Cruise ship tourism 5-yr growth hits 52.5% – DOT


    CRUISE ship tourism grew by more than 50 percent in the past five years, a development the government intends to bank on by putting in place a strategy for the tourist-cruising sector to further boost growth.

    “In the last past five years tourist-cruising has grown at a rate of 52.5 percent,” Tourism Assistant Secretary Maria Lourdes Japson said during a press conference of the Star Cruises.

    “For 2017, we have recorded 117 port calls already in the Philippines, Japson noted, citing the 20 dockings of a cruise in Manila alone from March 19 to May 23, 2017.

    While further strengthening the well-known “Turquoise Triangle”—Manila-Boracay-Palawan—under the “Cruise Strategy,” the Department of Tourism has identified potential destinations in northern Luzon that can easily be reached by cruise ships from East Asia within a day.

    “As a key element of our strategy, we are determined to build new dedicated cruise facilities, most especially in Manila,” Tourism Undersecretary Benito Bengzon Jr., who heads the Cruise Tourism Development Committee for the Philippines, earlier, said.

    “A superior cruise port and terminal in the capital, with extensive airlift and ground facilities, creates a compelling reason for large ships to spend time in the Philippines. Once here, they can achieve outstanding port density with efficient cruising speeds,” he said.

    The Star Cruises also announced the first homeport deployment of the cruise ship Superstar Virgo to Manila.

    “Star Cruises was the first major cruise line to recruit Filipinos 23 years ago for our cruise ships, and now we are pleased to be the first international cruise line to welcome Filipinos on board Superstar Virgo as our guests from our homeport in Manila,” said Ang Moo Lim, president of Star Cruises.

    “Worldwide, nearly 25 million people have enjoyed a cruise in 2016 and we are extending this opportunity to Filipinos—to join their ranks from Manila and at an affordable price,” he added.


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    1. In my observation in some Asian cruises , they opted to bypass the Philippines, instead they opted to be in Thailand and Indonesia and some other coastal country, in any cruise news letter , we dnt see mentioning the Philippines..its a shame

      As you could see in the map we are surrounded by water, all our island ,,what wrong?? we cannot convince them to come to the our country..maybe its our port that is dirty? the squatter surrounding the port ,,just by leaving the port you can see shanty

      .Lets face the true fact that no amount of Ms. Universe pageant in the Philippines will change the perception, we are still a a dirty country and squatter in the street , we dnt have the facilities to brag on , even the airport is beyond international standard..worst is PAL building once you sit in the lounge you cannot buy water without passing the screening area again .

      In Terminal 3 waiting lounge is like a sardines its too small sitting area to accommodate a hundred passenger..our planners always opted to build small and pack in such a way it becomes a mess , examples our mrt train , where on earth you could have a dirty station too small enough that you will find your way to the train without being block by the passenger buying a fare???

      Whew how we can learn to be in a world class at par????