• Crimes vs humanity everyone’s concern



    All that PNP top gun Bato de la Rosa and company had to do was use the Internet to find out the drug situation in Colombia. No need to junket to verify whether the hardline bloody policy has failed there (and indeed, all over, such as in Thailand). He would have seen that Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos agonizes in explaining to a peasant why he is being prosecuted for planting marijuana whose use is legal elsewhere. Too much blood has been spilled in vain, it seems to me.

    Maybe Foreign Affairs Secretary Jun Yasay has not heard of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDR)? A predecessor, Carlos P. Romulo, had a hand in its formulation. Jun has asked the world to let, and leave. us alone on allegations of UNDR violations.

    And President Duterte, Justice Secretary Vit Aguirre and Sen. Manny Pacquiao may have no right, in my view, to sniff and condemn some of us as sub-humans and therefore cannot have human rights? Bizarre. An apology cannot really undo the damage done by rashness.

    The President should not apologize for mistakenly identifying an alleged criminal but for naming and shaming anyone at all in gross violation of due process and the presumption of innocence. Those he does not apologize to, tepok na. Which investigating prosecutor and judge would shame him?

    He has dug up history. But, not deep enough, with all due respect. He may need to dig deeper as a would-be history buff. Now, he even blames God. Did he really attend Ateneo and San Beda?

    Anyway, any clan reunion such as we had last Sunday for primo Benedictine Fr. Manuel Maramba, who turned 80, with HILARION Maramba-Henares present, is bound to be HILARIOUS, given his penchant for his last few millions words, if handed a mic. My eldest brod, Tony, would tell me about him in the late 1950s on TV. Kuya Tony idolized him and iconic Claro M. Recto, more so.

    I first heard Cuya Larry in some college (St. Paul?) program when I was in San Beda. Late 1950s. Riveting, I thought. Last we talked at length was a few years ago, when he regaled me with tales of what he would do to quiet his raging hormones. He’s going on 93; other members of our Thundering Herd would tell me Cuya Larry is a libido legend, but only in his own mind. Last Sunday, he said he could tell Kamandag Manong Johnny
    Enrile, “Di ka nag-iisa.” Cuya Larry’s Fables?

    I don’t know if he is anti-American but Cuya Larry and Manong have eloquently expressed faith in the Filipino. Pro-Pinoy, no question.

    Another kin came over during the party and whispered that the Supreme Court would decide the Libingan ng Mga Bayani (LMB) case 10-5 in favor of the Non-Bayani. Tingnan natin kung ang kamag-anak ko ay hindi bulaang propeta. I don’t predict as we have up to this week to file our memoranda. I filed a brief paper last Tuesday for Rene, Sr. (me), Rene Jr. and Rene 3rd stating that the time had not yet come. Better to focus first on Rep. Harry Roque’s bill to rename LMB to Libingan ng Mga Bayani at Pangulo. Lincoln is buried in Illinois but remains highly regarded all over the world for RESPECTING everyone. Great Golfer Arnie Palmer, also gone, but is fondly remembered for RESPECTING everyone.

    Who is fond of DISRESPECTING?

    Anyway, safer to talk about the past. As long as Digong revives memories of the Massacres of Bud Dajo and Balangiga (its Bells I saw in Fort Warren just outside of Cheyenne in 1993; PNoy could have asked for their return, before signing EDCA), we should also recall the Chinese Massacres here of 1603 and 1639.

    The President’s cunning Chinese hosts might remind him soon, when he visits China and asks for favors. You never know. To put him on the defensive, they may recount that like the fabled and vilified Jews, anywhere, here, the Chinese largely powered trade, labor and industry in the Spanish colonial economy. In spite of the economic benefits given by the Chinese, Spain viewed them with suspicion, fear, and, like we, Indios, do, or did, even with racial contempt (recall Hitler and Jewry).

    Given the growing population of the Chinese, the government severely restricted Chinese migration here and their businesses were heavily taxed. By 1581, Governor-General Gonzalo Ronquillo de Penalosa created the Parian, for the Chinese in Manila to reside in, well within the range of Spanish cannons. It became the business center of Manila.

    On the belief that gold was abundant here, Mandarins came on May 23, 1603, which convinced the Spaniards that a Chinese invasion was imminent, making them suspicious of those in the Parian. The overt hostility of the Spaniards alarmed the Chinese. With such mutual belligerency on both sides, actual confrontation was inevitable.

    The Chinese struck on October 3, 1603, in Tondo and Quiapo. Responding Spanish forces were killed to the last man. The Spaniards called in the Indios and the Japanese residents. (Indios also helped the US in Bud Dajo.) The Chinese then retreated to San Pablo, where they were eventually overwhelmed by forces led by Cristobal de Axqueta Menchaca. About 23,000 Chinese were massacred.

    Years later, Governor General Corcuera forced the Chinese to labor in Calamba, and the subsequent abuses committed by Spanish Bossings sparked the second Chinese rebellion. It began in Calamba on November 19, 1639 and spread to other towns in Laguna. The Alcalde Mayor of Laguna and several Spanish priests were killed, and municipal buildings and churches were burned to the ground. For three months, the rebels fought in Laguna until they were driven to the mountains.

    In February 1640, the Chinese rebel remnants surrendered to Governor-General Corcuera in Pagsanjan. Almost 20,000 had been killed.

    What about the Muslims in recent times?

    On February 7 and 8, 1974, also around 20,000 Muslim, Christian and Chinese civilian residents of Jolo died in the burning of the central commercial town caused by repeated land, sea and air bombardments by the lethal Marcosian war machine. They were caught in the crossfire in the two-day battle of the AFP soldiers and the fighters of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). It was characterized as, “the worst single atrocity,” which rendered scores of thousands Muslims, Chinese and Christians as homeless refugees.

    (Mamasapano, 44 heavily-armed attacking government troops and who cares about the Muslim civilian victims?)

    The two-day continued Philippine Navy (PN) battleship bombardments from the sea, and the Philippine Air Force (PAF) jet fighter planes, T-28 `Tora-Tora’ warplanes and helicopter gunship bombardments and machine-gun firing from the sky led to the burning of the central Tulay mosque, Chinese Pun Tai Kung temple and the entire commercial town of Jolo. The foreign press exposed the slaughter of defenseless and harmless civilians and the looting and ransacking of the Moro-abandoned houses by our soldiers.

    The timid local press, quiet. But, I had known about the carnage in a reunion, of our Rizal High School Class of 1955. A classmate who attended the PMA and finished as No. 3 in his class said he took part in it.

    We should not tell the President what we think of his ancestors, may Intsik, may Muslim. Mabalasik. May dugong Waray pa. Masaya. Singing in After Dark in Davao City past midnight. No wonder.
    If we cannot have what we like, we have to like what we have?

    War could be hellish but if we are to blame the Kano for Bud Dajo and Balangiga, we must also recall what we did to our own civilian Muslim brothers and sisters.

    The President’s hero, Macoy, isn’t one to the Muslims and to many, who also matter. Last Monday, he
    inaugurated a 405-MW power plant, funded by a fellow Bedan, Andrew L. Gotianun Sr.+, in Mindanao. The Bedan Mafia is all over the place. Where will the Mafiosis take us? To Paradise? Or where the President tells fellow Bedan Leila de Lima to go? She is giving as good as she gets. Attagirl. But, I am saddened, aren’t I?
    To lift me up, why not listen to the President and Leila singing in duet, Something Stupid, of which, for some reason, I am often reminded these days.

    More time, the President asks for. Let’s give it. He will have enough rope to lead us to heaven, sana po, or hang himself with, huwag po naman sana.

    Presidential temperament should be higher than parochial or mayoral.

    To Leila, what doesn’t destroy you can only make you stronger. Don’t get mad. Don’t get even. Get ahead.
    Better, Stronger, Together.


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    1. I’m in favor of allowing our professional soldiers to kick-out this murderer DU30 and his alalays na puro bobo.
      I’m sure and trust the AFP as the ultimate guardian of the country will rise above this situation and take a decisive move to take out DU30. I don’t mean to kill him as an animal, but tried him in court for his crime against humanity including BATO.

      Once done, the AFP should hand-over the country to elected VP so that Philippines could move on with the nation building and sustain the progress we achieve for the past 6-years.

      The earlier AFP steps in, the better for the country, otherwise, I ka kanal tayong lahat ni DU30. Go AFP go and remove DU30 the Hitler. DU30 can be declared as insane and incapacitated to lead our nation.

      Let’s remove him as soon as possible.

    2. I’m in faor of allowing our professional soldiers to kick-out this murdered DU30 and his alalays na puro bobo.
      I’m sure and trust the AFP as the ultimitate guardian of the country will rise above this situation and take a decisive move to take out DU30. I dont mean to kill him as an animal, but tried him in court for his crime against humanity including BATO.

      Once done, the AFP should hand-over the country to elected VP so that Philippines could move on with the nation building and sustain the progress we achieve for the past 6-years.

      The earlier AFP steps in, the better for the country, otherwise, I ka kanal tayong lahat ni DU30. Go AFP go and remove DU30 the Hitler. DU30 can declare as insane and incapacitated to lead our nation.

      Let’s remove him as soon as possible.

    3. All replies and remarks are true and I am not going to dispute them. At this point in PHL affair, what are the solutions and actions to be taken to get the PHL out from the abject poverty, all forms of corruption, and criminality including drugs. These are as I can see, brought about the erosion of trust in the institution, divisiveness (which been with Filipinos since the beginning). What can possibly bring all Filipinos together, have “one voice” to get out of this bleak situations that we are currently experiencing. Is there really a “real leader” among the 100 millions Filipinos that can turn the tide? In fairness to all, hearing and reading all that been said and written-when, what, where, why, and who will make this country of ours to “tick”, to move and be if not like Singapore (been an independent state for 51 years), Japan (who went through rebuilding after WWII), South Korea (early 60s they are OFWs as well); like Thailand (whose technocrats were PHL educated). For us Filipinos, what is the formula for success? Why are we spinning downward instead of moving up? Can this be attributed to one person on the top (past and present) or to all Filipinos (all sectors and level) to get their acts together?

    4. Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. Duterte lived in Davao most of his life. Davao is a very bad place to live. There was the NPA, Muslim terrorist and a thousand bad people. I have a friend born in Davao that does not to go visit Dacvao be cause of criminality in the 1970’s. That is where Duterte lives. In the slum area, full of bad people. No Ateneo or San Beda can influence Duterte. In his mind, the only solution is to kill all bad people because in reality , people do not change. That is Duterte in a nutshell.

    5. Yonkers, New York
      30 September 2016

      True to form, former Senator Rene Saguisag, also a well-known courageous human rights lawyer, here joins the chorus of people high and low against the lawless genocidal drive of Der Fuhrer Duterte and his “Berdugo” PNP chief “Bato” dela Rosa which so far has netted some 3,000 hapless victims–which is still far below the millions that MAO ZEDONG and JOSEF STALIN murdered in their blood-stained careers.

      Little Tyrant Duterte still has around six years to try to outdo MAO and STALIN. He has to face the reality, however, that he and his “Bato” may have a very hard time murdering a total of 1 million in the six years that they have left–and that is to assume that either one may last those six fateful years.


    6. Na-RINE na tayo sa panahon ng “Tunay na pagbabago” … ang kailangan ng nakakarami sa taong bayan ay isang SAGUISAG ng PAG-KAKAISA upang ma-tulungan ang bagong Liderato ng ating Bansa pa-tungo sa ikabubuti ng nakakaraming mga Pilipino …
      Hindi kailangan ng Bansa ang mga “kakaunting pasaway ” na walang ginagawa kundi palaging kumukontra sa mga plano ng Pangulo pero wala naman silang nai-bibigay na “SOLUTION” para mawala ang problema sa droga, kriminidad at kurapsiyon sa ating Bansa .

      Puwede bang pagbigyan muna natin ang “Duterte Adminstration” ?

    7. Everyone whose info comes from the press seems to know that Digong’s stock includes Maasin, Leyte. Your powers of deduction labels his stock as partly Waray. Well, you will just have to dig deeper. Leyte has a mountain range right down the middle from north to south effectively dividing eastern Leytenos from western Leytenos. Waray is spoken by the eastern inhabitants; Cebuano/Boholano or Bisaya, on the western side. Maasin is on the southwest. “Waray Waray hindi tatakas; waray waray bahala bukas?” That fits Digong all right; but geography separates him from the Imeldific Waray territory. “Waray” means nothing, nada, zilch; that would exclude the Waray’s from your “everyone”; that too fits Digong. I guess, that makes your deduction right at the end. FYI: Waray includes the whole of Samar island.

    8. Our hero Ninoy Aquino drove a wedge between the Filipino Muslims and Christians. They were living peacefully side by side until Ninoy invented the so-called Jabidah massacre and Nur Misuari used that hoax of massacre to incite the Filipino Muslims to rebel against the government.

      Watch the video of the announcement of lifting of Martial Law. Muslim imam and Christian preachers led the opening prayer in Malacanang Palace. There was harmony again between Muslims and Christians during the Marcos administration.

      But when Marcos was ousted as president, Cory Aquino invited Nur Misuari of the Moro National Liberation Front to come back to the Philippines for the so-called peace talks, against the advise of her cabinet secretaries Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile. Misuari was staying then in the Middle East.

      Misuari used that so-called peace talks for propaganda and enticed Filipino Muslims to join the MNLF in fighting again the Philippine government.

    9. Kaya pa maraming nahuhukay na mga antique na pinggan gawa ng intsik sa palayan ng Pakil at Pangil at karatig bayan ay dahil nanirahan ang mga intsik duon in the 1600s

      Salamat Senator Saguisag