Crime watchdog slams P25-M house built for PNP chief


The house that is being built for Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima smacks of “immorality,” according to the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC).

To a senior Mason, it reeks of “graft.”

On Sunday, the VACC questioned the supposed donation made by the Free and Accepted Masons for the construction of a new house at Camp Crame for Purisima.

What has been dubbed as the White House inside the camp, the PNP’s headquarters, reportedly cost P25 million.

In a statement, VACC’s founding chairman Dante Jimenez said: “It is immoral and untimely and not a priority expense. [Only the] PNP chief [will benefit from the White House].”

Jimenez at the same time appealed to Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd and to President Benigno Aquino 3rd “to look into this and subject it to audit [to see if the costing was right]. [Then validate and make public the costing].”

As chief of the Department of Interior and Local Government, Roxas is also the head of the PNP.

On claims of the PNP that the money for the house was a donation of the Masons, Jimenez still insisted that police officials should prove that it was.

‘[The supposed] donation of P25 million is huge and the PNP [could have used]it [instead]to buy additional equipment for its personnel who are in need of firearms, mobile cars and even boots. [Even if indeed it was a donation it is still immoral to use it for building a P25-million house],” he said.

PNP spokesman and Chief Supt. Reuben Theodore Sindac said the two-story house was donated by Purisima’s friends in the Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines.

“But there was no cash donation. The assistance came in the form of construction materials and labor,” he added.

It was not immediately known if Purisima is a Mason.

A senior Mason said in a text message: “The chief PNP should answer the biggest mystery of the P25 million house donated by the Masons.”

He explained that “the brotherhood is not mandated to donate a luxury house. They [Masons] are into socio-activities and extend help only to those who are in need.”

The supposed donation smacked of corruption, according to the senior Mason.

“It is a clear [case of]graft because [government]officials cannot accept any gifts without a deed of donation and money can be issued directly to the assigned contractor only if stated in the deed of donation, plus [the]contractor should declare this [house, for example] as [the donor’s]income and subject to tax,” he further explained.

He said the Masons are “angry [with the PNP]for using the organization’s name [for the national police]to escape public outrage over the issue.”


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  1. Aresyo Goodfriend on

    I think this building donation should proceed. This is building is appropriate for a sitting General who oversees the safety of our citizen and protection of our country. This building is not privately owned and therefore will be passed to the next appointed General. Let this general leave in a better house so that he will be able to perform a better job. This building is not sourced from corruption and from taxpayer’s money and therefore- it is the prerogative of the donors of how to make use of their donated resources.

  2. Alfred Salon on

    It could be emphasized that all sectors in our society (government and private) are already surrounded with culprit individuals’. They amazed from the coffin of the government which is supposed to be for the benefit of the common people. A disgrace for having these individuals in the public service, they must pay for what they did no matter who he/she is from the President down to the lowest organizations with no exception. No person shall be above the law.

  3. ThunderousCloud on

    This is outrageous! Freemasons do charity, but never donate mansions for an individual. I should know, because my father was a freemason.

  4. ed olifernes on

    I’m a freemason but I didn’t know that our organization can donate such a huge amount to a project like this. We donate to charities and orphanages as part of our socio-civic works. Hoping those in authority could dig deeper into this scandal. Whether donation was in monetary or in non-monetary form I feel a disservice was committed
    which needed rectification.

  5. This issue requires a very thorough investigation as the name of a respectable organization, was mentioned as the donor of this white house of the chief PNP. In fairness to Gen Purisima, the “senior mason” who claimed that this donation is not true, should also be asked including the higher ups officers of this organization to ferret out the truth.

  6. What do you expect from King of Fraud, PNoy’s men and women? If they see their boss in corruption, why be left behind? What are we in power for, right?

  7. Undertone:

    It should not be “The House” instead it should “A house”, because to some orientals the beginning word in a sentence has a meaning. “The” to me means Japs. And obviously PNP is not referring to Atty. Formoso as “Their house” instead it should be “A house” to accurately describe padilla as their house.

  8. It still violates the purpose of what the Masons organization is for which supposedly for the needy , not for any gov’t accused plunderer who are wealthy and able to care for themselves.