Cudia appeals to SC for speedy ruling


The family of Cadet 1st Class Aldrin Jeff Cudia has asked the Supreme Court (SC) to resolve the issue on Cudia’s dismissal from the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in March last year.

In a two-page letter to the high court, Cudia’s father Renato asked the SC en banc to rule on their petition questioning the decision of Malacañang last June affirming the decision of the PMA and its Cadet Review and Appeals Board not to allow his son to join the graduation of the Siklab Diwa batch.

His prayer is signed by Atty. Persida Rueda-Acosta, Public Attorney’s Office chief.

“As parents, we are very worried about our son Aldrin Jeff, who, for almost a year now, has been suffering. It is as if he is in chains and has no future because of the lack of justice in the penalty that was meted him,” it was pointed out.

“The key to this is in your hands. We are hoping that at the soonest possible time, you will put an end to his suffering through a final decision. We are pleading to you and begging that you grant his plea at the soonest possible time,” it was further asked

The Cudia patriarch said that his son would like to pursue a career and that this can only be done if the high court will allow his son to graduate from the PMA.

He said that what he only wanted is the transcript of records and the unconditional issuance of a diploma “so that he could start again with a new hope just like the new year.”

“We are appealing to you to help us in giving him what he deserves for toiling for four years, and so that the taxpayers’ money spent for him during his time in the academy would not be for nothing,” he avers.

The younger Cudia ran to the high court to ask for a ruling that would include him in the list of graduates of PMA Siklab Diwa Class of 2014, given his diploma, awards and other benefits due a graduating cadet.

It was argued that the 2014 [PMA] Honor Committee violated the Honor Code when it refused to accept one of its members’ “not guilty” verdict on Cudia’s case.

Cudia asked the SC to include him in the list of the graduating class of Siklab Diwa PMA Class of 2014 when all the material requirements for his graduation shall have been completed. He also seeks the submission by the PMA Cadet Review and Appeals Board all the records of the proceedings pertaining to his case.

In the complete set of his transcript of records, it shows that Cudia notched several “100” grades in his Conduct subjects in the PMA. Majority of his grades from 1st year to 4th year were also above 90.

The elder Cudia earlier asked the High Court to allow Cudia to graduate, for the PMA Honor Committee to uphold the original 8-1 voting on Cudia’s case, for the PMA to declare Cudia “not guilty” of violation of its Honor Code, and for the PMA to restore Cudia’s benefits as a PMA cadet.


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  1. If we cannot entrust our sons and daughters to have and enjoy fairness to the prestigious Instituition in the Philippines ,where can we turn to ? Military discipline is absoutely good if not abused. Where are those Generals who has a good sense of judgement? Its very unfair to coddles six bad eggs and break the good one…where is the Rule of Law,?