Critics trying to save themselves instead of Marawi



Mark Zuckerberg finally got his Harvard degree – 12 years after dropping out. He played hooky first to become a billionaire then returned to get his diploma. As they say, do not try this at home or you might get filthy rich.

* * *

It’s quite alarming that one gets more friends quickly on Facebook than in real life.

* * *

I chanced upon a group of photos from London where combatants were deployed to guard a city where a suicide bomber killed and wounded innocent civilians and, in response, the whole country became more united and vowed to fight terrorism. Then I saw the second group of photos from Marawi where a band of terrorists are still on a rampage to take the whole city. Martial law was declared and the military is now engaged in a firefight while escorting refugees out of harm’s way. And some are questioning the basis for the declaration of martial law.

* * *

The opposition should be included in the suspended Anti-Driving Distraction Law, harmful gadgets that they are that obstruct the driver’s view.

* * *

VP Leni: “We must all unite against terrorism and we must cooperate with our security forces to find the best ways and means within the framework of our Constitution and laws to neutralize these local terrorist groups at the soonest possible time.”

“Our collective goal must be to bring back normalcy to our people’s lives so that together we can establish lasting peace in our land and tirelessly work to uplift the lives of our people.”

Very good statement, Ma’am Leni. If I may add, your motherhood lines are welcome and reflect the wish of everyone. I wish you can guide us with more details on “how.”

* * *

This woman, Robredo, who got elected because of her late husband’s surname under dubious circumstances, said many Filipinos were justifiably upset over the martial law declaration in Mindanao as it triggered harsh recollections of the country’s dark experience under the Marcos regime. Upset over “harsh recollections?” The second highest ranking official of the land is worried of “recollections” and refused to see distressed families including women and children fleeing a city being invaded and razed by a terrorist group while the whole country is praying for their safety. Leni, the country will be better off if you will just open your eyes wider instead of your mouth.

* * *

PRRD cut short his state visit to attend to his country’s problem. Robredo aborted her Bicol visit to extend her New York stay. “Different acts, different strokes.”

* * *

A church burned, parishioners including a priest taken hostage, soldiers being killed with civilians fleeing the city, and the opposition including some senators are urging the public to watch out for the abuses of our men in uniform. Did we hear it right?

* * *

When the Marawi story first came out in the papers, the opposition and their minions asked the whereabouts of PRRD (as if they are not aware that he was on a state visit). When the President cut short his visit and declared martial law in Mindanao, they retorted that it was an “overkill” and part of a long-term plan to establish a dictatorship.

You can easily decipher the agenda of these reactions. They expose themselves as fake merchants of peace and unity and champions of human rights in their desperate attempt to regain lost power.

* * *

Many of these Maute, ASG, BIFF, ISIS or whatever name you call these terrorists, behead people, ransack and burn homes, kill innocent civilians including women and children, Christians and Muslims alike, destroy schools, temples and churches, rape women, shoot anybody on sight, sow fear everywhere they go, displace families, carry a different flag, kidnap anybody for ransom, burn communication towers and construction equipment, and proudly claim ownership of these atrocities. The president of the republic declares martial law and wants to wipe them out forever. SO WHAT’S THE PROBLEM WITH THAT? Do you want him to just sit down and watch the terrorists burn the whole country as the people tremble and cry? And you are scared because of your speculative thoughts of abuses? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?

* * *

Terrorists during my time were much tamer and comical at times. Count Dracula, Frankenstein, Alfred Hitchcock, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I miss the good ‘ole times.

* * *

According to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), Philippine businessmen’s sentiment improved in Q2 2017. We hope that the sentiment of the opposition will improve as well. Wishful thinking, as they say.

* * *

Metro Manila Development Authority chairman Danilo Lim has ordered an investigation for possible filing of charges against a motorist who showed his gun to MMDA personnel during an anti-illegal parking operation in Quezon City. This guy, Ronnie Tampingco, an Optical Media Board agent, should be punished. He is illegally parked in our society and he should be towed away behind the bars.

* * *

The best thing that can happen to you is to say “I love you” to your wife. Expect the worst if you follow it up with a different name.

* * *

If you will not be allowed to drink late, why complain? Just drink early.

* * *

Somebody uttered in a news report the words “lawless violence.” I’m trying to search for the word “lawful violence.” Looks like I was absent when our English prof defined the phrase.

* * *

“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” is definitely not the favorite song of PRRD. He prefers the songs of “Air Supply.”

* * *

I do my sit-ups regularly. I usually stand up after sitting for so long. Aaahhh, staying fit is easy.

* * *

For being 15 minutes late, airlines close the door and say good-bye. But when their flights are delayed for 1 to 2 hours, it’s your obligation to wait and you are expected to be happy when you get your snacks.

* * *

What is happening to FVR? I think the better question is the question that FVR could be asking himself: “What is happening to me?” Chewing an unlit cigar is definitely hazardous to one’s health.

Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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  1. As an abiding lFilipino citizen, we must be united for our safety and thank the President for his good gesture to protect innocent people in Marawi. Thank you sir!

  2. Thanks for the great comments which are very true that our opposition people should know abd should think it about in a million times. These critics think only for themselves safety. Critics please put yourselves to the place of the Marawinians and just imagine if your family is hiding in your house lock doors , no food and watet, cannot move at ease, terribly nervous hearing guns fired not even knowing where that bullets coming from. GOD have mercy on your PRIDE critics. Instead of praying for peace and support the President of the Phils you are always questioning which could not help the Filipino people.

  3. Brod, this woman VP did not win because of dubious circumstances. But more so because, the media handlers of her losing opponent faltered, probably because of incompetence (stale messaging), overconfidence and a strategic miscalculation – or all of the above.

    In horse racing parlance, gusto pang rumemate tapos na ang karera. Kinapos yung kalaban. She won fair and square – hindi naman bagito yung natalo– seasoned politician and rumored to be heavily funded.

    It is unfortunate that there are (media) practitioners being commissioned to harp on her — at the the slightest opportunity they have, misquote or misunderstand what she said – or even compare what she did (or did not do) with that of the President, just to gain points with readers.

    Or, they may be part of a contractual obligation to smear her name. Simply dirty politics.

    It is crystal clear, she has expressed her support for Pdu30’s move in Mindanao. The succeeding steps in the next 60 days will basically come from the President — not her.

    And at the very least, she does not joke about rape in the context of Martial Law. A poor choice of words. I wonder what your opinion is on this? Unless you’re turning a blind eye?

    Joke only? Cheers.

    • She supports PRRD and his martial law? She’s doing a U-turn. She was critical about it few days ago. As an old cliche goes, here’s Robredo the Greek, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”

    • arnel amador on

      the verdict still out there. that crystal clear win will become clearer if she really win….

      tanong lang, is there any plan for the next international media conference by ms leni? real innocent people are killed out there in marawi by the isis fanatics. are they not worth that effort of the bleeding hearts society of ph?


    • Maka DDS 101 on

      I can smell a Yellow Troll among the ranks. Be careful you might be bashed. We rarely joke. Cheers.

  4. Ace Caroline on

    Very informative and truly enlightening as always, Sir RGR !!!
    More power po sa inyo.