• CSC Chair Duque never got any additional compensation


    THIS refers to the editorial “Wise decision on CSC Commissioner Duque’s multiple posts” which came out in the January 23 issue of The Manila Times.

    The editorial stated that “…Mr. Duque’s membership in the governing Boards of GSIS, PHILHEALTH, ECC and HDMF entitles him to receive per diem, a form of additional compensation that is disallowed by the concept of ex officio position…”

    I wish to stress that ever since I sat in an ex officio capacity in 2010 as member of the Board of Directors or Trustees of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, the Employees Compensation Commission, and the Home Development Mutual Fund, I never received any form of additional compensation from the said agencies. Also, I wish to point out that I did not assume or hold any post at the Government Service Insurance System, whether in an ex officio capacity or not.

    I am fully aware that receiving additional compensation from these agencies is illegal. In fact, as Chairman of the CSC, I was a member of the Task Force on Corporate Compensation created pursuant to Executive Order No. 7 dated September 8, 2010, which was tasked to review the remuneration of GOCCs. This task force took the lead in formulating Executive Order No. 24, issued by the President, which provides for the rules governing compensation of GOCCs. Section 7(a) of said EO specifically provides that ex-officio Board Members of GOCCs are not entitled to any additional compensation for their services.

    I hope that this letter would be accommodated by your publication in the interest of justice and fair play.

    Very truly yours,

    Civil Service Commission
    [This letter is dated January 26, 2015.]

    [Publisher/Editor’s note: The statements Chairman Duque corrected are all found in the Supreme Court decision which The Manila Times merely quoted. The Times takes this opportunity to state its admiration of Mr. Duque as a model government official.]


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