Criminality, PNP & DILG Sec. Mar Roxas


The Edsa hold-up and kidnapping in broad daylight on Monday last week, September 1, 2014, shows how criminality has worsened in Metro Manila and the rest of the country in the past four years under President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd.

(Our country’s crime rate has doubled under the Aquino administration in 2013 since 2010 and will further increase in 2014 based on the 18 per cent rise for the period January-May this year. The column of Ricardo Saludo in the Manila Times last September 2014 entitled “ Crime has doubled under Aquino. Here’s Why” cited the data released by no less than PNP Director-General Allan Purisima in his press briefing last June 27.)

Yet what is even worse was the involvement of ten members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) that shows the deterioration in the quality of policemen who have become rogue cops and despicable criminals. It is no longer surprising or shocking to hear and/or read of policemen involved in crimes that include kidnapping, robbery and murder.

It now seems as if the PNP has become the natural breeding ground for criminals. What makes it sickening is that the police officers involved in criminality graduated from the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) where their expenses were paid for by public funds. Four of the top rogue cops involved in the Edsa abduction and robbery belong to the now notorious PNPA Class of 2001.

The leader of the fake drug bust at Edsa that was actually kidnapping and robbery has the rank of Police Chief Inspector (equivalent to rank of Major in the AFP), a Station Deputy Commander of La Loma in Quezon City. He was arrested last Sunday by no less than the Eastern Police District Director and the Chief of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) for Highway Robbery, Kidnapping and Serious Illegal Detention.

The daring “hulidap” (“arrest” with hold-up) at EDSA last September 1 by rogue cops near the PNP national headquarters at Camp Crame in Quezon City is actually no longer news. This is not the first time that policemen who are supposed to “ Serve & Protect” the Filipino people are the same ones who are involved in serious crimes.

Atimonan, Quezon, massacre of Jan. 2013
The worst police-perpetrated crime in recent history involving 13 policemen charged with multiple murder by the Department of Justice (DoJ) happened in January 6, 2013 with the infamous Atimonan Massacre in Quezon province. Thirteen persons were killed in the police rubout that included an alleged gambling lord, a police Superintendent (equivalent rank of Lt. Colonel in AFP) and two policemen and two members of the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

The DoJ concluded that all the essential elements of murder were present in the Atimonan Massacre that included “treachery when the respondents employed the checkpoint as a means to execute the crime of murder, giving the victims no opportunity to defend themselves.” The DOJ panel ruled that evidence was more than sufficient to establish that the 13 policemen conspired in killing their victims (done at close range).

The 43-page resolution approved by Prosecutor General Claro Arellano last September 2013 cited the “three-layered checkpoint(s) that was highly irregular and non-conforming to common and established procedures in checkpoints.”

Among the 13 policemen charged with multiple murder were two police Superintendents, a Chief Inspector and two Senior Inspectors. They have all been dismissed from service in a March 5, 2014 decision of PNP Director-General Allan Purisima. However, the commission of the gruesome multiple murder and obstruction of justice shows that they have neither respect nor fear of President B. S. Aquino 3rd.

The notorious leader of the Atimonan Massacre was the PNP Deputy Intelligence Chief of the Calabarzon region (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal & Batangas). A report of the Philippine Daily Inquirer of March 12, 2013 described him as someone “who had been implicated in previous spectacular shooting incidents in which 27 people were killed.” Yet he remained with the police force and was even promoted by the PNP!

The Atimoman Massacre was made to appear as a legitimate police operation (Case Operation Plan Armado) that was approved by no less than the Calabarzon Commander, a Chief Superintendent, who was charged by the NBI, but later cleared by the DoJ.

Just like with the EDSA abduction and robbery where the amount of P2.0 Million plus P119,000.00 was stolen from the victims by the police operatives, the amount involved in the gruesome Atimonan Massacre – where 13 people were killed in cold-blood – was much larger, an amount reported to be P200 million or more.

Promise of DILG Secretary Mar Roxas
Two years ago in 2012, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas promised that he would clean up the police force. However, he obviously has been unable to purge the PNP in the past year (2013) and in the past eight months (January- August 2014). Like his boss, DILG Secretary Roxas has miserably failed as proved by the horrifying Atimonan Massacre in January 6, 2013 and the Edsa kidnapping last September 1, 2014.

In spite of the Pnoy administration’s obvious failure to improve the police service, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma came up with an amusing statement last Tuesday. Said he: “Our police are working really hard to be deserving of the trust of the people.” Like his boss P-Noy, Sonny Coloma is out of touch with reality. The citizenry does not trust the police who are hardly working. Many of them just sit on their asses texting or talking.

Instead of getting angry with the policemen involved in the Edsa caper for their “double mortal sin,” Secretary Roxas should have the decency to RESIGN for his failure to purge the police force. But then, that might be asking too much from a man whose only qualification for becoming a Senator and now a Secretary is that he is the son of his parents–just like his boss. This probably explains why Mar is as INCOMPETENT as P-Noy.


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  1. In fairness to Aquino the PNP problem is nothing new. these rougue cops had been happening in past administrations too as far back as the Marcos regime. the problem is the Filipino culture, we want easy money and live beyond our means instead we should learn how to live within our means plus the proliferation of casinos breeds more crime for gambling addicts. Our government employees including military and police should be mandated to attend a re-education class on how to live within your means. the police officers like to emulate the US Police Officers like they see in the movies driving nice cars and suv, nice 4 bedroom homes like this unrealistic Miami Vice officers driving sports cars etc, lots of Filipino cops are out of touch. Plus they need to raise the standards more in recruiting requirements for PNP and I don’t even know if they subject these new cadets to psychological testing. and why the PNP academy has 2 years of training when if we look at the US police academies they only require 6 months training and one year probationary period and they will learn more hands on during their probationary period. this will be a lot of money saved by the government if they will only train for 6 months the PNP should also raise its standards in disciplining their rank and file and not just a slap in the wrist after a cop is caught violating the rules. another example of our bad culture in government service is the length of time to prosecute and investigate a crime. like the Atimonan case up to now there is no verdict and its over 2 years, look at the PDAF scandal they already got the suspects and enough evidence and yet no verdict. these all has to change to a more efficient way like what they do in the US justice system its very efficient and don’t we always want to emulate everything American? then why can’t we follow their efficiency and discipline their government? because of our laid back culture. even when Pnoy is gone the next leader will have same problem.

  2. Mar Roxas, BS Aquino are the epitomes of Incompetency in the Liberal Party. It is Liberal at its most Corrupt and Incompetent.

    Ever since the birth of our Republic, Incompetent people have led it – from Aguinaldo to BS Aquino. Only a few are relatively above average – Ramos & Arroyo. But this is the scourge of our Culture. We are given to “Maski-Paps” as a way of survival. “Maski-Papano” rules our Psyche.
    So we end up with Nit-wits like the Aquinos, Binays, Roxases etc…etc…

  3. mr. Rick, kung talagang tutoo at walang halong panloloko o pakitang
    tao ang paglilinis ni sec mar sa hanay ng pnp, hindi nyo chinochubibo lang
    ang taong Bayan. Umpisahan nyo kay heneral alan de palpak con
    de madrid, y. PULISAMA, bakit di nyo pinapa life style chek k kim
    henares, gaya kay Binay na ayaw din isiwalat kung saan kinuha
    ang limpak limpak na KAYAMANAN at ariarian, lupain, mansyon, rest
    houses na naglalakihan, pati iglesia ni kristo duda na rin kay PULISAMA,
    Mula ng umupo siya CPNP naging napakalaking sindikato na ang PNP,
    kasama sa lahat halos ng naglalakihang Krimen. Patayan, extortion,
    kidnapping, drugs, name it sigurado may pulis na kasali o protektor.
    Ang hirap kay Mr. Clean imbis tanungin si PULISAMA, inabogadohan
    pa at pinuri ngekkk. Sa ibang bansa mabahiran lang ng pagdududa,
    sa Japan, Korea, Taiwan, mag reresign o mag haharakiri, para akuin
    ang buong pagkukulang, Sa China, bibitayin na, firing squad, but
    only in the Phil. lahat halos ng ALIPORES ni mr Clean, from A BAD
    man, Abwaya, Soliman, Petilla, Gasmin, ALCALA, PULISAMA, di
    man lang makatikim ng kahit SERMON, bagkus HAYAGAN PANG
    AND CONFIDENDENCE, forever and ever, always, promise, pinaparamdam
    lang ni Mr. Clean na sa administrasyon niya puro palpak sila lahat.kaya
    wag na umasa taong bayan,

  4. Why Bangsamoro Draft should be set aside, reading a part of the draft it is clear that Bangsa would like to have it’s own pie its overacting party.

    Sec. It should say ”Philippine Constitution”; not just “Constitution” which creates ambiguity it could spin to like “Gugu Constitution” or “Samhung Constitution”.

    Sec. Entire country from Batanes Luz Vis Mind Jolo Tawi Palawan, banking system is one uniform and regulated by the Central Bank of the Philippines, BSP; only a soverign country can make its own coins and money, Henceforth, your proposal to have additional Shaari Money system cannot be done, this Shaariy MSys is hereby removed/delete, we shall stick to one banking system regulated by CB and BSP.

    I shall continue …………topic Family Code…………..

  5. I dont find anybody efficient in this regime, all are devoted to their personal advances. Why is Mar Roxas installed as DILG Secretary? Because he thinks he can accumulate votes for his presidential ambitions. Sad to say he never qualifies for the job. He maybe smart in his line of expertise as an economist but not in management of local government. This is the reason why he too is a failure although he is an intellectual, not STUPID and OGAG as his boss but he simply made more considerations in his presidential obsession which is definitely wrong for him to do. His presidential ambitions must have gone completely with the winds!

  6. Rick – thanks for reminding me of the Atimonan Massacre and that justice has gone nowhere on the case. Makes me think about the scores of journalists and reporters who committed mass suicide for some reason a couple years ago in Maguindanao.

  7. they need to bring back Ping Lacson in Law enforcement or appoint him as DILG secretary. Ping will clean up the rank and file of the PNP as he did before. Roxas should be yank out.

  8. I wonder if Sec. Roxas is really involved in any of the deliberations or strategy meetings on the solution of crimes in the Philippines. He must be one of those who doesn’t even join the the dialogues or in-depth investigation of occurrences. He has said a lot and I read a lot about what he said, but I still have to read solid positive results of his pronouncements. I agree,he must be of the same “breed” as his president!

  9. jose b. taganahan on

    How true, Mr. Rick Ramos. Senator and now Secretary Mar Roxas became what he is; because is the son of his parents–just like his boss. And this explains why Mar is as INCOMPETENT as his boss, P-Noy.

  10. PNoy and his liberal party cohorts are simply drunk with power to the extent that they have started their own fairy tales that under their administration, the Phils has improved on the fronts of economy, peace & order, and eradication of corruption, especially when compared to the previous Gloria admin. And in 2016, Pnoy and his cabal of corrupt & inept liberal clowns will be replaced with Binay’s UNA thieves led by none other than Binay and Erap. Pinoys can pray all they want but I seriously suspect the one above has become tone-deaf already.

  11. jose b. taganahan on

    Sec. Mar Roxas is not up to his position as DILG Secretary who exercised supervision over the PNP. Infact he is a dismal faiure both in supervising the PNP and in the different LGU’s. Former Senator and former PNP Chief Panfilo Lacson would have been a ideal DILG Secretary if Pres. BS Aquino lll is realy interested in cleansing the ranks in the PNP and in seing to it that LGU heads will observe the law in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

  12. Mar Roxas – “Ma’am Janet”
    Mar Roxas – “Boy pickup”
    Mar Roxas – “Remember you a Romualdez and the President is Aquino”
    Mar Roxas – “Tang – – – – ina” sa WakWak Golf Course

    Mar Roxas – “Huwag na”

    Miriam na lang. Sa panahon na ito si “Miriam” ang kailangan.

    Kahit sinong lalaki ay hindi niya uurongan. Si Presidente Ramos ay hinamon
    niya ng suntukan eh. Si Farinas pa kaya – binatu niya harapharapan ng papel.

    Pagkatapus tumayo – iniwanan sila.


  13. The crime rate has actually increased more than tenfold if you count the unreported crimes. Everyone is scared to report a crime to the authorities. An biktima magiging biktima ulit (ng pulis).

  14. masyado naman yata tayong mapaghanap sa mga opisyal natin. gaya ni roxas. nangako na, gusto nyo tuparin pa niya. wag na. kalabisan na yon. si coloma, nagsisinungaling na nga, gusto nyo magsabi pa ng totoo. gusto nyo bang mawalan sya ng trabaho? sayang naman ang kita. laman tiyan din yan!

  15. masyado naman yata tayong mapaghanap sa mga opisyal natin. gaya ni roxas. nangako na, gusto nyo tuparin pa niya. wag na. kalabisan na yon. si coloma, nagsisinungaling na nga, gusto nyo magsabi pa ng totoo. gusto nyo bang mawalan sya ng trabaho? sayang naman ang kita. laman tiyan din yan1