• CTEK: The intelligent battery charger


    D4---Ctek20160329Extend your car battery’s life cycle with Sweden’s CTEK line of automatic battery car chargers.

    Designed and engineered for charging accuracy and compact usage, this 12-volt charger comes equipped with an intelligent micro processing unit that utilizes an 8-stage recharging sequence.

    CTEK’s line of car chargers include all the safety features such as and insulated and spark-resistant clamp as well as an automated charging feature that is programmed to prevent overloading batteries. The charger’s micro-processing unit automatically senses when the maximum charge has been delivered and stops the charging immediately. CTEK chargers also feature a reverse polarity warning light that turns on if you have placed the clamps on the incorrect battery post. One of the best features of the CTEK car battery charger is its ability to charge nearly every battery type available. This includes the common acid-lead batteries found in most automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, lawn mower and boats, and can also charge deep-cycle, gel-cell and automated glass mat, or AGM batteries.

    “While it is not truly equipped to be portable, the small, compact size of the CTEK car charger makes it easy to store and even install permanently in your garage or shop. CTEK’s patrons are usually showrooms, car collectors, fleet operators and car/motorbike enthusiasts who want to maximize or prolong their battery life,” said Johann Tiu of CTEK Philippines.

    Because this battery booster automatically analyzes the charge and type of battery you connect it to, you can charge the batteries of your vehicle without worrying about using an incorrect setting or overcharging your battery.


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