• ‘Cristy Fer Minute’ celebrates 6th anniversary on radio



    PLUS: Closet gay singer commissions ‘professional services’ for young fellow crooner
    Radio is not an unfamiliar territory to entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin. She had spent six years over DZMM, and is now heard over Radyo Singko’s Cristy Ferminute (CFM), which notches its sixth year exactly today.

    Admired for her unflawed TV hosting and unmatched fluency in Filipino, Fermin—who goes on air 4 to 6 p.m. daily—regards CFM as a more challenging program that her past ones, what with having to break the siesta habit and get people at work tuned in.

    CFM listeners (and viewers on Channels 41 and 78, and on News5 Everywhere and TV5 International) are increasingly growing in numbers. Besides the local ones, its Facebook page has listed interactive, on-the-spot followers based in UK, USA, Canada, Middle East and Asia who’ve found means not just to get their opinions on current showbiz issues broadcast but to communicate with their loved ones back home as well.

    Looking back, which radio interview with her in-studio guest would Fermin consider has earned the most remarkable response from its listeners?

    “I think it was sometime in 2011, our fledgling years. Inamin on air ni Darius Razon na nagmahal din siya ng kapwa niya lalaki (Darius Rason admitted on air he always once loved a fellow male). For Darius whom I’ve known since the ’70s, it was such a liberating experience. He all the more gained the respect from his constituents for his candor,” Fermin told Vignettes. Razon is a former singer and was a Mandaluyong City councillor at the time of the interview.

    Cristy Fermin (seated, right) with co-anchors Vignettes (standing, left) and Pilar Mateo (seated, left) and singer Darius Razon

    Cristy Fermin (seated, right) with co-anchors Vignettes (standing, left) and Pilar Mateo (seated, left) and singer Darius Razon

    By far, would she say that making her guest/s fiercely come out CFM’s edge over other radio showbiz programs?

    “I don’t think so. Basically, we’re all the same. We report the same current showbiz stuff. Siguro, nagkakatalo lang (Maybe the only difference is) when it comes to giving our opinions. It’s just like writing a showbiz column. You just breeze through it,” Fermin intoned.

    The bonus part though in CFM leaves a room for song requests on its “Throwback Thursday” and “Flashback Friday.” Upon request, Fermin translates a couple of English songs with sexual undertones to Tagalog, a staple which has become the program’s strength. “Still, we intersperse music with editorials, and yes, with blind items which we call ‘Kiyemerut, Kiyemerut.’ Aliw na aliw kasi ang mga listeners sa mga blind items lalo na (Listeners are so amused with BI especially] when we re-create situations involving the subject. There’s also an attempt at humor.”

    As it marks its sixth anniversary today, CFM upholds the annual tradition of giving away freebies via raffle to its long-time and loyal listeners/viewers – from home appliances, electronic gadgets, food stuff to works of art, all single-handedly raised through Fermin’s vast network of connections mostly non-showbiz.

    More than a commitment, it’s a legacy that CFM believes its followers rightfully deserve for their unbending support through the years.

    Congratulations, CFM!

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? Who’s this reportedly limp-wristed male balladeer (MB) who recently booked a “guy for hire” for a much younger singer (YS)? The MB’s alleged gay activities—most especially on his out-of-town performances—have always been a favorite subject in many a blind item.

    However, what’s shocking is how he recently commissioned the professional services of a guy not for himself but for the YS—a product of a franchise singing search on TV. Is it possible that the MB gets charged for his pimping practice?

    Poor YS for getting exposed to such gay activities this early part in his life.

    Common to first and last names of the MB and the YS is the letter E.


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