Criticize erring officials not bureaucracy, Aquino told


ANG Kapatiran leader and former presidential candidate John Carlos “JC” de los Reyes on Wednesday urged President Benigno Aquino 3rd not to criticize government agencies but the ones who are leading the agencies for its failure to perform the assigned tasks.

Delos Reyes made this statement following the public admonition of President Aquino on some of his cabinet officials who failed to perform the mandated responsibilities and duties.

“Kung ikaw presidente at may control ng supervision over the bureaucracy, ‘wag mo naman batikusin yung bureaucracy. Just mould the wrap and egg instead of shotgun approach in everybody because that is very destructive to the institution,” Delos Reyes told this reporter during the Fernandina media forum in Greenhills, San Juan City.

Delos Reyes, who also ran for senator in the May elections but lost, said the president is doing the right track for sacking erring cabinet officials under his administration.

“Sibakin nya kung sino ang dapat sibakin and put the right men in the right place,” he said.

“He [Aquino] should also encourage them and be more positive kasi ang nangyayari masyadong negative sa bureaucracy in the guise of tuwid na daan (right path),” he added.

Delos Reyes, however, stressed that a due process and a right to honor should still be given to these officials despite their negligence and failures.

“Kahit kulokoy or corrupt ang mga ito, hindi rin maganda na ganun ang approach ng mga tao sa kanila, there will still have to be given due process and a right to honor kahit na alam na natin na ganun sila,” he said.

“Kahit si GMA [former president and now Rep. Gloria Arroyo of Pampanga province]at former chief justice Renato Corona, all these people accused by this administration of malfeasance should still be given due process,” he added.

The president criticized several underperforming government agencies such as the Bureau of Customs, the Bureau of Immigration, and the National Irrigation Administration in his State of the Nation Address on Monday.

Though he did not mention the Customs chief in particular, but he lashed out at the bureau’s officials and employees.

Biazon offered to resign from the agency but Aquino did not accept his resignation.


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