CSC voids 118 Peña appointments


The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has invalidated 118 more appointments of former Makati City mayor Romulo “Kid” Peña Jr.

The CSC found that the employees were appointed during the election ban.

To date, 217 appointments have been nullified by the CSC since Peña’s political rival, Mayor Abby Binay, assumed office in June.

Last month, the CSC voided 99 appointments by Peña.

The latest batch includes the regular appointment of David Galang as Assistant Department Head II under the International Relations Department (IRD), which the CSC voided for his “lack of relevant training.”

Galang served as Peña’s chief-of-staff and officer-in-charge of IRD and the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office of Makati.

Records showed that out of the 217 nullified appointments, 120 were for regularization while 97 were for promotion.

Among those with nullified appointments were personnel working at the Ospital ng Makati, Makati Health Department, General Services Department and IRD.

The CSC said that all appointments made after the May 30 elections up to June 30 by outgoing elective and appointive officials shall be disapproved, unless they comply with certain requisites.

Binay earlier vowed to audit personnel following reports that spouses, relatives, in-laws and friends of persons close to Peña were hired mostly under the Office of the Mayor.

“These were promotions not based on merit, but based on political connections. There were hirings made not based on competence, but by blood and political relations to the appointing authority and his operators,” Binay said.

“Hundreds were included in the government payroll, but their exact functions, assignments and whereabouts were not clear, if they reported for work at all,” she added.


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