Crisis of survival deepens


President B. S. Aquino 3rd’s fight for political survival appears to have taken a turn for the worse after the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) survivors of the January 25 massacre in Mamasapano, Maguindanao reportedly asked him “behind closed doors” to resign. Until then, the call on Aquino to “step down” has come from the National Transformation Council and various other groups who want him to account for his numerous constitutional violations and for his role in the Mamasapano massacre.

Highly informed sources said the SAF resignation call came on Wednesday during an early three-hour-plus “bull session” with the commandos at the PNP-SAF Headquarters in Camp Bagong Diwa, Camp Bicutan, Taguig City, before the assumption of command by the new SAF director, Chief Superintendent Moro Virgilio Lazo, in place of Chief Superintendent Getulio Napenas, who was sacked immediately after the Mamasapano debacle, and Chief Superintendent Noli Talino, who had taken over from Napenas as Officer-in-Charge

The call came, the sources said, after Aquino had complained about the “poor planning and execution” of Operation Exodus, which resulted in the death of 44 SAF commandos, while trying to capture two international terrorists —the Malaysian Zulkifli bin Hir and his Filipino associate Abdul Basit Usman—who had found shelter near the camp of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Aquino had taken direct control of the police operation and put suspended and now resigned PNP chief Alan Purisima “in command.”

Aquino also broke the PNP operational chain of command by cutting out the Secretary of Interior and Local Government Mar Roxas, who is legally in charge of the police, and the acting PNP chief Leonardo Espina, who had taken over after the Ombudsman suspended Purisima on corruption charges.

The Congress hearings, which tried to cover up Aquino’s accountability for the massacre and treated the nation to the most outrageous lies, had studiously avoided pursuing reports that Aquino, who monitored the actual fighting from a military station in Zamboanga City on January 25, personally ordered the reinforcement for the Fallen 44 “to stand down.” But Malacañang itself has not denied those reports.

The PNP top officers were not present during the “bull session.” They waited at the open-air quadrangle fronting the SAF headquarters while Aquino spoke to the commandos. The closed-door meeting was supposed to last no more than half an hour, but ended only after more than three hours. Nobody spoke to the media after the meeting.

Aquino had apparently expected the session to be stormy, for although on Tuesday, Malacañang advised the media that he would be making a speech during the command turnover, by Wednesday morning they were told the speech had been cancelled. A podium had been set up with the presidential seal on it but this was eventually removed.

The officers did not clap when Aquino emerged from his closed-door meeting, and the turnover was done in 15 minutes. Only Talino and Lazo spoke. The press did not see Napeñas at all.

The cashiered SAF commander’s last famous appearance was on video, which showed him briefing top defense officials on Jan. 26, a day after the massacre, about the illegal role performed by the suspended Purisima, and the briefings he had given the President on the ill-fated operation. This video had gone viral on many social media sites, allowing more people to see Aquino’s actual culpability in the whole fiasco.

The dean of the San Beda College of Law Graduate School has said that Purisima clearly usurped authority, and that Aquino could be prosecuted for “condoning” Purisima’s usurpation of authority. Others, however, have pointed out that Aquino did not merely “condone,” but in fact “caused,” “ordered,” “authorized,” and “facilitated” the usurpation.

Apparently Aquino’s meeting with the commandos had such a deep impact on him that the crisis committee meetings inside Malacañang have not had any letup since. “The grand picnic is over,” said one source. The mood of some Malacañang insiders, according to this source, is that Aquino may not long survive, and may be ultimately compelled to step down, if offered “a good deal.” This could include immunity from arrest and imprisonment, exile to a country of his choice, and freedom for himself and his immediate kin to enjoy whatever money they had made in the last four years.

Others, however, fear that even his life may now be in danger from the very troops that are supposed to protect him. This issue was recently publicly raised at Tapatan, a well-attended press forum at the Aristocrat Restaurant on Roxas Boulevard, where Aquino’s secretary for political affairs, Ronald Llamas, and I, among others, were present. The question referred to what happened to Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who was assassinated by two of her own bodyguards on Oct. 31, 1984, while on her way to be interviewed by Peter Ustinov, the British actor. Her assassins were Sikhs, and the assassination was seen as an offshoot of the Indian army’s assault on the Golden Temple in Amritsar three months earlier which heavily damaged the Sikh temple.

All of us at the forum could only express our hope and our prayer that nothing of the kind should happen.

But passions continue to rise, particularly in the face of Aquino’s determined effort to push for the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (Babala), which seeks to create a new political entity for the MILF, even after it has been disowned by so many of its original authors in the Senate and the House of Representatives, and amid reports of deception and double-dealing on the part of the MILF and its backers, with respect to certain important issues.

For instance, with respect to the MILF returning to the government the weapons taken from the fallen SAF 44 by its fighters, authoritative sources have reported that Gov. Mujib Hattaman of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Aquino’s own handpicked political leader, is the one paying for the weapons, using government funds, through his regional secretary of the environment, to be “returned” to the government. “We are being fried in our own oil,” said one source.

With respect to the government’s demand that the MILF surrender for criminal prosecution all its men who had taken part in the Mamasapano massacre, the latest news is that the government would soon be told that all of them had broken away from the MILF and defected either to the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters or to the so-called Justice for Islamic Movement (JIM), which was supposedly organized by breakaway elements from the BIFF. This obvious ruse is reported to have the “blessings”, if not the “connivance,” of some of those running the Office of Presidential Assistant for the Peace Process (OPAPP).

In addition to the endless “crisis committee meetings,” Aquino has decided to travel his untrodden path. He is now asking for prayers, and asking prayer groups to pray with him (assuming he will be there) or to pray for him in Malacañang on Monday. Until now, he has shown more indifference to, than sympathy for, men and women of faith and prayer; he insisted on making Pope Francis’s apostolic visit to the Philippines a state visit also, so he would not be left out while millions of Filipinos pour out of their homes to be with the Pope. But he revealed his real self when he attacked the Church as a whole, and some unnamed churchmen in particular, in welcoming the Pope in Malacañang.

This is probably not as grave as any of Aquino’s unpunished constitutional violations, nor his culpability for the Mamasapano massacre. But nothing he has done could be denied forgiveness if he genuinely and sincerely asks for it. The trouble with Aquino, though, is that he wants and expects to be forgiven without doing penance, and without restituting (giving back) what he has illegally taken away from others (the people). He has to learn to give up the illegitimate power that he values so much in order to be returned to the trust and confidence of the people. He must learn to argue against self-interest, and put the interest of the country and its people above his own. The country must rise, and he must step down.


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  1. Ronaldo Valdes on

    Whoever want VP Binay to be the next president are blind. Can’t you see the allegation about his family..Think twice and vote wise please.

  2. Ibigay na sa kanya ang “good deal” basta mag-resign lang! paalisin siya at papuntahin sa malaysia, isama na niya si kris at doon maghasik ng std! mga bwisit na angkan!

    • Korek, doon na sila sa Malaysia dahil gustong gusto nya ng BIFF doon sya magpaka Saya, STEP down , Upang Makabangon na man ang Bansa nating Pilipinas

  3. I want him out of Malacanang SOON! Walang kuwentang presidente! Turo rito, turo roon. Sisi si Kuwan, sino ni Juan! I want to see him in jail! Hindi siya marunong tumanggap ng mali! Isama na ang croonies niya!

  4. Dear Mar Roxas, please do the country a favor and resign from the cabinet. Your incompetence re Mamasapano operation is pathetic.

    • Are you dreaming bwenayaran. Was it Mar who was supposed to have been disconnected from the loop together with Gen. L. Espina. Indeed your wish has all the imprint of somebody wanted to make Mar the laughing stock of whom you know??

    • Where have you been my dear woman Lani Tamura?why are you blaming Mar Roxas? Goodness gracious.please read the news again from The last week of Jan,2015 para naman maliwanagan ka na kinawawa nga si Mr Roxas At Gene Espina dito e.sekreto ni Pres Pinoy, Gen Purisima at Napenas ang plano na na botched eh

  5. DILG Sec. Mar Roxas is riding the Mamasapano controversy to earn brownie points for his presidential bid in 2016. Mananalo kaya siya?

    • Indeed an unwanted ride on since he was not part of the original plan which have gone awry?? Yes of course Mar will win in 2016 if you are asking my 2 cents of unsolicited advice?

  6. Tunying Satan on

    Mar Roxas is trying to distance from any accountability for the Mamasapano incident just to protect his presidential ambition next year. He can run but he can’t hide from liability.

    • Mar is not hiding from his responsibility about the Mamasapano incident. Actually he was very vocal in his attendance to the senate hearings about his knowledge about it not like the other personage who develop an allergy in attending senate hearing due to his alleged unorthodox way of making Midas touch out of nothing. A real joke indeed??

  7. silencio mapagmasid on


    • Ronaldo Valdes on

      Same as usual…nothing will change.. another corrupt official will take over .. is that suprise you.. I don’t !!!!

    • He will do all he can to turn the Philippines into a Parliamentary form of government. He will use all his powers to control the Senate, thru Nancy Binay, Congress thru Abi Binay, and the Supreme Court thru his power of appointments. Then the Binay family will live like Royalties. He wouldn’t dare declare Martial Law because people will rise up to topple his presidency.

    • isidro c. valencia on

      What do you expect if VP Binay is our President?

      The Philippines will enjoy the benefits of “guided democracy, new politics and developmental politics” totally different from tradpol or traditional politics. It is a revolutionary concept of Government Administration.

      VP Binay will ensure there is “unity” among his Cabinet and government workers working and aiming with the same objective: To serve God, Country and People.

      VP Binay will initiate reforms to the present political system by appointing 100 Constitutional Commission members who will draft the New Constitution to be known as United Philippines Constitution of 2016. After a year of drafting this will be submitted to a plebiscite.

      “Unity, Adherence to change and Accelerated progress” or UNA will be his rallying political motto.

  8. Lets face it our President is not the brightest light on the Christmas tree.
    He can not understand why his uneducated decisions are causing such much pain.
    Especially the Rich are getting richer and the poor are close to starvation under his watch. Did the Pope visit have any effect on him at all. The constant message from the Pope was ‘STOP CORRUPTION and FEED THE POOR!’ Zero has changed since the Pope only 44 Policeman slaughtered while carry out their duties. He cannot do anything good for the Filipino people.

  9. If Aquino were on an island with only two neighbors, he would be telling each neighbor how the third one was responsible for all the bad things. In time the other two would find out Aquino was the one responsible and throw him off of the island. Peace would follow.

    • If Mar has 2 neighbors he would tell one to tell the truth and the other to take the respomnsibility but between Binay and Purisima what is the difference, anyway??

    • Did you really think that the damage done by the previous administration to the philippine economy can be resolved in 6 years? Think again.

  10. Puro kapalpakan,paghihiganti.pagbibigay ng bilyong pork sa mga yellow solons at mga KKK,katamaran,pagpaandar sa mga yellow media at mga survey firms na hawak ng kanyang mga kaanak para mauto ang mga pilipino an pinaggagawa ng ABNOY na yan.Dapat ng patalsikin ang hayop na ABNOY na yan.

  11. Seems like the yellow army had lost its stream. For a change there are no bashers for the writer as of this time. Either they are late in rising up, or the payola is late to arrive.

  12. Here is what sickening to even imagine, that should BS Cojuangco Aquino III decide to step down, there is this precondition in his doing so, and that is the ‘good deal’ which states that he be immune from arrest and imprisonment, exiled in a country of his choice, and that his immediate kin enjoy the bountiful monies they had stolen from the Filipinos throughout their last four years of looting rampage.

    This is a pact made in hell, with Filipinos losing out on justice, if this ‘good deal’ pushes through, then Filipinos deserve to be taken for fools, because a slap on the wrist for playing with people’s welfare is not only outright vicious it is also downright evil. Maybe this the reason why a lot of Filipinos love to mouth the words – ‘choosing between lesser evil’, because they simply cannot figure out that there is nothing less in doing evil.

    BS Cojuangco Aquino III, should step down without any pre-conditions and face justice, he and his cronies should fight their cases in court, and for the monies that his immediate kin and cronies had embezzled from the government budget, all these had to be sequestered, accounted and returned to the Republic of the Philippines.

    • That’s just what it is, pure imagination. Has he pocketed even a single centavo of people’s money? If he has, don’t you think that his critics won’t have a feast in bringing it out to the public and maybe to the court of law? I am for or against Aquino but between him and his Vice President who will succeed Aquino if he resigns from office, i will pick Aquino to stay in office till his term expires. And if Mar Roxas decides to oppose Jijo Binay for the Philippine Presidency in 2016, I will definitely vote for Mar Roxas who hasn’t up to this time been accused of pocketing people’s money, part of which is my money, against Jojo Binay who has been accused together with his family of pocketing bilyons of people’s money. True that Binay is yet to be found guilty of those accusations but like they say, where there is smoke, there is fire. I wouldnt take the chance of my money being stolen. Are you?

  13. Dominador D. Canastra on

    Yes, we muist forgive him–but only if he asks for it and is going to immediately do resitution.
    For socio-political (with personal crime) committed againstus Filipinos, he must immediately do everything to undo the harm of making Smartmatic-PCOS machines rule over our elections.

  14. The nation of many idiots especially our politicians are paying a price for Aquino’s dream of a peace pact legacy. First was the alleged 10M $ he gave to the MILF chairman in Tokyo in a secret meeting to open such a peace deal. Second, the succeeding billions of DAP money he showered to the MILF controlled areas including the ARMM Hataman’s office and the local executives thereat to show that Noynoy is serious about the peace deal. Third, millions of secret pork barrel money is expected to be given to the Congress and Senate lapdogs to railroad the passing of BBL before the last SONA of Noynoy just like what he did when he booted out Corona at the Supreme Court . Fourth, the lives of fallen SAF 44 to give way to a ceasefire agreement with Aquino’s friends, the MILF. And last, billions of money to be spent to stage a show of mock wars with the splinter muslim groups. That’s why our 2015 National Budget is full of unexplained lump sums approved by our ever ready Malacanang lapdogs of our House of Congress. Expect that the lump sums in the budget will be wiped out before the July SONa and no more left for addressing calamities come rainy and storm season this year. So God help us!

  15. Not only Indira Gandhi but also Anwar Sadat antagonized segments of their military and both paid dearly for it with their lives. God forbid that PeNoy suffers the same fate but he should be wary of being exposed to his own armed forces now. I pray these are not prophetic words.

  16. Such a religious hypocrite! When he was chosen to run for president in 2010 and prior to his acceptance, he went to a monastery in zamboanga to be enlightened, daw, by the Holy Spirit. He is not a person with even the smallest amount of piety and respect for religion. He uses religion fo his own convenience and agenda.

  17. Hindi yan aalis sa pwesto. Hindi gawain yan ng isang mentally and emotionally impaired person. Kung matino ang isip, at may hiya sa sarili at sa kapwa, baka sakali.

    Maraming nambubuyo sa kanya na huwag umalis sa pwesto. At maraming nagpapalakas ng loob niya na huwag umalis. Bakit ko nasabi yan? Maraming beses akong nag-attend ng mga meetings sa study room. Kabisado ko ang pag-iisip ng mga yan.

    Ang mabuti diyan, buhatin at itapon sa ilog Pasig.

  18. Alejo Rosete on

    Thank you Kit – fully understood.

    This whole thing was started when Marcos want to pursue
    Sabah claim but was blown up by Senator Ninoy Aquino.

    Now President BS Aquino is interested by enacting a law to
    make it a separate State from the Philippines. Why?


    HE DOESN’T TO JOIN GLORIA. Gloria will say to him,
    “Welcome Student”. What comes around goes around

    Is this the reason why wanted the law on Bangsamoro pass
    before his term expire/and or step down from the presidency?

    Bulllllllllll – – – – – – -shhhhhhhhh.

  19. sonny dela cruz on

    The NTC should change course who will head the office of the President in case Aquino resign or assassinated. The NTC should declare a Military junta to run the government and to arrest all responsible cabinet members, congressmen, senators and all private persons who took advantage of the people’s coffer during the Arroyo, Erap and Aquino administration. We should bring the people’s confidence first to the government before we elect a new officials in the government. The NTC should not stop talking with the military and give light to them the danger to the country and to the Filipino people on the hands of President Aquino. They should act now and not sorry later.

    • Ronaldo Valdes on

      Do you really want a military junta ??? Do you know what happen if the military run a goverment..its a dictatorial form of goverment.. They will supress every freedom you your history…my friend

  20. Excellent article “Crisis of survival deepens” Manila Times 3/5/2015. Keep it up

  21. You are dreaming. Yes you are all dreaming. Still cannot accept that you are done with your political ambitions. Please get over it. Not knowing who can replace but big with Binay and the religions groups who missed the luxury that Gloria provided. Your group were known to be corrupt in their time. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. THE ISSUE ARE ALL LIKE A CAMPAIGN STATEMENT AND COMMENTARY. Nothing as evidence to back it up.

    • The article yes somewhat appeals to emotion but what evidence are you talking about? only a person blinded by loyalty to his masters does not see that the President of this godforsaken was a mediocre student, mediocre senator, and a mediocre president bordering on incompetency.

    • Somebody is dreaming with his 2 eyes wide open to his notion of a Camelot revisited but King Arthur is all a farce and Don Quixote is more aft to be the ape of the misguided?? Indeed a superb balancing act to have brought the clergy and leftists and political wannabees in one side of the political equation??