Valentine is a special day so dress up in your finest. Whether you reserve in a posh restaurant or just prepared your meal together—dressing up will surely make the love date a special occasion.

    Ask her to marry you on Valentine’s Day
    There’s no time like Valentine’s Day to propose to the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Think of how to make your proposal one of the happiest moments in your journey to forever.

    Personalize card is romantic
    Create your own card. Use your own words to describe the person you’re giving it to or write a poem or a note of appreciation.

    Fill a special box with Valentine notes
    Express your love by writing sweet notes and promises to your other half or boyfriend and placing them in a special box. You can put a note that says “This note is good for three kinds of hugs and kisses,” “Good for back massage,” or just notes to show how much you love him like “You’re the best gift I received from God.” Make the notes special by rolling them and tying different kinds of ribbon.

    Vacation galore
    Surprise your loved one with a day off and spend time with her. Prepare her breakfast and have lunch in her favorite restaurant then reserve a spa treatment with her. Ask your kids to prepare dinner for both of you after.

    Quality time is still the best time
    Valentine’s Day is also for family and friends. Make time with them by involving them in the preparation so all of you will have a grand time enjoying each other’s company. May be a grand dinner prepared by everybody then a game where you will share your most fondest moment last year.

    Outdoor activities with the family
    Pack favorite foods and goodies and go for a picnic with the family outside the city. Bonding during Valentine’s day is perfect.

    Love others on this day
    The story of St. Valentine is inspirational. He gave up his life to be of service to his country so this is the day for others too. Try to make good deeds to others even you don’t know them like visiting sick people in the hospital or home for the aged. Just make an appointment with the hospital or the institution before doing this with family or friends.

    Friends day too
    It’s usually called a day for lovers but you can alter this because it can also be a day to show your love to your friends. A party would be a perfect occasion to bond with them.

    Single people have the right to celebrate
    Being single is not a curse, it’s also blessing to others. Resist the pressure and be happy listing all the benefits of being single and make this day “me time’ day where you will pamper yourself with activities you’ve been dreaming to have for a long time like going to a salon and spa.

    Celebrate love on February 14 and beyond. Remember love should be celebrated every day not only on Valentine’s Day.


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