A crude and ill-bred President


PNoy’s tasteless remarks lambasting priests in front of Pope Francis during the latter’s courtesy call in Malacañang betrays the boorishness and ill-breeding of our country’s president.

He turned what ought to have been a gracious and polite meeting (hence, the term “courtesy”) between heads of state into a gripe session against the Pope’s colleagues – a diplomatic faux pas that left many foreign envoys in the audience shocked and speechless.

PNoy made no mention in his speech of the plight of our countrymen devastated by the typhoon and the earthquake that hit the Visayas, which was the main purpose of Pope Francis’ trip to the country – the first papal visit in 20 years.

Instead, PNoy used the occasion to take a dig at the Filipino clergy saying that “many members of the Church, once advocates for the poor, the marginalized, and the helpless, suddenly became silent in the face of the previous administration’s abuses,” clearly referring to his favorite political arch-nemesis, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Taking a swipe at clerics for some perceived personal affront, PNoy adds: “In contrast to their previous silence, some members of the clergy now seem to think that the way to be true to the faith means finding something to criticize, even to the extent that one prelate admonished me to do something about my hair, as if it were a mortal sin.”

“Judgment is rendered without an appreciation of the facts,” PNoy whined.

But if PNoy feels strongly aggrieved by what he believes are the unfair criticisms he receives from some clergymen, he could have (as Presidential apologist Edwin Lacierda puts it) “spoken frankly” during his several private meetings with Pope Francis.

By openly chastising clergymen before a papal audience, PNoy clearly wanted to put Pope Francis on the spot, perhaps hoping to push the pontiff into calling the Filipino clergy to (as PNoy says it) “settle their differences” with the Aquino administration.

That or to tone down their criticism of his government. Whatever the reason, PNoy’s remarks were impolite and uncalled for. Hasn’t he learned that it’s bad etiquette to be discourteous to a guest you invited into your house?

Apparently, PNoy was just being true to his rude and ill-mannered character. It’s public knowledge that PNoy has this penchant for insulting members of his audience to their faces.

For instance, while a guest of honor of the Federation of the Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry a few year ago, PNoy scolded the group for not paying taxes. He claimed that 424 of its 552 members had tax identification numbers but only 185 filed income tax returns, plainly insinuating that most of its members were tax cheats. Never mind that many of the group’s members were senior citizens who have retired from business or had paid millions in taxes through their companies.

And who can forget how PNoy slammed former Vice-President Noli de Castro during the 25th anniversary celebration of TV Patrol? At a time when VIPs from both politics and media were gathered for a night of mutual back-slapping, PNoy stunned the guests by publicly castigating the veteran newsman for alleged baseless attacks on his administration.

Expectedly, the Vatican refused to stoop down to PNoy’s level.

Reacting to the President’s criticism of members of the Church, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi described PNoy’s speech as “rather original” because it was unusual for that sort of speech to be delivered during a state visit with the Pope. Of course, that’s the more diplomatic and polite way of saying that the president’s bellyaching was inappropriate and disrespectful.

Lombardi also explained that PNoy’s address was “interesting” because one could see, listening to the speeches of both leaders, what the perspective of a politician was, and what the perspective of a pope was. By that, he obviously meant that PNoy is really more concerned about politics than the welfare of our sick, poor and elderly countrymen.

Presidential apologist Edwin Lacierda tried to defend PNoy’s diatribe arguing that “one spoke of fighting corruption, the other spoke of the silence of the church in the face of corruption.”

Look who’s talking about silence in the face of corruption!!??

Wasn’t his boss PNoy, as then Tarlac representative, one of the congressmen who voted against playing the “Hello Garci” tapes in Congress?

What about PNoy’s Liberal Party allies who were implicated in the PDAF scam but have remained immune from investigation or prosecution until now?

And why is it that in 2013, the Aquino administration still continued to release PDAF funds to non-government organizations (NGOs) previously tagged by Commission on Audit as “questionable?”

We recall that a day before the Pope arrived, Lacierda urged the public to “please practice good manners and right conduct.” Maybe Lacierda should have told the President that instead. PNoy was obviously absent when they taught that subject in class.

But then again, good breeding isn’t really learned in school but in the family. And as the saying goes: “The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Tsk. Tsk.


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  1. Melchor Vergara on

    because of his feeling of self-entitlement due to his family’s media-cultivated story the BS has no concept of shame or embarassment…… it is the nation that is shamed and embarassed by his idiotic actions…..

  2. Obviously he was absent when the Jesuits taught them “good manners and right conduct” ! He has many politician models in his family so you would think he would have learned a thing or two about statesmanship or being a gentleman at least!

  3. Pnoy was just telling the truth. The pope should be made aware of what happened. This is consistent with what the pope is doing: speak and act against wrong doing. Pnoy has a higher ground to do so compared to the ones who remained silent on corruption for reasons only they would know. Apparently, you want the clergy to look good even at the expense of truth. Truth is higher than diplomacy in the hierarchy of values.

    • Our President is right …… Always right ….. The blame should go to the past administrations …never with the present..after all we just took over …..tripled the budget with very little to show for it … Increased the gap between rich and poor….increased unemployment … Overburdened small and medium business who are the backbone of the economy with excessive taxation ….increased the dependence on OFW remittance ……..increased no of poor families and lowers national dignity of citizens …. Great achievements …… CongrAtulations

  4. Kahit sinong Pilipino na hindi nakaaabot ng mataas na pinagaralan eh alam kung kailan dapat maging bastos o hindi. Ung isang taga-Ateneo pa man din (sori sa ibang blue eagles, no harm meant) eh wala talagang pinipiling oras, okasyon, o kahit sino ang kaharap, bisita o hindi. basta gustong pairalin ung kabastusan eh gagawin. Kawawa naman si Nonoy, hindi niya siguro alam na ganito ang kalalabasan ng ugali ng unico hijo niya. Tiyak umaalma un sa nitso niya kasi dala ang pangalan niya na AQUINO. Punyeta ka Lacierda! Himurin mo tumbong nyang amo mo. Si Pope ang slogan eh “Mercy and Compassion”, ang Malacanang naman eh “Manners and Conduct” of Abnoy., Dapat narefresh nila sa mind ni Abnoy bago dumating si Pope to watch his bad mouth, attitude and behavior. Ung nangyari sa eroplano nila Ochoa, Coloma, atbp. dapat magsilbing warning na sa gagong katulad niyo.

  5. the problem you are facing mr. dulay is that you are old to understand that however youve made it in the past would never work today and in the future.

    In your time and to most who were against the speech you want it your way and you dont like it when somebody else does it their way. May I ask, shouldnt the pope as the highest leader of the catholic religion be informed of whats happening in the clergy of one of the biggest catholic country in the world? Or are you just so ignorant of the fact that what belies the speech is the fact that some members of the clergy had been dishonest and corrupt? In what other venue will he be telling it to? The president said it at the right place and at the right time its just that as courtesy to you as well it was televised.

    Most of the pinoys are pessimistic because of a culture of old hags who wants to always do it their way. Dont scold me and say that my mom didnt raise me well. My mom did raise me well and gave me the freedom to think well. Result not party oriented. Works on whats good for everybody and not for my own beneficiary. Risks little damage (Like you and most of the ill-headed hags here) than total/mass damage. Economy is rising, you guys are left behind. pick it up and pace it forward.

  6. If you look deeper on the breeding of Pnoy you will find out that his grandfather was japanese collaborator arrested in japan by MacArthur forces. His father spilled the beans on jabbida special forces that will invade Sabah. His father was the only one not in the stage in the Plaza Miranda bombing in 1971. Ano na ba nagawa ni Ninoy para sa bayan para guminhawa tayo?

  7. Bastos talaga! Yet P-Noy once boasted of his proper breeding by his parents in the early years of his presidency. Worst of Hypocrites.

  8. no breeding, add hypocrite. my recommendation is that bishops should start talking now of the worst corruption happening in our midst.

    • Bastos talaga! Yet P-Noy once boasted of his proper breeding by his parents in the early years of his presidency. Worst of Hypocrites.

  9. The courtesy call that was the occassion, turned into discourtesy call by his excellency and honorable President of the Philippines. At least the Boss, he calls, the Filipino people showed courteousy and diciplined manners. Well….its is the fault of the majority voters anyway. We were fooled to believing his Tuwid na… what is it again? Our only consolation is we are about one and a half year to go to end his administration and we hope and pray to the Pope that the Filipino people will not commit the same mistake in choosing a fake and pretentious President.

  10. me think that pnoy has “mental crack”. his cognitive and affective qualities confirm the mind of someone not in the normal range. this is not about being an educated or well mannered human being. this is about a healthy mental state. in the 2010 campaign, sen. peter cayetano called him “topak” or something to that effect. there must a person or persons who are knowledgeable as to real mental state of this president. there were “noises” during the 2010 election campaign but it seemed we did not want to be warned. now it is coming out and it is already too late to mold him. the state of the gray matter is non rectifiable.

    • I do not think that PNoy whined at the right time and the right place. He is jus rude, ill-mannered, self-serving psychopath. Right minded host does meet the guest with whines (not wines) and blames (not blooms).

      He is just plain rude and ill-mannered. He could have discussed with the pope his dissatisfaction when they met in Malacanang. A Boorish Psychopath!.

  11. jose b taganahan on

    What can you expect from the incompetent Pres. BS (boy sisi) Aquino lll? Aquino thinks he is more popish than the Pope!

    • Amen! I completely agree. One thing for sure if that our children are polite and respectful especially to older folks.

  12. To always find fault with and criticize; is a propriety identification of BS Aquino’s genetics trait – a distinct characteristic by which his households ancestor comes to be known as the worst “Makapili or the Hooded Snitcher – responsible for the captures of Filipino arm’s struggle “Hukbolahap” during the Japanese occupation.

  13. leandel canilatea on

    walang modo talaga yang presidente mo. mapaghiganti, walang malasakit at malupit. pinagtatakpan ang kanyang kahinaan at walang kaalaman sa patuloy na pag atake sa nakaraang administrasyon.

  14. I totally agree, Columnist Dullay. He did this also to Chief Justice Corona before his impeachment and did it again to the Pope, despite the reminder given by Lacierda. Did
    Lacierda excluded him from his Statement to the Filipinos “Kayo ang boss ko”? Why?

    I copied your comments and pasted it below.

    “Apparently, PNoy was just being true to his rude and ill-mannered character. It’s public knowledge that PNoy has this penchant for insulting members of his audience to their faces”.

    “But then again, good breeding isn’t really learned in school but in the family. And as the saying goes: “The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Tsk. Tsk.”

  15. I come from a catholic family. I do agree with the president’s speech since it is true that some religious stay and remain quiet when it comes to the amassed wealth of the Napoles and Binay families. Probably some of the members of the catholic community received too much money from these two families that you will not hear any negative comments from them except for some priest that include in their homilies the statement and most of all one of the commandments “Do not steal”. Remember too that some religious received SUVs and some forms material things from the Arroyos.

    • ..we all remember indeed, but may we remind you because of your ignorance or forgetfulness, that this vehicle were received by priest NOT FOR THEMSELVES but for the people who are in mountainous area and means of transportation for the community is hard…

  16. I thought there’s no truth on rumors regarding Pnoy’s, but the way he’s been acting ever since, he will never be a gentleman forever, because he is a woman trap to a man’s body.

  17. Very well put, Atty. Dulay. This Abnoy we have is not only an illegitimate president but he is also the most “bastos” and ill-bred ever to occupy Malacanang! Even the Swiss guards of the Holy Father do not respect him. I saw the coverage of the farewell ceremonies at the airport and it was clearly shown that the Holy Father was not minding him really. The Abnoy was yackety-yacking while the Holy Father shook hands so the Swiss guard shoved the Abnoy into one side (he literally picked him up in the arm and shoved him into one side), along the side of the bishops. Serves the Abnoy right! I thought. If the visitors respected him and treated him with decorum, they would just have pointed with their palm where he ought to be. But no, he was really shoved, like an errant child.

    The Abnoy really turns off everyone with his ill-breeding. He thought he was getting even by putting people in a spot. He doesn’t realize he is exposing the “kabastusan” of his own family, from Cory down to the flirty and loudmouthed fornicator of a sister who has 2 children with different fathers and who even advertised that she was given an STD by her lover.

    I fully agree with your very frank essay on the crudeness of this schizophrenic idiot. I hope his tribe ends with him.

  18. in less than 18 months, there will be a new president, and there will a new person to lambast and criticize.

    hopefully the new president will also achieve the same positive results,
    and less negative results as noynoy.

    it will be an adventure for the Philippines by late 2016 and remember “it’s always fun in the Philippines”